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FreeBSD specialized Problem Reports pages


This are some experimental pages to try to help us prototype ideas for making the Problem Reports database more useful for everyone. Currently, these reports are static, and only generated once per day.

Many are now generated by a template, which gives us flexibilty we did not have before. Developers can now create their own list. Here are some examples.

Please give feedback on these pages to Thanks.

Of interest to everyone:

Please consider looking through these reports before submitting a new PR, and thus help us avoid having so many duplicates. Thanks.

PRs considered as 'well-known' by the bugbusting team. (These are problems that we know about, and for which no quick solution is available.)

PRs correlated by manpage (mostly 'bin')

PRs indexed by tag (mostly 'kern'). At one time, there was also a working graphical view by group, but that has bitrotted as of November 2012.

Of interest to committers:

PRs related to Release Engineering

PRs related to network-related problems

PRs recommended for committer evaluation by the bugbusting team (these have been vetted by our triage team)

PRs considered 'easy' by the bugbusting team (these are low-hanging fruit)

New PRs:

PRs that have been modified:

PRs with patches

PRs with regressions

PRs with Lock Order Reversals (Note: a similar list, including analysis, was maintained by Bjoern Zeeb at, but not has been updated since 2009.)

PRs describing panics

PRs which are from FreeBSD vendors or OEMs

PRs containing code for new device drivers

PRs referencing other BSDs

Of interest to bugbusters:

PR assignee by PR count; PR count by PR assignee

PRs assigned to non-committers

PRs in the feedback state which may be stale

PRs which may have already been committed

unclassified PRs

Last updated: Sat May 31 06:15:15 UTC 2014