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PRs that may possibly have already been committed

This is an experimental report of PRs that may have already been committed as of 5-30-2014. This is intended to catch missing MFCs and/or PRs that can be closed. This report is generated once per day.

Please give feedback on this report to Thanks.

o2014/05/25usb/190204usbPlease add an empty #define LIBUSB_CALL in libusb.h (1.0+ API)
o2014/05/24ports/190160michnet/slurm does not display interface speed for gigabit NICs
o2014/05/16kern/189865smh[zfs] [patch] zfs_dirty_data_max{,_max,_percent} not exported as loader tunables
p2014/05/11amd64/189668jhbUsing arcconf on FreeBSD 11 Current Causes Dumps Root User To DB> Prompt
o2014/05/08bin/189471melifaro[ipfw] ipfw table regression
o2014/05/06ports/189385glewis[PATCH] java/openjdk7: fix portlint(1) Compliant
o2014/05/05ports/189375[maintainer update] net-mgmt/bgpq3
o2014/05/04standards/189353standardsPOSIX sem_unlink does not actually unlink the semaphore in the process context
p2014/05/02docs/189214bjkmlock(2) allocation limit description inaccurate
o2014/05/01docs/189199bjkmake.conf should mention WITH_OPENSSL_PORT
f2014/04/30ports/189135rene[PATCH] net-mgmt/zabbix22-server: update to 2.2.3
p2014/04/28kern/189089asomersPanic when removing an IP address from an interface, if the same address exists on another interface
o2014/04/28kern/189088asomersAssigning the same IP to multiple interfaces in different FIBs creates a host route for only one.
o2014/04/26ports/189008garganet/mpd5: could not be build package with 'WITHOUT_MAN=yes' globally set
p2014/04/25kern/189003asomers[lagg] Page fault in lacp_req() while the lagg is being destroyed
o2014/04/24ports/188978gnome[patch] Mk/ remove USE_GNOME=lthack
o2014/04/24ports/188943office[patch] graphics/libwpg -- Fix shebang and modernize USES
o2014/04/19ports/188797kwm[patch update] fix print/harfbuzz build on 9.2p4
p2014/04/16usb/188683hselasky[usb] [patch] dwc_otg FDT support for specifying usb controller mode
p2014/04/11bin/188485jillesmergemaster -p fails with "/var/tmp/temproot suddenly disappeared"
f2014/04/11ports/188446mail/mail-notification fails to install
o2014/04/10ports/188419antoine[exp-run] Uses/ improvements part 1
p2014/04/06standards/188316jilles[headers] Visibility of ntohl etc. and POSIX 2008
o2014/04/03docs/188214docManpage for fsck(8) doesn't say what happens when no -t or -T
p2014/04/01standards/188173jillesO_NOFOLLOW visibility not POSIX 2008 conforming
o2014/03/30ports/188084bdreweryports-mgmt/portupgrade : not working without ruby-bdb
o2014/03/29ports/188044rodrigo[PATCH] Fix graphics/ufraw with clang-4.4
o2014/03/29docs/188043bjk[patch] man page for md5/sha1/sha256/sha412/rmd-160 cleanup
o2014/03/28standards/188036standardsmblen(3) in EUC locales causes crash and segmentation fault.
f2014/03/23ports/187861edwin[PATCH] games/linux-skulltag: Stage
p2014/03/23kern/187854jhboptions XENHVM requires options SMP
o2014/03/20ports/187801maho[patch] science/mpqc: support LDFLAGS (fixes libghemical)
o2014/03/15ports/187602zeising[exp-run] switch default xorg version in 10-stable and shlib version changes
o2014/03/13kern/187553asomersSource address selection for UDP packets with SO_DONTROUTE uses the default FIB
p2014/03/13kern/187552asomersdefault route uses the wrong interface when multiple interfaces have the same subnet but different fibs
p2014/03/13kern/187550asomersMultiple interfaces on different FIBs but the same subnet don't all have a subnet route
p2014/03/13kern/187549asomersHost and network routes for a new interface appear in the wrong FIB
o2014/03/11ports/187440mahocad/calculix - size mismatch
o2014/03/07ports/187346ashishswitch editors/emacs over to gnutls3
p2014/03/06bin/187310julian[patch] pw command segfaults when the -V parameter is used on commands that alter groups
p2014/03/04bin/187264jillesrm command: rm -r file1 file2 "" does not remove existing files or directories
o2014/03/03arm/187223armomap4 clock frequency computation overflow
o2014/03/02usb/187188usb[USB][patch] ELECOM WRH-150 needs a quirk
p2014/03/01arm/187179hrsWandboard ffec cannot receive IPv6 multicast
p2014/02/27bin/187118eadlerservice(8): inaccurate error message
p2014/02/27bin/187103clang 3.4 miscompiles nsAppRunner.cpp from firefox firefox-27.0.1,1 in i386
o2014/02/26ports/187090maho[patch] math/blacs: fix build on FreeBSD/i386 8.x
p2014/02/25bin/187067eadler[PATCH] no need for csup to embed its own queue.h implementation
p2014/02/25kern/187027markj[dtrace] [patch] Make DTrace DOF limits configurable
o2014/02/25ports/187014hrsprint/xdvik fails with iconv linker errors
p2014/02/16kern/186821markj[dtrace] [patch] dtrace_dof_init() crashes when there is no probes section
p2014/02/16usb/186811hselaskyIntel NUC Haswell Generation USB 3 support (solution attached)
p2014/02/14ports/186780gnome[UPDATE] lang/vala to 0.22.1
p2014/02/12bin/186697eadlercalendar(1): -A -B -t not working correctly
o2014/02/02ports/186384rodrigo[patch] [maintainer update] net/turnserver port upgrade from to
p2014/01/29docs/186250pluknetauthpf(8) man page does not mention fdescfs requirement anymore
p2014/01/28docs/186191docTypo in bhyveload.8
o2014/01/28kern/186187eadler[linprocfs] [patch] emulate /proc/sys/kernel/random/uuid
o2014/01/27ports/186173brooksclang ports do not install <unwind.h>
o2014/01/25ports/186093multimediamultimedia/vlc stutters when playing mkv
p2014/01/24conf/186085bdreweryDefault shell config files in /usr/share/skel/ override path set by login.conf/login.conf.db
o2014/01/23amd64/186061alc[kvm] FreeBSD 10 crashes as KVM guest on GNU/Linux on AMD family 10h CPUs
o2014/01/22ports/185991maho[patch] Update math/octave to 3.8.0
o2014/01/20ports/185947mva[exp-run] unique file and package name support for python ports
o2014/01/17kern/185831jhb[witness] [patch] bumping maxcpu causes witness to panic at boot
o2014/01/13ports/185733brookslang/clang32: ccc-analyser not installed
o2014/01/11standards/185663standards[libcxxrt] Bug in the libcxxrt version in FreeBSD 10.0: _ZTIDn not implemented
p2014/01/10usb/185628hselaskyusbd_req_re_enumerate set address failed USB_ERR_STALLED for Seagate USB drives between r259425 and r260321
o2014/01/04ports/185462kwm[PATCH] graphics/ImageMagick update to 6.8.8-1
p2014/01/01bin/185393jillesfind(1): -lname buffer read overflow bug
p2013/12/24arm/185165jmg[patch] net/mpd5 crashes in NgMkSockNode due to stack alignment on ARM EABI
o2013/12/24ports/185150bf[patch] security/tor: move mirrors to
p2013/12/22kern/185092melifaropanic: rtfree 2 (using RADIX_MPATH in a VNET jail)
o2013/12/20arm/185046arm[armv6] issues with dhclient/sshd and jemalloc on raspberry pi and others
p2013/12/20kern/185043gnnKernel panic: Sleeping thread (tid , pid ) owns a non-sleepable lock from netinet/in_multi.c
o2013/12/19ports/184984noxemulators/kqemu-kmod fails to build on 10.0
o2013/12/18ports/184952x11x11-servers/xorg-server: Slave port makefiles all have same error
o2013/12/15ports/184775koobsrevision 336423 breaks math/numpy build
f2013/12/10ports/184656perl[maintainer update] sysutils/p5-BackupPC-XS: update to 0.30
o2013/11/29ports/184368hrsconflicts between cad/qcad and texlive-base
f2013/11/28ports/184345mi[PATCH] graphics/nip2: multiple fixes and bugs
o2013/11/12ports/183885timurnet/samba4: use net/mDNSResponder to provide Zeroconf support
o2013/11/11ports/183872timurnet/samba4 does not need to pull in lang/gcc
o2013/11/08ports/183802brookslang/clang-devel : ccc-analyzer uses gcc/g++ by default
p2013/11/08kern/183792glebiusInfinite loop in libalias
o2013/11/07arm/183740armmutex on some arm hardware requires dcache enabled
o2013/11/06usb/183728usblibusb20 examples filenames cause problems on windows.
o2013/11/06kern/183727wireless[wlan] ENOBUFFS incorrectly returned when tx packet is deferred due to power management
p2013/11/05arm/183668ian[panic] Panic when read unalign in ddb
p2013/11/04kern/183659net[tcp] ]TCP stack lock contention with short-lived connections
o2013/10/30usb/183505usb[usb] Arduino Leonardo exposes three interface descriptors but no modem is attached to the first one (bInterfaceSubClass=2)
o2013/10/30bin/183494[PATCH] limits(1): usr.bin/limits: cannot set kqueues limit
o2013/10/30bin/183484[PATCH] limits(1): usr.bin/limits: make -e work without /proc
p2013/10/30bin/183480kib[PATCH] usr.bin/limits: wrong limit name for csh/tcsh
o2013/10/29kern/183430wireless[iwn] latest change to the rate code setup uses 11n rates on an 11n channel when 11n rates aren't provided
o2013/10/29kern/183428wireless[net80211] [iwn] Some APs seem to announce HT but no HT rates
o2013/10/25ports/183306hrsmultimedia/rtmpdump will not compile
o2013/10/24ports/183257bfsysutils/file: [Bug 292] Illegal byte sequence in windows magic file
p2013/10/23ia64/183227marcelpanic: uma_zfree: Freeing to non free bucket index.
o2013/10/23ports/183219hrsmultimedia/rtmpdump won't work
p2013/10/15ia64/182999marcelia64 r255488: panic: wrong page state m 0xe00000027fcc1900
o2013/10/11ports/182906jhaleaudio/taglib .h files not c++ pedantic clean, breaks audio/soundkonverter (mp4coverart.h:49: error: comma at end of enumerator list)
o2013/10/09kern/182851melifarothread-unsafe handled routing tables
o2013/10/09ports/182846vdpatch misc/ossp-uuid to prevent postgresql crash
p2013/10/08usb/182820hrs[usbus] [panic] usbusX if destroy page fault panic
o2013/09/28bin/182463vi(1): vi core dumps on exit with a specific vi.exrc [regression]
p2013/09/18kern/182212net[patch] [ng_mppc] ng_mppc(4) blocks on network errors unconditionaly
o2013/09/11ports/182010osa[PATCH]: www/nginx, www/nginx-devel fix 3rd party upload module
o2013/09/10usb/181987usbUSB isochronous transfer of the USB driver (Mentor Graphics OTG: musb_otg) is not working.
o2013/09/09ports/181964multimedia[patch] multimedia/gstreamer-ffmpeg, multimedia/gstreamer1-libav: make sure libavcodec builds MD code
o2013/09/08kern/181931net[vlan] [lagg] vlan over lagg over mlxen crashes the kernel
o2013/09/02kern/181741net[kernel] [patch] Packet loss when 'control' messages are present with large data (sendmsg(2))
o2013/09/01bin/181715sjg[regression] bmake vs. security-check doesn't work after base@r254980
p2013/08/20bin/181435jillessh(1) wait(1) builtin fails after bg job was SIG(STOP|TSTP|CONT) controlled
o2013/08/20usb/181425usbUSB keyboard with full N-key rollover not working
f2013/08/19ports/181412migraphics/gdtclft should use updated default Tcl version
o2013/08/09usb/181159usb[ugen] Problem attaching USB device
o2013/08/08kern/181132wireless[iwn] stream calculation is wrong for the Intel 4965
o2013/08/07kern/181100wireless[bwi] Turning up bwi0 crashes / deadlocks the kernel
o2013/08/05ports/181052osa[patch] make lang/lua not hang on thread creation
o2013/07/24kern/180788xen[xen] [panic] XEN PV kernel 9.2-BETA1 panics on boot
o2013/07/19threads/180652threads[kernel] [patch] compat32 problem in clock_getcpuclockid2
o2013/07/16powerpc/180593ppcPowerMac G5 shuts down when building pcre
o2013/07/15kern/180568jlhr251668 breaks applications which depends on dlopen("") [regression]
o2013/07/12threads/180496threadsclock_gettime() does not return CPU-time for zombie processes
p2013/07/03kern/180236fs[zfs] [nullfs] Leakage free space using ZFS with nullfs on 9.1-STABLE
p2013/07/01bin/180146jilles/bin/sh: Early SIGWINCH can end process
o2013/06/24kern/179932scsi[ciss] ciss i/o stall problem with HP Bl Gen8 (and HP Bl Gen7 + Storage Blade)
p2013/06/24docs/179914docremove inactive user dougb from mergemaster maintainers
p2013/06/10docs/179459pluknetthe example function in filemon(4) should have a return value
o2013/06/05usb/179342usbFreebsd 10.0-current USB 3.0 not working (xhci_do_comand: Command timeout!)
o2013/06/03kern/179269wireless[ath] [AR9285] RX antenna diversity is not functioning correctly; breaks single-antenna designs
o2013/05/27kern/178999smh[zfs] dev entries for cloned zvol don't show up until after reboot
o2013/05/26kern/178997[vfs] [patch] Heavy disk I/O may hang system
o2013/05/19usb/178771usb[usbdevs] [patch] Western Digital My Passport HD
o2013/05/17usb/178722usbFreeBSD 9.1-STABLE r250561 breaks support for webcam Logitech C525
o2013/05/15bin/178664truss(1) may kill process
o2013/05/10kern/178477wireless[ath] missed beacon / soft reset in STA mode results in hardware error and DMA engine lockup
o2013/05/07ports/178383officeUpgrade x11-fonts/linuxlibertine to version 5.3.0
o2013/04/17usb/177896usbman page for usb_quirk suggests adding device to kernel which causes error
o2013/04/10standards/177742standardsconflict of dd's bs= option with use of conv=sparse
o2013/04/06usb/177666usb[usbdevs] [patch] Add support for Texas Instruments / Luminary Micro JTAG USB connector for Stellaris
o2013/04/01kern/177530wireless[ath] ath driver isn't 32 bit int clean
o2013/03/26ports/177401portmgrMk/ move -DLDAP_DEPRECATED from CFLAGS to CPPFLAGS
o2013/03/22ports/177226gnomedevel/glib20 update: gnome-gmail-notifier won't start and nautilus eats cpu
p2013/03/21usb/177173hselaskyadd buffalo's sg54hg support to rum
p2013/03/19usb/177105hselaskyadd dlink dwr-510's support to u3g
o2013/03/14ports/176951tmseckwww/squid32 failed to start because of hard-coded acl with ::1
p2013/03/13standards/176916jilles[patch] sh(1): implement multiple arguments to wait builtin
o2013/03/11docs/176864bjktzfile(5) has wrong path to tzfile.h
a2013/03/05ports/176659apachewww/apache22 2.2.24 build error
p2013/03/02kern/176597ed[PATCH] watchdog: Correct typo in debug code.
o2013/02/27kern/176471xen[xen] xn driver crash on detach
o2013/02/18kern/176238wireless[ath] [patch] Correct buffer size calculation and simplify calling if_ath_alq_post()
p2013/02/18kern/176233jilles[libc] [patch] New dup3() implementation for FreeBSD
o2013/02/12kern/176054[kernel] [patch] Correct several typos
p2013/02/07kern/175909melifaro[ipfw] FreeBSD 9.1 ipfw lookup dst-port regression [regression]
o2013/02/06kern/175897fs[zfs] operations on readonly zpool hang
o2013/02/06usb/175893usb[uftdi] [patch] kernel/usb/uftdi patch to recognise a KT-LINK ft2232 based device
o2013/01/28usb/175639usbnot detect usb netcard D-LINK DUB-E100 rev C1
o2013/01/25usb/175599usb[usbdevs][patch]Liebert UPS PSI1000 being assigned uhid and not ugen
p2013/01/20standards/175453standardsCatching C++ std::bad_cast doesn't work in FreeBSD 9.1
o2013/01/12kern/175227wireless[ath] beacon timers aren't necessarily reprogrammed after a chip reset
o2013/01/11bin/175213markj[patch] bsdgrep(1) segfaults upon malicious input
p2013/01/05conf/175006hrs/etc/rc.d/ip6addrctl exits not 0 when ip6addrctl_verbose="NO"
a2013/01/04docs/174966eadler[patch] Bug in chflags(2) man page
o2013/01/04usb/174963usbbuffalo wli-uc-gn wireless card sometimes unusable and emit "run0: wcid=xx out of range"
o2013/01/04kern/174959melifaro[net] [patch] rnh_walktree_from visits spurious nodes
a2012/12/16bin/174489markjcp(1): 'cp -a -n' fails when 'over-writing' a broken symlink
p2012/12/13amd64/174409avg[suspend/resume] stopping during resume caused by io_apic.c change(r243764)
p2012/11/26bin/173924jh[patch] nvi(1): import upstream nvi -Wshadow O_DIRECTORY fix
p2012/11/17bin/173673gaborBSD fgrep cannot handle multiple patterns specified as one command-line argument
o2012/11/05ports/173393xfcex11-wm/xfce4 window manager broken
p2012/11/03bin/173332ian[patch] watchdogd wires over 10MB of memory after r239769
p2012/10/25docs/173069maximTypo in geli(8) manpage
o2012/10/02ports/172261xridesysutils/wmmemload: fails on 9.0-RELEASE
o2012/09/29kern/172166Deadlock in the networking code, possible due to a bug in the SCHED_ULE
p2012/09/25kern/172075emaste[tap] [panic] panic if an in-use tap interface is destroyed
p2012/09/17usb/171721hselasky[patch] usb_quirk(4), ums(4): add UQ_UMS_IGNORE quirk
o2012/09/13kern/171610theraven[libstdc++] recent libstdc++ regression
o2012/09/05ports/171353swillsSegmentation fault when use'ing the perl modules XML::LibXML and GD together (related to pthreads?)
p2012/09/02usb/171254hselaskyLack of support for usb 2.0 audio class devices
p2012/08/23kern/170904adrian[ath] ath driver: configure related parameters when radar detection (DFS) is enabled
o2012/08/17usb/170688usbpatch][usbdevs][wlan] Patch for ASUS Black Diamond USB-N53
o2012/08/13usb/170606usbr239222 kernel panic at boot - usb locking issue
o2012/08/07kern/170433wireless[ath] TX hang after a stuck beacon message with active traffic
f2012/08/06bin/170415mckay[patch] file(1) fails to detect troff (and other file types)
o2012/07/31kern/170302wireless[ath] 802.11n frames are not being transmitted with multiple rates
p2012/07/30bin/170279jhbdhclient(8) uses low TTL of 16
o2012/07/26kern/170203[fifo] piped dd's don't behave sanely when dealing with a fifo
o2012/07/23kern/170098wireless[ath] [net80211] VAPs (Virtual access points) with Atheros ath driver
s2012/07/22kern/170070gnn[regression] 9.1-PRERELEASE host cannot talk to itself over IPv6 (except on loopback)
p2012/07/17kern/169947jh[md] [patch] System crash via ioctl() on mdctl.
o2012/07/15ports/169896emulation[patch] audio/linux-f10-alsa-lib: use OSS plugin by default
o2012/07/11usb/169789usb[u3g] [patch] add support for huawei e3131
p2012/07/06kern/169683jh[md] [panic] System crash via ioctl() on mdctl.
p2012/06/26bin/169471[patch] pw(8) deletes group "username" on userdel even if group "username" is not assoc. w/user "username"
o2012/06/26kern/169432wireless[ath] BAR TX hang when aggregation session is reset during a reassociation
p2012/06/24kern/169362wireless[ath] AR5416: radar pulse PHY errors sometimes include the CRC Error bit set as well as the PHY errors
o2012/06/18kern/169206melifaro[ipfw] ipfw does not flush entries in table
o2012/06/14docs/169056trhodes[patch] sysctl*(3) cannot fail with EFAULT if name contains an invalid address
o2012/06/11docs/168962traszcp(1) & mv(1) pages don't mention ACLs or extended attributes
p2012/06/06usb/168743mav[umass] [panic] double fault caused by umass
o2012/06/04kern/168649[ath] TX frames sometimes occur out of order
p2012/06/01bin/168544rc[patch] [rc]: addswap-mounted swapfiles cause panic on shutdown
o2012/05/28threads/168417threadspthread_getcpuclockid() does not work to specification
o2012/05/20kern/168170wireless[net80211] ieee80211_send_bar() doesn't complete correctly if there's a resource shortage
o2012/05/17bin/167986location of <com_err.h> install doesn't match man page
p2012/05/16kern/167947asomers[setfib] [patch] arpresolve checks only the default FIB for the interface route
a2012/05/15bin/167921gaborbsdgrep(1) segfaults with "\\."
p2012/05/15kern/167902adrian[ath] TX block-ack window holes
p2012/05/10bin/167779hrsmakefs does not create sparse file
o2012/05/03conf/167566rc[rc.d] [patch] ipdivert module loading vs. ipfw rc.d order issue
p2012/04/22kern/167204melifaro[kernel] terrible "netstat -rn" performance due to slow kvm_nlist()
p2012/04/20conf/167133stale files in /usr/share/examples
a2012/04/19bin/167103markjdtrace(1) generates core dump trying to build perl with dtrace enabled
o2012/04/09kern/166780[sysctl] [request] add sysctl for swap space used
o2012/03/28kern/166477fs[nfs] NFS data corruption.
p2012/03/23kern/166357wireless[ath] 802.11n TX stall when the first frame in the BAW is in the software queue
o2012/03/21kern/166286wireless[net80211] [ath] initial switch to HT40 isn't causing a hardware channel change call
p2012/03/16kern/166190wireless[ath] TX hangs and frames stuck in TX queue
p2012/03/12bin/165988jillespathchk(1): pathchk -p does not work correctly with some locales [PATCH]
o2012/03/10kern/165895wireless[ath] overly busy cabq can tie up all tx buffers
o2012/03/09kern/165879andre[tcp] Syncache syncache.count overflow
o2012/03/08kern/165866wireless[ath] TX hangs, requiring a "scan" to properly reset the interface
o2012/03/03bin/165654hiren[patch] make pmcannotate(8) work on amd64
p2012/03/02kern/165630[ndis][panic][patch] IRQL_NOT_GREATER_THAN
o2012/02/28kern/165517wireless[net80211] bgscan isn't triggered when invalid beacons are being sent
o2012/02/25kern/165475wireless[ath] operational mode change doesn't poke the underlying rate control module hard enough
o2012/02/22kern/165382wireless[kernel] taskqueue_unblock doesn't unblock currently queued tasks
o2012/02/17kern/165220wireless[ath] "ath_rx_tasklet: sc_inreset_cnt > 0; skipping" messages
o2012/02/12kern/165060wireless[ath] vap->iv_bss race conditions causing crashes inside ath_beacon_alloc and similar
p2012/02/10kern/164951adrian[ath] [patch] Problem build of if_ath driver with certain mode
o2012/02/09ports/164941java[UPDATE] [NEW PORTS] java/classpath-initial, including rework of java/classpath
a2012/02/05www/164799gjbOutdated ports tree growth graph
o2012/01/22kern/164369adrian[if_bridge] [patch] two STP bridges have the same id
o2012/01/18ports/164293reaprint/cups-pstoraster failed
o2012/01/17sparc64/164227sparc64[boot] Can't boot 9.0-RELEASE/sparc64 on Blade 1500
s2012/01/17sparc64/164226sparc64[cd] Data corruption on 9.0-RELEASE when reading from CDROM
a2012/01/09ports/163963portmgrMk/, math/spooles-mpich, science/mpqc-mpich -- trailing slashes and MASTER_PORT
o2012/01/08ports/163909bf[MAINTAINER-UPDATE][PATCH] please update math/lapacke to 3.4.0
o2011/12/29kern/163689wireless[ath] TX timeouts when sending probe/mgmt frames during scanning
o2011/12/15kern/163318wireless[ath] ath(4) stops working
p2011/12/15kern/163312wireless[panic] [ath] kernel panic: page fault with ath0 taskq
p2011/12/13kern/163268jhb[acpi_hp] [patch] fix driver detach in absence of CMI
p2011/12/06bin/163095gnnAdd WITH_OPENSSH_NONE_CIPHER src.conf(5) knob
o2011/12/06kern/163091usb[panic] Fatal trap 12: page fault while in kernel mode
o2011/11/07docs/162354gjbImprove wording in rc.conf(5) regarding network-interfaces.
o2011/11/01bin/162211Calendar no longer handles first/last day events in 8.2, 8-stable & current, OK in 8.1 & 7.4 & 6.4 [regression]
o2011/10/31kern/162201zec[ip] [patch] multicast forwarding cache hash always allocated with size 0, resulting in buffer overrun
o2011/10/29arm/162159arm[panic] USB errors leading to panic on DockStar 9.0-RC1/arm
o2011/10/22kern/161908melifaro[netgraph] [patch] ng_vlan update for QinQ support
o2011/10/19kern/161805qingli[regression] [panic] [arp] Repeatable panic in ARP code
o2011/09/27bin/161047sysinstall[patch] bsdinstall(8): should not run on vt0
o2011/09/22kern/160922kientzle[libarchive] libarchive stops buildworld using WITHOUT_OPENSSL
p2011/09/03kern/160430kientzle[libarchive] [patch] Add __packed to libarchive cpio metadata structs
o2011/08/29bin/160275rstone[patch] dtrace(1): dtrace -lv causes "unknown function" warnings
f2011/08/19ports/159917bf[PATCH]math/scilab: fix buld with lang/gcc46, blas/lapack usage, and WITHOUT_GUI
p2011/08/08kern/159602qingli[netinet] [patch] arp_ifscrub() is called even if IFF_NOARP flag is set
o2011/08/08kern/159601net[netinet] [patch] in_scrubprefix() - loopback route refcount malfunction
o2011/08/01kern/159351fs[nfs] [patch] - divide by zero in mountnfs()
p2011/07/19kern/159046rwatson[dtrace] [patch] dtrace library is linked with a wrong flags on -CURRENT
p2011/07/01bin/158580edwin[patch] Disable ncal(1)s date highlighting if stdout is not a tty
p2011/06/28kern/158398geom[headers] [patch] <geom/geom.h> includes <sys/sbuf.h> gratuitously
p2011/06/26kern/158307hrs[ip6] ipv6_pktinfo breaks IPV6_USE_MIN_MTU
p2011/06/08bin/157718edwininput data trigers a core dump from calendar(1) [regression]
o2011/06/04ports/157600java/eclipse: option WITH_TESTS missing distinfo entry
o2011/05/18ports/157168portmgr[] New hook: CONF_FILES automatically handles configuration files
p2011/04/30kern/156743thompsa[lagg] [patch] if_lagg should not treat vlan-tagged frames as LACP frames
p2011/04/21kern/156545fs[ufs] mv could break UFS on SMP systems
p2011/04/18kern/156481[kernel] [patch] kernel incorrectly reports PPS jitter with accurate measurements
p2011/04/08kern/156283ae[ip6] [patch] nd6_ns_input - rtalloc_mpath does not return a locked rtentry
o2011/03/16ports/155593creesaudio/musicpd .16.1 ignores embedded cue sheets in FLAC files with or without libcue installed
f2011/03/07ports/155335mimultimedia/vic is out of date
o2011/02/27bin/155104fs[zfs][patch] use /dev prefix by default when importing
p2011/02/19standards/154873pjdZFS violates POSIX on open/O_CREAT -> ftruncate
o2011/02/17kern/154850net[netgraph] [patch] ng_ether fails to name nodes when the associated interface contains dots or colons
p2011/02/08kern/154598wireless[ath] Atheros 5424/2424 can't connect to WPA network
p2011/01/22kern/154228fs[md] md getting stuck in wdrain state
o2011/01/22arm/154227arm[geli] using GELI leads to panic on ARM
p2011/01/17bin/154073delphij[libz] libz causes perl to exit on signal 11
o2011/01/04kern/153672xen[xen] [panic] i386/XEN panics under heavy fork load
p2010/12/12bin/153052jilles[patch] watch(8) breaks tty on error
f2010/11/21bin/152458hrsrtadvd(8) needs to allow RA without a prefix info option
o2010/11/19standards/152415kargl[libm] implementation of expl()
o2010/10/15ports/151472umemail/cyrus-imapd23 failed to compile
p2010/09/23bin/150890kientzle[patch] bsdtar(1) does not always dive into subdirectories with --newerXXX option
p2010/08/15usb/149675thompsa[uftdi] [usb_serial] doesn't react to break properly
o2010/07/22bin/148836robertontpd(8): [patch] Update to NTP in base system
p2010/07/13kern/148580gavin[sysctl][patch] Document some sys/kern sysctls
o2010/07/02kern/148322wireless[ath] Triggering atheros wifi beacon misses in hostap mode under no radio traffic load
o2010/06/20kern/148018net[flowtable] flowtable crashes on ia64
o2010/05/24bin/146916TERM not set correctly in single-user mode
o2010/05/24ports/146895wkoszek[NEW PORT] emulators/linux-libusb -- linux(4)-friendly libusb
f2010/05/21kern/146792net[flowtable] flowcleaner 100% cpu's core load
o2010/05/08kern/146410pjd[zfs] [patch] bad file copy performance from UFS to ZFS
p2010/05/07usb/146367thompsa[usb8] [patch] Revision 205728: broken bluetooth mouse support
f2010/05/05conf/146334desOpenSSH 5.4 AuthorizedKeysFile bad syntax in sshd_config
p2010/05/02kern/146250gnn[netinet] [patch] Races on interface alias removal
f2010/04/27www/146089wwwOn some IPv6 mirror sites do not work
p2010/04/10kern/145600netTCP/ECN behaves different to CE/CWR than ns2 reference
p2010/04/08bin/145528gavin[libedit] ftp(1) crashes in libedit when cancelling a filename completion
f2010/04/03kern/145339pjd[zfs] deadlock after detaching block device from raidz pool
f2010/03/20kern/144917net[flowtable] [panic] flowtable crashes system [regression]
p2010/03/18conf/144842hrs[ip6] ipv6_default_interface causes route complaints from -cloning
p2010/03/09kern/144584emulation[linprocfs][patch] bogus values in linprocfs
o2010/02/26kern/144311gnn[pf] [icmp] massive ICMP storm on lo0 occurs when using pf(4) 'reply-to'
p2010/02/18kern/144061rwatson[socket] race on unix socket close
o2010/02/15bin/143962fstat(1) doesn't work on UNIX sockets
p2010/01/21usb/143045usb[umass] [usb8] [patch] mounting Fujitsu 2600Z camera doesn't work
p2010/01/18kern/142927thompsa[vlan] [patch] handle parent interface link layer address changes in if_vlan(4)
o2009/12/06usb/141212usb[ukbd] [usb8] ukbd_set_leds_callback:700: error=USB_ERR_STALLED
o2009/11/12kern/140514des[pam] PAM can give PAM_SUCCESS when infact it should give PAM_CRED_INSUFFICIENT
o2009/11/06kern/140349hiren[libpcap] [patch] libpcap's parser doesn't recognize newer TCP flags
p2009/11/06usb/140325thompsa[libusb] [usb8] Missing/incorrect initialisation and memory leak in libusb10/libusb20
a2009/11/05bin/140309bapt[patch] bad syntax causes yacc(1) segfault
p2009/10/13kern/139559qingli[tun] several tun(4) interfaces can be created with same dst addr
p2009/10/02kern/139312gleb[tmpfs] [patch] tmpfs mmap synchronization bug
s2009/09/25sparc64/139134sparc64kernel output corruption
o2009/09/12ports/138772noxemulators/qemu should build on SPARC
p2009/09/10conf/138692netchild[request] [patch] 450.status-security should exit with rc=0
p2009/09/01kern/138439vanhu[IPSec] Tunnel with IPv4 and IPv6
p2009/08/10conf/137629crees[rc.d] background_dhclient rc.conf option causing double nfs mounts
p2009/07/27usb/137188usb[usb8][patch] correctly handle USB report descriptors with interleaved report IDs
o2009/07/11bin/136661melifaro[patch] ndp(8) ignores -f option
o2009/06/17threads/135673threadsdatabases/mysql50-server - MySQL query lock-ups on 7.2-RELEASE amd64
o2009/06/11kern/135476melifaro[ipfw] IPFW table breaks after adding a large number of values
p2009/05/30kern/135069xen[xen] FreeBSD-current/Xen SMP doesn't function at all after the AP's are loaded
o2009/05/14kern/134531net[route] [panic] kernel crash related to routes/zebra
p2009/04/06kern/133439kan[vfs] [panic] Kernel Panic in kern_vfs
o2009/03/10kern/132497rwatson[boot] [patch] Stale pre-5.x mbuf references in new Bosko Milekic world order.
o2009/02/04bin/131365netroute(8): route add changes interpretation of network specification [regression]
p2009/01/27kern/131038gnn[ip6] [panic] kernel panic in ip6_forward
o2009/01/16kern/130628net[nfs] NFS / rpc.lockd deadlock on 7.1-R
o2009/01/13bin/130504[libc] Serious bug in regular expression library (regex) affected sed
p2009/01/04bin/130159brian[patch] ppp(8) fails to correctly set routes
p2008/11/20bin/129014gavin[regression] ftp(1) cannot bind to specific source IP
p2008/10/20kern/128247gnn[ip6] [panic] Fatal Trap 12 in ip6_forward =
p2008/09/17kern/127446emax[kbdmux] [patch] fix race in sys/dev/kbdmux/kbdmux.c
p2008/07/18usb/125736thompsa[ukbd] [hang] system hangs after AT keyboard detect if ukbd loaded as a module
a2008/07/14kern/125613trasz[ufs] [patch] ACL problems with special files
o2008/05/17kern/123755dfr[nfs] fstat() fails to return ESTALE with rename()d files
o2008/03/30kern/122252net[ipmi] [bge] IPMI problem with BCM5704 (does not work after driver loaded)
o2008/03/16ports/121745vdmisc/ossp-uuid - PostgreSQL contrib ossp-uuid crashes backend
f2008/03/13kern/121660adrian[hwpmc] [patch] hwpmc(4) incorrectly handles PMC sampling events from AMD
o2008/03/05kern/121373gnn[ipsec] New IPSEC & IPV6 & AH+ESP Broken
p2008/02/26kern/121122melifaro[ipfw] [patch] add support to ToS IP PRECEDENCE fields
o2008/01/09bin/119483[patch] vidcontrol(1) misses latest VESA mode (off-by-one bug)
o2007/11/19kern/118126fs[nfs] [patch] Poor NFS server write performance
p2007/11/12kern/118005andre[tcp] Can No Longer SSH into 7.0 host
a2007/09/13kern/116335andre[tcp] Excessive TCP window updates
p2007/07/09bin/114465brian[patch] [request] script(1): add really cool -d, -p & -r options from NetBSD
s2007/05/09kern/112544acpi[acpi] [patch] Add High Precision Event Timer Driver for userland timer facility
p2007/04/05kern/111260csjp[hang] FreeBSD kernel dead lock and a solution
a2007/03/22kern/110662[safe] safenet driver causes kernel panic
a2007/02/26ports/109580glewis[patch] math/gnuplot does not include when emacs is installed
a2007/02/09docs/108980doclist of missing man pages
s2006/11/28kern/105943netNetwork stack may modify read-only mbuf chain copies
p2006/10/30bin/104921melifaro[patch] ipfw(8) sometimes treats ipv6 input as ipv4 (another variation on PR 91245)
o2006/10/15bin/104432jillessh(1): remove undocumented "exp" and "let" builtins
a2006/10/01bin/103873csjplogin(1) SEGFAULT on unsuccessful login
o2006/07/25bin/100805WITHOUT_INET6 is ignored by many src/ components
a2006/07/18bin/100496[patch] Fix to get rid of the telnet(1) to cisco problem
p2006/07/13docs/100196docman login.conf does explain not "unlimited"
o2006/06/07kern/98622gnn[carp] carp with IPv6 broken on 6.1 (regression)
p2006/01/09www/91539gjbFreeBSD web site renders very badly
p2005/07/04kern/82980jilles[libc] realpath(3) treats regular files as directories
o2005/05/14bin/81035[patch] boot0cfg emits bogus error
o2005/01/25kern/76678dfr[libpam] [patch] Allow pam_krb5 to authenticate no local users for other services.
s2004/11/22kern/74242rwatsonWrite to fifo with no reader fails in 6.0 current
p2004/04/25bin/65961melifaro[ipfw] ipfw2 memory corruption inside add()
p2002/06/14standards/39256dassnprintf/vsnprintf aren't POSIX-conformant for strings longer than INT_MAX
o2002/06/03bin/38854sysinstallsysinstall(8): resetting during setup causes the target installation path to change from "/mnt" (new root partition) to "/" (the memory disk)
p2001/09/13bin/30542mjg[patch] add -q option to shut up killall(1)
o2001/03/22kern/25986netSocket would hang at LAST_ACK forever.
a2000/12/04bin/23254bapt[patch] yacc(1) accepts bad grammer
s1999/10/28kern/14562ioctl() codes should be provided for ejecting all removables
377 problems total.

Bugs can be in one of several states:

o - open
A problem report has been submitted, no sanity checking performed.
a - analyzed
The problem is understood and a solution is being sought.
f - feedback
Further work requires additional information from the originator or the community - possibly confirmation of the effectiveness of a proposed solution.
p - patched
A patch has been committed, but some issues (MFC and / or confirmation from originator) are still open.
r - repocopy
The resolution of the problem report is dependent on a repocopy operation within the CVS repository which is awaiting completion.
s - suspended
The problem is not being worked on, due to lack of information or resources. This is a prime candidate for somebody who is looking for a project to do. If the problem cannot be solved at all, it will be closed, rather than suspended.
c - closed
A problem report is closed when any changes have been integrated, documented, and tested -- or when fixing the problem is abandoned.