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List of all PRs with text '[new driver]' known by gnats.

Date generated: Fri May 30 08:14:00 2014 GMT

o2013/06/10kern/179473net[new driver] if_vether.c: Source code contribution of implementation about virtual ethernet interface
s2011/03/17kern/155642net[new driver] [request] Add driver for Realtek RTL8191SE/RTL8192SE WiFi chipset
s2011/02/17kern/154851net[new driver] [request]: Port brcm80211 driver from Linux to FreeBSD
o2010/08/04kern/149266[new driver] [patch] rpi(4) - Comtrol Infinity/Express card driver
o2009/05/08arm/134368arm[new driver] [patch] nslu2_led driver for the LEDs on the NSLU2
s2006/05/30kern/98162adrian[new driver] [request] AcerHK driver port needed for enabling WiFi on Acer's laptops
s2003/05/10usb/52026usb[new driver] [request] umass driver support for InSystem ISD200
7 problems total.