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Lits of all PRs tagged with [lor] known by gnats.

Date generated: Fri May 30 07:48:00 2014 GMT

open LOR PRs

a2014/04/25kern/188997scottl[lor] lock order reversal: (sleepable after non-sleepable) in lacp_attach
o2014/04/24arm/188933arm[lor] lock order reversal: backtrace while writing to SD/eMMC
o2013/10/08kern/182842[lor] lock order reversal
o2013/09/16kern/182139[lor] lock order reversal when trying to mount or unmount
o2013/05/24kern/178953[lor] kdb_backtrace() at kdb_backtrace+0x39/frame 0xffffff8119758ed0
o2012/10/12kern/172630fs[zfs] [lor] zfs/zfs_vfsops.c kern/kern_descrip.c
o2012/08/31kern/171202[lor] multiple LOR's during the startup
o2012/02/25kern/165479rstone[dtrace] [lor] LOR in Userland Dtrace(fasttrap_provs.fth_table[i].ftb_mtx/dtrace_provider_lock)
o2012/02/17kern/165240[lor] lock order reversal in vfs layer
o2011/12/25kern/163608[lor] Two seemingly vfs-related LORs
o2011/09/28kern/161112fs[ufs] [lor] filesystem LOR in FreeBSD 9.0-BETA3
o2011/02/28kern/155125[lor] triple LOR in mkdir(1)
o2011/02/16kern/154814[lor] LOR between bufwait/dirhash
o2010/03/21kern/144929fs[ufs] [lor] vfs_bio.c + ufs_dirhash.c
o2010/01/24kern/143184fs[zfs] [lor] zfs/bufwait LOR
o2010/01/13kern/142781[lor] New LOR: process lock / system map
o2010/01/08kern/142489fs[zfs] [lor] allproc/zfs LOR
o2009/12/24kern/141950fs[unionfs] [lor] ufs/unionfs/ufs Lock order reversal
o2009/08/30kern/138332net[tun] [lor] ifconfig tun0 destroy causes LOR if_adata/mld_mtx on 8.0-BETA3
o2009/08/20kern/138002[lor] Three lock order reversals: ufs/devfs, bufwait/dirhash, bufwait/ufs
o2009/08/09kern/137588fs[unionfs] [lor] LOR nfs/ufs/nfs
o2009/07/21kern/136968fs[ufs] [lor] ufs/bufwait/ufs (open)
o2009/07/20kern/136945fs[ufs] [lor] filedesc structure/ufs (poll)
o2009/07/20kern/136944fs[ffs] [lor] bufwait/snaplk (fsync)
o2009/07/20kern/136943wireless[wpi] [lor] wpi0_com_lock / wpi0
o2009/03/15kern/132664[lor] vfs_mount.c / msdosfs_vfsops.c
o2009/03/05kern/132331fs[ufs] [lor] LOR ufs and syncer
o2009/02/27kern/132165[uart] [lor] LOR slock and uart_hwmtx
o2009/02/17kern/131784[lor] triple LOR after hard reboot
o2008/11/21kern/129053[lor] lock order reversal with printf(9) syscons video lock/sched lock
f2008/11/06kern/128633pjd[zfs] [lor] lock order reversal in zfs
o2008/10/01kern/127787fs[lor] [ufs] Three LORs: vfslock/devfs/vfslock, ufs/vfslock, user map/vfs
o2008/04/08kern/122588[lor] 4 Lock Order Reversal
o2008/03/24kern/122033net[ral] [lor] Lock order reversal in ral0 at bootup ieee80211com/ral0 [regression]
o2008/03/06kern/121443net[gif] [lor] icmp6_input/nd6_lookup
o2007/07/13kern/114567pf[pf] [lor] pf_ioctl.c + if.c
o2005/09/21kern/86427net[lor] Deadlock with FASTIPSEC and nat
37 problems total.

closed LOR PRss

c2013/11/05kern/183689fs[lor] lock order reversal when umounting a ZFS disk.
c2013/07/11kern/180462[lor] system freezes when I close something that is using lots of memory (?)
c2012/01/07kern/163885[lor] lock order reversal in bufwait/dirhash on boot
c2010/12/01kern/152741[lor] vfs_bio.c / ufs_dirhash.c
c2010/04/16amd64/145761amd64[lor] rt2870 lock order reversal hold up system in 8.0-RELEASE-p2
c2010/02/16kern/144003[lor] [patch] kqueue / system map
c2009/12/17kern/141720net[sctp] [lor] [hang] sctp-create vs. sctp-it causes system hang
c2009/10/28kern/140036net[iwn] [lor] lock order reversal with iwn0_com_lock and iwn0 softc lock
c2009/09/06kern/138571[lor] LOR on 8.0-BETA3-AMD64 - bufwait/dirhash
c2009/09/04kern/138531[lor] Lock order reversal bufwait/dirhash
c2009/08/20kern/138004[lor] allprison/ufs (kern_jail.c:2449 / vfs_subr.c:2188)
c2009/08/16kern/137852[lor] LOR bufwait/dirhash
c2009/07/23kern/137034fs[ufs] [lor] lock-order reversal near vfs_bio.c, ufs_dirhash.c
c2009/07/19kern/136899jail[jail] [lor] upd/jail LOR after reboot
c2009/06/01amd64/135124amd64[lor] lor vfs_bio/ufs_dirhash
c2009/03/20kern/132852[lor] LOR between sysctl and acpi_ibm
c2009/03/18kern/132769glebius[pf] [lor] 2 LOR's with pf task mtx / ifnet and rtentry / ifnet during early boot
c2009/02/15kern/131718[lor] kern_sysctl.c / acpi_video.c
c2008/11/23kern/129084fs[udf] [panic] [lor] udf panic: getblk: size(67584) > MAXBSIZE(65536)
c2008/06/11kern/124471[lor] lock order reversal on kldload/kldunload dtraceall
c2008/05/04kern/123392[vfs] [lor] lock order reversal in vfs
c2008/03/25kern/122087pjd[zfs][lor] exclusive sleep mutex struct mount mtx
c2008/02/11kern/120529pjd[zfs] [lor] LOR opensolaris_vfs.c:206 and kern_resource.c:1273 - 7.0-RC2
c2007/11/14kern/118044[panic] [lor] spin lock held too long
c2007/10/04kern/116887[lor] Lock Order Reversal with kbd and zyd
c2007/10/04kern/116886weongyo[zyd] [lor] Lock Order Reversal on Current for kbd and zyd
c2007/09/08kern/116201gavin[iwi] [lor] Lock Order Reversal on boot with iwi
c2007/07/03kern/114237csjp[lor] kernel lock
c2007/06/07kern/113457net[ipv6] [lor] deadlock occurs if a tunnel goes down while there are tcp6 connections opened
c2007/01/03kern/107455[lor] 6.2-PRE panic: breakpoint instruction fault
c2006/09/15kern/103307kib[lor] lock order reversal
c2006/01/22kern/92164scottl[ips] [lor] SCSI target mode LOR
c2005/09/19kern/86336rwatson[lor] LOR in kern/uipc_usrreq.c and kern/kern_descrip.c
c2005/08/26i386/85302bz[lor] witness lock detects lock order reversal
c2005/07/13kern/83375mbr[lor] Fatal trap 12 cloning a pty
c2004/10/28kern/73224[ndis] [lor] [patch] Lock order reversal in ntoskrnl_timercall()
c2004/09/13kern/71695brooks[gif] [hang] [lor] ifconfig(8) hanging box
c2004/09/06kern/71422csjp[lor] in sys/net/bpf
c2004/07/29kern/69752jmg[lor] LOR in sk(4) when booting
c2004/07/20kern/69356glebius[lor] LOR in rtsock.c/route.c
c2004/06/01i386/67456bz[LOR] LOR on dual-xeon w/ ht
c2004/03/08kern/63945[lor] LOR: system map vs Giant
c2003/11/19kern/59455[lor] lock order reversal
c2003/10/31i386/58749i386[lor] lock order reversal with heavy IO on ar0 (VIA 8237 SATA150)
c2003/08/02kern/55175alfred[lor] LOR in select and poll
c2003/05/18i386/52408i386[lor] quitting gnome2-2.2.1_1 results in LOR
46 problems total.