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PRs for tag 'panic'

This is an experimental report containing PRs for tag 'panic' as of 5-30-2014. GNATS has no finer-grained categorization than 'kern', 'bin', 'ports', and so forth. To augment this, the bugmeisters have adopted the convention of adding '[<tagname>]' to the Synopsis field. Consider this a prototype of a better search function.

This report is generated statically.

Please give feedback on this report to Thanks.

PRs for tag 'panic':
o2014/05/24kern/190184[panic][vbox] vm_page_insert: page already inserted
o2014/05/01i386/189183i386[panic] Kernel Panic
o2014/04/29kern/189117[panic] There is a very big chance crash the system in my computer when I use "netstat -si".
o2014/04/09i386/188388i386[panic] double fault / syscall sys_sys_exit
o2014/04/08kern/188369xen[xen] [panic] FreeBSD 10 XENHVM panic under NetBSD Dom0 (xn_txeof: WARNING: response is -1)
o2014/04/05i386/188280i386[panic] Kernel panic: page fault
o2014/04/03kern/188219[panic] Multiple kernel panic on multiple servers on multiple freebsd versions
o2014/04/02kern/188188pf[pf] [panic] pfsync0 mtu 9000 results in 10-STABLE reboot
o2014/04/02kern/188187fs[zfs] [panic] 10-stable: Kernel panic on zpool import: integer divide fault
o2014/04/01i386/188162i386[panic] Fatal trap 12: page fault while in kernel mode (in function pmap_remove_pages)
o2014/03/29kern/188039[i915] [panic] hw.vga.textmode=1 causes crash when starting Xorg or loading i915kms module
o2014/03/21kern/187816[panic] ia64 11.0-CURRENT #13 r262690: fatal kernel trap: Page Not Present
o2014/03/19ia64/187739ia64[fxp] [panic] fxp(4) causes panic on ia64
o2014/03/13kern/187527[panic] sparc64 11.0-CURRENT #1 r263096: Panic String: vm_page_alloc: page 0xfffff8003e961f10 has unexpected queue 1
o2014/03/08sparc64/187381sparc64[panic] pfsync: memory address not aligned
o2014/03/03ia64/187219ia64[panic] 11.0-CURRENT #20 r260914: Panic String: deadlkres: possible deadlock detected for 0xe000000012079b00, blocked for 1801960 ticks
o2014/02/28kern/187126[vm] [panic] vm_page_unwire: page XXX's wire count is 0 on NFS client
o2014/02/26kern/187080[panic] sparc64 r261798: Panic String: vm_page_alloc: page 0xfffff8003feea008 is wired
o2014/02/25kern/187015[panic] make_dev_credv: bad si_name (error=17, si_name=agpgart)
o2014/02/21kern/186942fs[zfs] [panic] Fatal trap 12 (seems zfs related)
o2014/02/20kern/186909emulation[hyper-v] [panic] Stable GENERIC kernel panic on hyperv 2012 OS
o2014/02/14kern/186760[panic] sparc64 11.0-CURRENT #9 r260689 panic: Bad link elm 0xfffff8017ef106d8 prev->next != elm
o2014/02/10usb/186622usb[panic] FreeBSD 10.0 AMD64 kernel panic in ifmedia_set() / usb / ethernet / vulnerability / remote
o2014/02/02kern/186362[panic] _mtx_lock_sleep() misses check for NULL
o2014/01/25kern/186112fs[zfs] [panic] ZFS Panic/Solaris Assert/zap.c:479
o2014/01/23kern/186051emulation[vmware] [panic] FreeBSD 8.4+, 9.x+, 10.0 guest panic with VMWare Server on boot
o2014/01/23amd64/186038amd64[panic] FreeBSD 10/AMD64 panics on HP Proliant Microserver
o2014/01/19kern/185877[suspend/resume] [panic] Kernel panic on 10.0/amd64 on resume from suspend
o2014/01/14kern/185771[panic] early kernel panic with RADIX_MPATH kernel option
f2014/01/13kern/185748[panic] Kernel Panics in 10.0-RC4
o2014/01/13kern/185734fs[zfs] [panic] panic on stable/10 when writing to ZFS disk
o2014/01/05kern/185478wireless[iwi] [panic] panic in iwi0 driver
o2014/01/04kern/185476[panic] freebsd-update(8): after binary update from FreeBSD 9.1 to 9.2 i have 36 kernel panic
o2014/01/02kern/185427net[igb] [panic] freebsd 8.4, 9.1 and 9.2 panic Double-Fault with intel 82576 igb driver
o2013/12/31kern/185374fs[msdosfs] [panic] Unmounting msdos filesystem in a bad state causes kernel panic
o2013/12/20kern/185025wireless[iwi] [panic] iwi driver panic on 10.0rc2
o2013/12/19amd64/185003amd64[panic] Random kernel panics
o2013/12/12kern/184711[panic] Fatal trap 9: general protection fault while in kernel mode
o2013/12/11kern/184692wireless[iwi] [panic] kernel panic in iwi0 driver
o2013/12/11kern/184677fs[zfs] [panic] ZFS snapshot umount kernel panic
o2013/11/26kern/184311net[bge] [panic] kernel panic with bge(4) on SunFire X2100
o2013/11/20kern/184098[cam] [panic] Qlogic fibre channel target causes kernel panic/reboot
o2013/11/19kern/184075[panic] amd64: panic: deadlkres: possible deadlock detected
o2013/11/18kern/184045[panic] Kernel panic on boot on Macbook 4.1 (mid 2008 2.4ghz C2D)
o2013/11/14kern/183970net[ofed] [vlan] [panic] mellanox drivers and vlan usage causes kernel panic and reboot
o2013/11/09kern/183817[patch] [mac] [panic] kernel compiled with options INVARIANTS and MAC_PORTACL panices if loader loads mac_portacl.ko too
p2013/11/05arm/183668ian[panic] Panic when read unalign in ddb
o2013/11/04kern/183663[panic] general protection fault
o2013/11/03kern/183618[panic][mfi] System on Dell PERC H710 Mini freezes and panics
o2013/10/28kern/183417mckusick[softupdates] [panic] fault on nofault entry in softdep_setup_freeblocks
o2013/10/28kern/183397xen[xen] [panic] Kernel panic at first incoming ssh under Xen 4.2 with NetBSD Dom0
o2013/10/17kern/183042[panic] Machine kernel panic'ed, now fsck is segfaulting
p2013/10/08usb/182820hrs[usbus] [panic] usbusX if destroy page fault panic
o2013/10/06kern/182739fs[fusefs] [panic] sysutils/fusefs-kmod kernel panic on rsync
o2013/09/30kern/182498[panic] over 19 kernel panics
o2013/09/24usb/182361usb[suspend/resume] [panic] Suspend when using USB disc as root causes kernel panic, core not dumped
o2013/09/09kern/181966fs[zfs] [panic] Kernel panic in ZFS I/O: solaris assert: BP_EQUAL(bp, &zio->io_bp_orig); zio.c line 2955 [9.2/amd64]
o2013/08/29kern/181646[panic] Kernel panic, probably caused by wi-fi card Linksys WMP600N (PCI)
o2013/08/27kern/181590[vm] [panic] amd(8) related vm_page_unwire panics
o2013/08/25ports/181529[panic] sysutils/devcpu-data: Panic after CPU microcode update
o2013/08/11kern/181222[panic] 8.4p2 panics during boot on Campaq M700 P3-650 [regression]
o2013/08/09kern/181161wireless[wl] [panic] config a old compaq wl-110 wireless card make kernel panic
o2013/07/27kern/180894[panic] rm -rf causes kernel panic
o2013/07/27kern/180885[panic] panic: kmem_map too small at heavy packet traffic
o2013/07/27kern/180881[panic] Attack invalid user in mpd causes kernel panic.
o2013/07/25kern/180844net[panic] [re] Intermittent panic (re driver?)
o2013/07/24kern/180788xen[xen] [panic] XEN PV kernel 9.2-BETA1 panics on boot
o2013/07/16kern/180600[panic] kernel panic FreeBSD-10.0-CURRENT while running Chromium browser application
o2013/06/28kern/180060zfs-devel[zfs] [panic] ZFS kernel panic, solaris assert on dsl_prop_unregister
o2013/06/27amd64/180018amd64[panic] System panics when bsnmpd is started
o2013/06/26kern/180006[panic] Kernel panic
o2013/06/26kern/180001zfs-devel[zfs] [panic] Solaris(panic): zfs: allocating allocated segment
o2013/06/17kern/179644[panic] worklist_remove: 0xfffffe001b6f6000 pagedep(0x0) not on list
o2013/05/22kern/178830[alq] [panic] kldload alq then kldunload alq then init 0 makes panic!
o2013/05/13i386/178565i386[panic] pmap_promote_pde: page table page is out of range
o2013/05/08kern/178411wireless[ral] [panic] FreeBSD kernel crash in rt2860
o2013/04/24kern/178116cy[ipfilter] [panic] Kernel panic: general protection fault in tcp_do_segment
o2013/04/17kern/177905net[xl] [panic] ifmedia_set when pluging CardBus LAN card, xl(4) driver
o2013/04/10kern/177743emulation[kvm] [panic] kernel panic during `portsnap update` on KVM guest
o2013/03/15kern/176978fs[zfs] [panic] zfs send -D causes "panic: System call ioctl returning with 1 locks held"
o2013/03/11kern/176857fs[softupdates] [panic] 9.1-RELEASE/amd64/GENERIC panic in softdepflush/remove_from_journal
o2013/02/13kern/176112jail[jail] [panic] kernel panic when starting jails
o2013/02/03kern/175791[panic] Fatal trap 12: page fault while in kernel mode at seemingly random times.
o2013/01/17kern/175365[panic] FreeBSD 8.3-RELEASE kernel panics when net/xorp tries to shutdown
o2013/01/15kern/175328fs[fusefs] [panic] fusefs kernel page fault
o2013/01/10kern/175182net[panic] kernel panic on RADIX_MPATH when deleting route
o2013/01/06kern/175071fs[softupdates] [panic] softdep_deallocate_dependencies: unrecovered I/O error
o2012/11/09kern/173499[panic] Reboot at setting of videomode by the utility vidcontrol(1)
o2012/11/04kern/173363fs[zfs] [panic] Panic on 'zpool replace' on readonly pool
p2012/09/27kern/172113net[panic] [e1000] [patch] 9.1-RC1/amd64 panices in igb(4): m_getjcl: invalid cluster type
o2012/09/26kern/172092fs[zfs] [panic] zfs import panics kernel
p2012/09/25kern/172075emaste[tap] [panic] panic if an in-use tap interface is destroyed
o2012/09/20amd64/171814amd64[panic] bioq_init or bioq_remove (unsure which)
o2012/09/18kern/171739net[bce] [panic] bce related kernel panic
o2012/09/17kern/171711net[dummynet] [panic] Kernel panic in dummynet
o2012/08/23kern/170944[panic] Unknown caching mode
o2012/08/20bin/170778fs[zfs] [panic] FreeBSD panics randomly
o2012/08/09kern/170497fs[xfs][panic] kernel will panic whenever I ls a mounted xfs volume
o2012/07/29kern/170255[panic] Often panic at NDIS startup
o2012/07/17kern/169945fs[zfs] [panic] Kernel panic while importing zpool (after having a kernel panic)
o2012/07/17kern/169936[panic] wchan 0xc707d8a4 has no wmesg
p2012/07/06kern/169683jh[md] [panic] System crash via ioctl() on mdctl.
o2012/06/27kern/169488[panic] chromium crashes system
p2012/06/06usb/168743mav[umass] [panic] double fault caused by umass
o2012/05/28kern/168411[vm] [panic] uma_find_refcnt(): zone possibly not UMA_ZONE_REFCNT
o2012/05/01kern/167500net[em] [panic] Kernel panics in em driver
o2012/04/19kern/167109fs[zfs] [panic] zfs diff kernel panic Fatal trap 9: general protection fault
o2012/04/19kern/167107[libc] [panic] no kernel malloc size argument check causing system panic
o2012/04/18kern/167067fs[zfs] [panic] ZFS panics the server
o2012/04/14kern/166940cy[ipfilter] [panic] Double fault in kern 8.2
o2012/04/13kern/166912fs[ufs] [panic] Panic after converting Softupdates to journaled softupdates
o2012/03/12kern/165963cy[panic] [ipfilter] ipfilter/nat NULL pointer deference
o2012/03/10i386/165906i386[panic] cannot install FreeBSD 9.0 on Dell PowerEdge 1500SC
p2012/03/02kern/165630[ndis][panic][patch] IRQL_NOT_GREATER_THAN
o2012/03/02kern/165622net[ndis][panic][patch] Unregistered use of FPU in kernel on amd64
o2012/02/26kern/165488net[ppp] [panic] Fatal trap 12 jails and ppp , kernel with vimage, altq, pf
o2012/02/17kern/165252virtualization[vimage] [pf] [panic] kernel panics with VIMAGE and PF on FreeBSD 9.0 rel
o2012/02/15kern/165170[panic] server reboot while pinging
o2012/01/28kern/164565[padlock] [panic] kernel crash when kldunload'ing padlock
o2012/01/15kern/164184fs[ufs] [panic] Kernel panic with ufs_makeinode
o2012/01/08kern/163905[panic] FreeBSD 9x kernel panic without acpi && event timer
p2011/12/15kern/163312wireless[panic] [ath] kernel panic: page fault with ath0 taskq
o2011/12/06kern/163091usb[panic] Fatal trap 12: page fault while in kernel mode
o2011/11/22kern/162751fs[zfs] [panic] kernel panics during file operations
o2011/11/14kern/162558net[dummynet] [panic] seldom dummynet panics
f2011/11/12kern/162509yongari[re] [panic] Kernel panic may be related to if_re.c (realtek 8168 )
o2011/10/31kern/162195fs[softupdates] [panic] panic with soft updates journaling during umount -f
o2011/10/29arm/162159arm[panic] USB errors leading to panic on DockStar 9.0-RC1/arm
o2011/10/28kern/162110net[igb] [panic] RELENG_9 panics on boot in IGB driver - [regression] from 8.2
o2011/10/21kern/161887[vm] [panic] panic at vm_page_wire with FreeBSD 9.0 Beta 3 [regression]
o2011/10/19kern/161805qingli[regression] [panic] [arp] Repeatable panic in ARP code
o2011/10/18kern/161768[ahci] [panic] Panics after AHCI timeouts
o2011/10/13kern/161533fs[zfs] [panic] zfs receive panic: system ioctl returning with 1 locks held
o2011/10/09kern/161438fs[zfs] [panic] recursed on non-recursive spa_namespace_lock when creating zpool from zvol
o2011/10/01kern/161212[radeon] [panic] Radeon 4650 on amd64 crashes kernel on startx
o2011/09/30kern/161169fs[zfs] [panic] ZFS causes kernel panic in dbuf_dirty
o2011/09/28kern/161094virtualization[vimage] [pf] [panic] kernel panic with pf + VIMAGE when stopping a jail
o2011/09/21kern/160893fs[zfs] [panic] 9.0-BETA2 kernel panic
o2011/09/17kern/160790fs[fusefs] [panic] VPUTX: negative ref count with FUSE
o2011/09/02kern/160392[panic] double fault on configuring for php5-filter-5.3.8
o2011/08/29kern/160296wireless[zyd] [panic] 802.11 usb device reboots system on 'ifconfig wlan0 up scan'
o2011/08/29kern/160293net[ieee80211] [panic] kernel panic during network setup at boot
o2011/08/25misc/160176wireless[mips] [panic] Kernel panic on AR7161 platform with AR9220 (BGN) WIFI card while AH_DEBUG used.
o2011/08/19kern/159930fs[ufs] [panic] kernel core
o2011/08/09kern/159629net[ipsec] [panic] kernel panic with IPsec in transport mode ; -current kernel
o2011/08/09kern/159621net[tcp] [panic] panic: soabort: so_count
f2011/08/08kern/159595geom[geom] [panic] panic on gmirror unload in vbox [regression]
o2011/07/31kern/159326[ata] [panic] kernel panics when accessing spindowned HDDs
o2011/07/07kern/158707[panic] kernel trap 12 with interrupts disabled
o2011/07/05kern/158665net[ip6] [panic] kernel pagefault in in6_setscope()
o2011/06/29kern/158432[panic] gssd(8) generate much network traffic and led to kernel panic
f2011/06/12kern/157802net[dummynet] [panic] kernel panic in dummynet
o2011/05/24kern/157287net[re] [panic] INVARIANTS panic (Memory modified after free)
o2011/05/19kern/157179fs[zfs] [panic] zfs/dbuf.c: panic: solaris assert: arc_buf_remove_ref(db->db_buf, db) == 0
o2011/05/08kern/156877net[dummynet] [panic] dummynet move_pkt() null ptr dereference
o2011/05/03kern/156797fs[zfs] [panic] Double panic with FreeBSD 9-CURRENT and ZFS
f2011/04/28kern/156691emulation[vmware] [panic] panic when using hard disks as RAW devices within VMWare ESXi 4.1-u1
o2011/04/18kern/156463[panic] kernel panic at pcpu.h:224
o2011/03/29kern/156030net[ip6] [panic] Crash in nd6_dad_start() due to null ptr dereference
o2011/03/16kern/155597net[panic] Kernel panics with "sbdrop" message
o2011/03/15kern/155587fs[zfs] [panic] kernel panic with zfs
o2011/03/02kern/155177net[route] [panic] Panic when inject routes in kernel
f2011/02/24kern/155004yongari[bce] [panic] kernel panic in bce0 driver
o2011/02/09amd64/154629amd64[panic] Fatal trap 9: general protection fault while in kernel mode
o2011/02/08kern/154600net[tcp] [panic] Random kernel panics on tcp_output
o2011/01/25kern/154286net[netgraph] [panic] 8.2-PRERELEASE panic in netgraph
o2011/01/22kern/154214net[stf] [panic] Panic when creating stf interface
o2011/01/17kern/154091net[netgraph] [panic] netgraph, unaligned mbuf?
o2011/01/06kern/153746[drm] [panic] kernel crash with 2 X11 sessions on amd64 with radeon drm
o2011/01/04kern/153672xen[xen] [panic] i386/XEN panics under heavy fork load
o2011/01/01usb/153609usb[zyd] [panic] kernel: Fatal trap 12: page fault while in kernel mode
f2010/12/29kern/153514usb[cam] [panic] CAM related panic
o2010/12/24kern/153418fs[zfs] [panic] Kernel Panic occurred writing to zfs volume via nfs.
o2010/12/22amd64/153372amd64[panic] kernel panic
f2010/12/10i386/153003gavin[panic] Cant boot PCBSD-CURRENT-20101204x86CD.iso Dec06 17:01
o2010/12/07kern/152893net[netgraph] [panic] 8.2-PRERELEASE panic in netgraph
o2010/11/14kern/152228xen[xen] [panic] Xen/PV panic with machdep.idle_mwait=1
o2010/11/04kern/151942fs[zfs] [panic] panic during ls(1) zfs snapshot directory
o2010/10/20kern/151593net[igb] [panic] Kernel panic when bringing up igb network adapter with MSI-X enabled
f2010/09/17kern/150640[panic] Fatal Trap 9 - 8.1-release
a2010/09/01kern/150186emulation[parallels] [panic] Parallels Desktop: CDROM disconnected leads to panic, eventually
o2010/08/19kern/149797[kernel] [panic] mutex sleepq chain not owned at /usr/src/sys/kern/kern_mutex.c:265
o2010/08/14i386/149647i386[panic] Dell Inspiron 530 (FX09) panic at boot with 8.1 kernel [regression]
o2010/08/13kern/149609net[panic] reboot after adding second default route
o2010/08/09kern/149479[panic] 8.1-RELEASE kernel panic
o2010/08/02bin/149215geom[panic] [geom_part] gpart(8): Delete linux's slice via Gpart - get kernel panic
o2010/07/21kern/148807andre[panic] 8.1-RELEASE "panic: sbdrop" and "panic: sbsndptr: sockbuf _ and mbuf _ clashing" under heavy load
o2010/07/16kern/148676[panic] kernel panic lockmgr: locking against myself
o2010/07/16kern/148675[ata] [panic] kernel panics - reboots
o2010/07/04kern/148361[ata] [panic] Kernel Panic, With Faulty Drives
o2010/06/16kern/147903fs[zfs] [panic] Kernel panics on faulty zfs device
o2010/06/11kern/147793emulation[vmware] [panic] cdrom handling, panic, possible race condition in kernel SMP
o2010/06/06kern/147558[panic] sbdrops kernel panic
o2010/06/05kern/147504multimedia[oss] [panic] panic: dev_pager_getpage: map function returns error
o2010/06/04kern/147459[vm] [panic] Kernel panic: vm_page / vdrop / vm_page_cache
o2010/06/03kern/147420fs[ufs] [panic] ufs_dirbad, nullfs, jail panic (corrupt inode)
o2010/05/25kern/146941fs[zfs] [panic] Kernel Double Fault - Happens constantly
o2010/05/18kern/146719net[pf] [panic] PF or dumynet kernel panic
o2010/05/18kern/146708fs[softupdates] [panic] Kernel panic in softdep_disk_write_complete
o2010/05/14kern/146590[mca] [panic] MCA panics 7.3
o2010/05/09kern/146436[cpufreq] [panic] Panic when changing profile to economy
o2010/05/09kern/146429pjd[geli][panic][patch] kernel panic if geli autodetach is configured and geli provider is detached.
o2010/04/30kern/146165net[wlan] [panic] Setting bssid in adhoc mode causes panic
o2010/04/25kern/146037net[panic] mpd + CoA = kernel panic
o2010/04/19kern/145826wireless[panic] [ath] Unable to configure adhoc mode on ath0/wlan0
o2010/04/19kern/145825net[panic] panic: soabort: so_count
o2010/04/05kern/145411fs[xfs] [panic] Kernel panics shortly after mounting an XFS partition
o2010/04/01kern/145272fs[zfs] [panic] Panic during boot when accessing zfs on a gmirror
o2010/03/31kern/145238fs[zfs] [panic] kernel panic on zpool clear tank
o2010/03/26kern/145058[panic] Reproducable panic in 7.3 while building clamav
o2010/03/25kern/145026[panic] [sdhci] Fatal trap 12 with sdhci and without ahci module
o2010/03/23kern/144987wireless[wpi] [panic] injecting packets with wlaninject using Intel 3945ABG wireless card gives kernel panic
f2010/03/20kern/144917net[flowtable] [panic] flowtable crashes system [regression]
p2010/03/19kern/144869jfv[em] [panic] Instant kernel panic when adding NAT rules using ipfw on em interfaces
o2010/03/18kern/144843firewire[firewire] [panic] fwcontrol(8) -S causes kernel panic
o2010/03/17kern/144809[panic] Fatal trap 12: page fault while in kernel mode
o2010/03/10kern/144616net[nat] [panic] ip_nat panic FreeBSD 7.2
o2010/03/02kern/144416fs[panic] Kernel panic on online filesystem optimization
s2010/03/02kern/144415fs[zfs] [panic] kernel panics on boot after zfs crash
o2010/03/01usb/144387usb[run] [panic] if_run panic
f2010/02/26kern/144315net[ipfw] [panic] freebsd 8-stable reboot after add ipfw rules with netgraph ng_car
o2010/02/18kern/144055[ata] [panic] kernel panic on IBM x226 with SATA drive
f2010/02/15kern/143973ipfw[ipfw] [panic] ipfw forward option causes kernel reboot
o2010/02/11kern/143825fs[nfs] [panic] Kernel panic on NFS client
o2010/02/04kern/143543pf[pf] [panic] PF route-to causes kernel panic
o2010/01/29kern/143349[panic] vm_page_free: freeing busy page
o2010/01/28kern/143324[panic] vm_fault: fault on nofault entry, addr: c10a5000
o2010/01/25kern/143227[panic] [cpufreq] free: address has not been allocated.
o2010/01/21kern/143073[patch][panic] unp_gc panic (race with uipc_detach)
f2010/01/21kern/143069xen[xen] [panic] Xen Kernel Panic - Memory modified after free (8.0-RELEASE)
o2010/01/20kern/143034net[panic] system reboots itself in tcp code [regression]
o2010/01/14kern/142802[ata] [panic] on removing drive: recursed on non-recursive mutex ATA state lock
o2010/01/11kern/142728[panic] Fatal trap 12 in g_io_request
o2010/01/04kern/142306fs[zfs] [panic] ZFS drive (from OSX Leopard) causes two kernel panics
o2009/12/28i386/142108i386[panic] vm_fault: fault on nofault entry, addr: c32a4000
o2009/12/27kern/142082dchagin[patch] [panic] linuxulator: getppid: use after free
o2009/12/25kern/142009acpi[acpi] [panic] Panic in AcpiNsGetAttachedObject
o2009/12/22kern/141905pf[pf] [panic] pf kernel panic on 7.2-RELEASE with empty pf.conf
o2009/12/22kern/141897fs[msdosfs] [panic] Kernel panic. msdofs: file name length 266 to large.
f2009/12/17kern/141718pjd[zfs] [panic] kernel panic when 'zfs rename' is used on mounted snapshot
o2009/12/15kern/141653[ata] [panic] Panic in ata?
o2009/12/14kern/141463fs[nfs] [panic] Frequent kernel panics after upgrade from 7.2-STABLE to 8-STABLE [regression]
o2009/12/01kern/141086fs[nfs] [panic] panic("nfs: bioread, not dir") on FreeBSD 7.2-STABLE
o2009/11/18kern/140682net[netgraph] [panic] random panic in netgraph
o2009/11/18i386/140655i386[panic] Lenovo X300: fatal trap 12 after /sbin/halt -p
o2009/11/03kern/140245wireless[ath] [panic] Kernel panic during network activity on device ath in 7.2-RELEASE-p4
o2009/10/31kern/140142net[ip6] [panic] FreeBSD 7.2-amd64 panic w/IPv6
o2009/10/26i386/139999i386[panic] random freeze and crash
o2009/09/29kern/139232[panic] Kernel panic (spin lock held too long)
o2009/09/26kern/139162yongari[fwip] [panic] 8.0-RC1 panics if using IP over firewire
o2009/09/13kern/138782net[panic] sbflush_internal: cc 0 || mb 0xffffff004127b000 || mbcnt 2304
o2009/09/09kern/138662fs[panic] ffs_blkfree: freeing free block
o2009/09/04kern/138537[ata] [panic] Memory modified after free
o2009/08/28kern/138266net[panic] kernel panic when udp benchmark test used as regular user
o2009/08/24i386/138126i386[panic] Kernel panic trap 12 on bigger load
f2009/08/21kern/138029net[bpf] [panic] periodically kernel panic and reboot
o2009/08/17kern/137881net[netgraph] [panic] ng_pppoe fatal trap 12
o2009/08/03kern/137392net[ip] [panic] crash in ip_nat.c line 2577
o2009/07/19kern/136911net[netgraph] [panic] system panic on kldload ng_bpf.ko then options NETGRAPH_BPF is built in
o2009/06/18kern/135690[panic] [ata] ufs_dirbad: /backuphd: bad dir ino 22259126 at offset 0: mangled entry
o2009/06/11kern/135469fs[ufs] [panic] kernel crash on md operation in ufs_dirbad
o2009/05/24kern/134922ae[gmirror] [panic] kernel panic when use fdisk on disk who been removed from gmirror
o2009/05/16kern/134584[panic] spin lock held too long
o2009/05/14kern/134531net[route] [panic] kernel crash related to routes/zebra
o2009/05/04kern/134200[panic] Fatal trap 12: page fault while in kernel mode
o2009/04/27kern/134054[ataraid] [panic] traps kernel on boot if Intel MatrixRAID is degraded
o2009/04/24kern/133969net[dummynet] [panic] Fatal trap 12: page fault while in kernel mode with dummynet
o2009/04/24kern/133968net[dummynet] [panic] dummynet kernel panic
o2009/04/22kern/133919[mpt] [panic] 7.1 panics after completing rebuild of mpt RAID1
f2009/04/16kern/133768gavin[panic] MONITOR PANIC: vcpu-0:VMM64 DoubleFault src=MONITOR @ rip=0xfffffffffc24e530 rsp=0xfffffffffc001000 regs=0xfffffffffc048f40 (0xfffffffffc24e9f1,0xfffffffffc24e530)While Powering ON FreeBSD 7.1 -64bit guest with 64GB RAM
o2009/04/13kern/133676fs[smbfs] [panic] umount -f'ing a vnode-based memory disk from off a SMB share caused a reboot
o2009/04/11kern/133595net[panic] Kernel Panic at pcpu.h:195
o2009/04/08kern/133490net[bpf] [panic] 'kmem_map too small' panic on Dell r900 when bpf_bufsize and bpf_maxbufsize are increased
p2009/04/06kern/133439kan[vfs] [panic] Kernel Panic in kern_vfs
o2009/04/01kern/133289[vm] [panic] DEBUG_MEMGUARD with vm.memguard.desc="devbuf" panics the kernel
o2009/03/25kern/133060net[ipsec] [pfsync] [panic] Kernel panic with ipsec + pfsync + gif on FreeBSD 7
o2009/03/23kern/132960fs[ufs] [panic] panic:ffs_blkfree: freeing free frag
o2009/03/21kern/132889net[ndis] [panic] NDIS kernel crash on load BCM4321 AGN driver
o2009/03/17kern/132734net[ifmib] [panic] panic in net/if_mib.c
o2009/03/15kern/132672net[ndis] [panic] ndis with rt2860.sys causes kernel panic in CURRENT-amd64
o2009/02/27kern/132145fs[panic] File System Hard Crashes
o2009/02/25usb/132080usb[patch] [usb] [rum] [panic] Kernel panic after NOMEM caused by rum card
o2009/02/24usb/132036usb[panic] page fault when connecting Olympus C740 camera
o2009/02/16kern/131753net[altq] [panic] kernel panic in hfsc_dequeue
o2009/02/12kern/131601cy[ipfilter] [panic] 7-STABLE panic in nat_finalise (tcp=0)
f2009/02/10kern/131571gavin[apic] [panic] Running with APIC enabled crashes a Supermicro server running 7.0/7.1
f2009/01/28kern/131087bschmidt[ipw] [panic] ipw / iwi - no sent/received packets; iwi needs to be restarted; ipw / iwi causes kernel panic
p2009/01/27kern/131038gnn[ip6] [panic] kernel panic in ip6_forward
f2009/01/24kern/130941gavin[panic] [cd9660] [geom] unexpected crash due to page fault
o2009/01/14kern/130525net[ndis] [panic] 64 bit ar5008 ndisgen-erated driver causes kernel panic on kldload
o2009/01/08kern/130311net[wlan_xauth] [panic] hostapd restart causing kernel panic
o2009/01/07kern/130261[kernel] [panic] kernel panic in/below sys_pipe.c:knlist_cleardel
f2008/12/30kern/130059net[panic] Leaking 50k mbufs/hour
f2008/12/19usb/129766usb[usb] [panic] plugging in usb modem HUAWEI E226 panics system
f2008/12/17kern/129719net[nfs] [panic] Panic during shutdown, tcp_ctloutput: inp == NULL
o2008/12/09kern/129517net[ipsec] [panic] double fault / stack overflow
f2008/12/08kern/129508net[carp] [panic] Kernel panic with EtherIP (may be related to SVN commit 178025)
o2008/12/08usb/129500usb[umass] [panic] FreeBSD Crashes when connecting SanDisk Sensa e280
o2008/12/02kern/129373[ata] [panic] Panic in ata-queue, VIA CLE266, 7.1-BETA2
o2008/11/30kern/129316[sio] [panic] kernel panic (pcpu.h:195; support.s:499)
o2008/11/30usb/129311usb[usb] [panic] Instant crash with an USB card reader
o2008/11/26kern/129197net[panic] 7.0 IP stack related panic
o2008/11/24kern/129152fs[panic] non-userfriendly panic when trying to mount(8) non-existing or wrong rootdev
o2008/10/27usb/128418usb[panic] [rum] loading if_rum causes panic, looks like in usb stack
p2008/10/20kern/128247gnn[ip6] [panic] Fatal Trap 12 in ip6_forward =
o2008/10/14kern/128083[psm] [panic] early SMP panic on GA-G31M-S2L motherboard with PS/2 mouse
o2008/09/16kern/127420geom[geom] [gjournal] [panic] Journal overflow on gmirrored gjournal
o2008/09/13usb/127342usb[boot] [panic] enabling usb keyboard and mouse support in the bios panics boot
o2008/09/01kern/127029fs[panic] mount(8): trying to mount a write protected zip disk panics the machine (unless the -r flag is used)
o2008/08/25kern/126821[panic] Fatal trap 12 (kdeinit)
o2008/08/14usb/126519usb[usb] [panic] panic when plugging in an iphone
o2008/08/12kern/126475wireless[ath] [panic] ath pcmcia card inevitably panics under FreeBSD-7 STABLE
o2008/08/09kern/126396usb[panic] kernel panic after unplug USB Bluetooth device [regression]
o2008/08/05kern/126287fs[ufs] [panic] Kernel panics while mounting an UFS filesystem with snapshot enabled
o2008/07/23kern/125895fs[ffs] [panic] kernel: panic: ffs_blkfree: freeing free block
o2008/07/19kern/125769[ses] [panic] getencstat(8) panics system with "Sleeping thread owns a non-sleepable lock"
p2008/07/16kern/125673firewire[firewire] [panic] FreeBSD7 panics when kldunloading firewire
o2008/07/15usb/125631usb[ums] [panic] kernel panic during bootup while 'Logitech USB receiver' (Logitech RX650 wireless mouse) is connected
o2008/07/14kern/125617wireless[ath] [panic] ath(4) related panic
o2008/07/11usb/125510usb[panic] repeated plug and unplug of USB mass storage devices leads to stall, panics
f2008/07/09usb/125450usb[panic] Removing USB flash card while being accessed causes kernel panic, even without device mounted
o2008/07/07kern/125356[kqueue] [panic] Repeated panic in kqueue_close from kern_close
o2008/07/06kern/125332wireless[ath] [panic] crash under any non-tiny networking under amd64 7-STABLE with ath
o2008/06/25usb/124980usb[panic] kernel panic on detaching unmounted umass device
o2008/06/19usb/124758usb[rum] [panic] rum panics SMP kernel
o2008/06/18usb/124708usb[panic] Kernel panic on USB KVM reattach
o2008/06/16i386/124633i386[boot] [panic] 7.0 does not boot from CD
o2008/05/30i386/124124i386[boot] [panic] Page fault while booting livefs iso of FreeBSD 7.0
o2008/05/27kern/124021net[ip6] [panic] page fault in nd6_output()
o2008/05/25kern/123968net[rum] [panic] rum driver causes kernel panic with WPA.
o2008/05/24kern/123962geom[panic] [gjournal] gjournal (455Gb data, 8Gb journal), options INVARIANTS, files written via samba3, remove = panic ffs_truncate3
o2008/05/22kern/123890net[ppp] [panic] crash & reboot on work with PPP low-speed connection
o2008/05/18kern/123778vwe[panic] [ffs] [msgs] server reboots when running 130.clean-msgs
o2008/05/17kern/123758net[panic] panic while restarting net/freenet6
o2008/05/16kern/123735[panic] 7.0-STABLE kernel panic "AP #1 (PHY# 1) failed!" on AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4200+
o2008/05/15usb/123714usb[usb] [panic] Panic when hald-storage-probe runs with umass device inserted
o2008/05/14usb/123690usb[usb] [panic] Panic on USB device insertion when usb loaded as a module
o2008/05/06kern/123463net[ipsec] [panic] repeatable crash related to ipsec-tools
o2008/04/22kern/122989net[swi] [panic] 6.3 kernel panic in swi1: net
a2008/04/18i386/122887acpi[panic] [atkbdc] 7.0-RELEASE on IBM HS20 panics immediately when switching VGA port at BladeCenter
o2008/04/07usb/122539usb[ohci] [panic] AnyDATA ADU-E1000D - kernel panic: ohci_abort_xfer: not in process context
o2008/04/06usb/122483usb[panic] [ulpt] Repeatable panic in 7.0-STABLE
o2008/03/31kern/122290net[netgraph] [panic] Netgraph related "kmem_map too small" panics
o2008/03/25kern/122067geom[geom] [panic] Geom crashed during boot
o2008/03/24kern/122058jfv[em] [panic] Panic on em1: taskq
o2008/03/23kern/122014pf[pf] [panic] FreeBSD 6.2 panic in pf
f2008/03/22kern/121962[sound] [snd_emu10k1] [panic] Kernel panics with device polling and snd_emu10k1.ko enabled and network load
s2008/03/17kern/121774net[swi] [panic] 6.3 kernel panic in swi1: net
o2008/03/10kern/121555net[panic] Fatal trap 12: current process = 12 (swi1: net)
o2008/03/04kern/121350[ata] [panic] initiate_write_inodeblock_ufs2: already started
o2008/03/02kern/121298jfv[em] [panic] Fatal trap 12: page fault while in kernel mode (em0 taskq)
o2008/03/02usb/121275usb[boot] [panic] FreeBSD fails to boot with usb legacy support enabled
o2008/02/28kern/121181net[panic] Fatal trap 3: breakpoint instruction fault while in kernel mode, rtfree: NULL rnh
o2008/02/27i386/121148gavin[panic] Repeatable sysctl crash (Fatal Trap 12) with ACPI enabled
o2008/02/24kern/121061wireless[ath] [panic] panic while ejecting ath(4)-adapter during shutdown
f2008/02/18usb/120786usb[usb] [panic] Kernel panic when forced umount of a dettached USB Harddisk
o2008/02/16usb/120729usb[panic] fault while in kernel mode with connecting USB memory stick
o2008/02/07kern/120344rwatson[panic] FreeBSD 6.3-STABLE panics on high loaded web server
o2008/02/05usb/120283usb[panic] Automation reboot with wireless keyboard & mouse
f2008/02/05kern/120282imp[ath] [panic] resource_list_release: resource entry is not busy in FreeBSD 7.0
o2008/02/04kern/120266net[udp] [panic] gnugk causes kernel panic when closing UDP sockets
o2008/01/24kern/119945net[rum] [panic] rum device in hostap mode, cause kernel core dump.
f2008/01/10kern/119516net[ip6] [panic] _mtx_lock_sleep: recursed on non-recursive mutex rtentry @ /usr/src/sys/net/route.c:1287
o2007/12/29kern/119140[ata] [panic] Kernel panic with sata drive and dma problem
o2007/11/30usb/118353usb[panic] [ppp] repeatable kernel panic during ppp(4) session in 7.0-BETA3
o2007/11/18kern/118107fs[ntfs] [panic] Kernel panic when accessing a file at NTFS file system [regression]
o2007/11/10usb/117955usb[umass] [panic] inserting minolta dimage a2 crashes OS
o2007/11/09usb/117946usb[panic] D-Link DUB-E100 rev. B1 crashes FreeBSD 7.0-BETA2
o2007/10/18usb/117313usb[umass] [panic] panic on usb camera insertion
o2007/10/14usb/117183usb[panic] USB/fusefs -- panic while transferring large amounts of data
o2007/10/13kern/117158fs[zfs] [panic] zpool scrub causes panic if geli vdevs detach on last close
o2007/09/22usb/116561usb[umodem] [panic] RELENG_6 umodem panic "trying to sleep while sleeping is prohibited"
o2007/09/07kern/116172gnn[tun] [nd6] [panic] Network / ipv6 recursive mutex panic
o2007/08/08usb/115298usb[ulpt] [panic] Turning off USB printer panics kernel
f2007/07/22kern/114808[panic] Kernel panic when use USB SpeedTouch ADSL modem (net/pppoa)
o2007/07/20kern/114780usb[uplcom] [panic] Panics while stress testing the uplcom module
o2007/07/11kern/114489scottl[aic] [panic] _mtx_lock_sleep: in aic7xxx_osm.h (with backtrace)
o2007/07/05usb/114310usb[libusb] [patch] [panic] USB hub attachment panics kernel during libusb device scan
o2007/04/17kern/111766[panic] "panic: ffs_blkfree: freeing free block" during disk activity
f2007/01/22kern/108197net[panic] [gif] [ip6] if_delmulti reference counting panic
o2006/12/07kern/106444net[netgraph] [panic] Kernel Panic on Binding to an ip to a virtual atm interface(ng_atmpif)
o2006/08/12kern/101948cy[ipfilter] [panic] Kernel Panic Trap No 12 Page Fault - caused by IpFilter?
o2006/07/28kern/100974rwatson[panic] sorele. FreeBSD 6.1 RELEASE i386
o2006/04/28usb/96457usb[umass] [panic] fatback on umass = reboot
o2006/04/03kern/95288net[pppd] [tty] [panic] if_ppp panic in sys/kern/tty_subr.c putc()
o2006/03/24usb/94897usb[panic] Kernel Panic when cleanly unmounting USB disk
o2006/03/12usb/94384usb[panic] kernel panic with usb2 hardware
o2006/02/25usb/93828usb[ohci] [panic] ohci causes panic on boot (HP Pavillion d4100e)
o2006/02/24kern/93771[ar] [panic] atacontrol status ar1 causes panic
o2006/01/22usb/92171usb[panic] panic unplugging Vodafone Mobile Connect (UMTS) 3G/GPRS Datacard
o2006/01/21kern/92104des[panic] kernel panic near readlink syscall
o2006/01/21usb/92083usb[ural] [panic] panic using WPA on ural NIC in 6.0-RELEASE
o2006/01/09kern/91572[atapicam] [panic] writing to UFS/softupdates DVD media using atapicam
o2005/12/20usb/90700usb[umass] [panic] Kernel panic on connect/mount/use umass device
o2005/12/18kern/90582geom[geom] [panic] Restore cause panic string (ffs_blkfree) with gmirror(8)
o2005/12/05usb/89954usb[umass] [panic] USB Disk driver race condition?
o2005/11/06kern/88555fs[panic] ffs_blkfree: freeing free frag on AMD 64
o2005/10/17kern/87586[diskless] [vm] [panic] Unable to use networked swap in 6.0-RC1
o2005/10/16kern/87521cy[ipfilter] [panic] using ipfilter "auth" keyword leads to kernel fault [regression]
o2005/10/14kern/87421net[netgraph] [panic]: ng_ether + ng_eiface + if_bridge
o2005/08/04kern/84556geom[geom] [panic] GBDE-encrypted swap causes panic at shutdown
o2005/07/24usb/83977usb[ucom] [panic] ucom1: open bulk out error (addr 2): IN_USE
o2005/07/02kern/82881net[netgraph] [panic] ng_fec(4) causes kernel panic after interface detach
o2005/06/17usb/82350usb[ucom] [panic] null pointer dereference in USB stack
o2005/06/14kern/82219[panic] in dumping if watchdog enabled.
s2005/04/20kern/80166ups[panic] Debugger SMP race panic
o2005/04/16kern/79988cy[ipfilter] [panic] page faults while in kernel mode
o2004/12/07kern/74809[modules] [panic] smbfs panic if multiply mounted
s2004/12/05kern/74708[umapfs] [panic] UMAPFS kernel panic
o2004/09/05kern/71391[nfs] [panic] md via NFS file + mount -t ntfs: panic: locking against myself
o2004/07/13kern/68978fs[panic] [ufs] crashes with failing hard disk, loose pointers in kernel?
o2004/07/10kern/68889net[panic] m_copym, length > size of mbuf chain
o2004/05/28usb/67301usb[uftdi] [panic] RTS and system panic
o2003/09/29kern/57350[panic] using old monocrome printer port (IO_LPT3 / 0x3bc)
414 problems total.

Bugs can be in one of several states:

o - open
A problem report has been submitted, no sanity checking performed.
a - analyzed
The problem is understood and a solution is being sought.
f - feedback
Further work requires additional information from the originator or the community - possibly confirmation of the effectiveness of a proposed solution.
p - patched
A patch has been committed, but some issues (MFC and / or confirmation from originator) are still open.
r - repocopy
The resolution of the problem report is dependent on a repocopy operation within the CVS repository which is awaiting completion.
s - suspended
The problem is not being worked on, due to lack of information or resources. This is a prime candidate for somebody who is looking for a project to do. If the problem cannot be solved at all, it will be closed, rather than suspended.
c - closed
A problem report is closed when any changes have been integrated, documented, and tested -- or when fixing the problem is abandoned.