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Unclassifed Problem Reports

Generated at Fri May 30 07:54:00 2014 UTC by

This is an experimental report containing a list of PRs that have neither a tag, nor an explicit manpage reference, other than in ports/doc/www. This is intended as a study of both needed improvements to the contents of the database, and of a new report about its contents.

Please give feedback on this report to Thanks.

o2014/05/28misc/190349unzip and unzip-iconv conflict
o2014/05/28misc/190331svnlite has a bug in https support / "--trust-server-cert" does not work
o2014/05/27misc/190324PHP 5.5.x fails to install on 10.0-RELEASE
o2014/05/27amd64/190304amd64Chromium-35.0.1916.114. Problem with YouTube
o2014/05/27kern/190300vmdaemon kernel thread consumes 100% cpu
o2014/05/27pending/190298gnats-adminRe: [PATCH] science/py-ws2300: update to 1.9, Add STAGE support
o2014/05/27bin/190294netstat -rs should support -z (reset stats)
o2014/05/26pending/190289gnats-adminRe: [PATCH] science/py-ws2300: update to 1.9, Add STAGE support
o2014/05/26pending/190288gnats-adminRe: [PATCH] science/py-ws2300: update to 1.9, Add STAGE support
o2014/05/26pending/190285gnats-adminRe: [PATCH] science/py-ws2300: update to 1.9, Add STAGE support
o2014/05/26pending/190282gnats-adminRe: [PATCH] science/py-ws2300: update to 1.9, Add STAGE support
o2014/05/26bin/190281netstat -s -i only shows ip6 statistics
o2014/05/26pending/190279gnats-adminRe: [PATCH] science/py-ws2300: update to 1.9, Add STAGE support
o2014/05/26usb/190253usbZyd: device timeout after a while.
o2014/05/25usb/190204usbPlease add an empty #define LIBUSB_CALL in libusb.h (1.0+ API)
o2014/05/25conf/190200mdconfig unit name handling in rc
o2014/05/25kern/190197Kernel panic if dial multiple ppp at the same time
o2014/05/25kern/190195Missing asmc support for Macmini 3,1
o2014/05/24kern/190186[patch] i915 driver: enable opregion handling
o2014/05/24kern/190169[patch] Increase MAXCPU on amd64 systems
f2014/05/22kern/190101ZFS cant be compiled into kernel
o2014/05/21i386/190092i386Bind10 does not select correct python version
o2014/05/21misc/190087Cant get https traffic only http
o2014/05/21amd64/190061amd64Losing ability to click in X11
o2014/05/20bin/190011doc install option is non-intuitive
o2014/05/19java/189934java[patch] databases/postgresql-jdbc update to 9.3.1101
o2014/05/17bin/189882fetch -no-verify-peer no longer disables SSL verification
o2014/05/16conf/189854[patch] Improved /etc/periodic/daily/420.status-network
o2014/05/14bin/189805setenv with value == NULL coredumps on FreeBSD
o2014/05/14kern/189802amd64 current 264294 panic: breakpoint instruction fault, possibly iwn bug
o2014/05/14kern/189788[patch] add kern.geom.disk.%s.activity_led to attach a LED to display disk activity
o2014/05/13kern/189772Driver to add support for LEDs on PC Engines APU boards.
o2014/05/13amd64/189747amd64HP G71 Notebook amd64 bootonly loader panics immedately
o2014/05/12amd64/189726amd64microphone not working on 9.2 and 10.0
o2014/05/11kern/189673hast on top of gvinum unstable, freezes system
p2014/05/11amd64/189668jhbUsing arcconf on FreeBSD 11 Current Causes Dumps Root User To DB> Prompt
o2014/05/11misc/189649MySQL Problem
o2014/05/10conf/189605After converting 9-stable to new pkg tools, periodic/weekly/400.status-pkg does not work anymore
o2014/05/09bin/189513bsdlabel fails
o2014/05/08kern/189481ath does not expose ht/40 for 'world' regdomain
o2014/05/07arm/189415arm[patch] mount_smbfs missing from arm
o2014/05/07amd64/189404amd64msk0:watch dog time out
o2014/05/05conf/189366freebsd-update on FreeBSD10-release left set_rcvar lines in /etc/rc.d
o2014/05/04conf/189354major logic error in /etc/rc.d/jail script for release 10.0
o2014/05/04standards/189353standardsPOSIX sem_unlink does not actually unlink the semaphore in the process context
o2014/05/02bin/189249secteamBackport kldxref.c patch to 8.4-RELEASE, 9.2-RELEASE, 10.0-RELEASE
p2014/04/28kern/189089asomersPanic when removing an IP address from an interface, if the same address exists on another interface
o2014/04/28kern/189088asomersAssigning the same IP to multiple interfaces in different FIBs creates a host route for only one.
o2014/04/26misc/189027Mailinglist archive ends Feb 23 2014
o2014/04/16amd64/188699amd64Dev tree
o2014/04/13misc/188549Improve installation on serial console
o2014/04/12amd64/188504amd64system is overheating
p2014/04/11bin/188485jillesmergemaster -p fails with "/var/tmp/temproot suddenly disappeared"
o2014/04/11misc/188445Unable to link testmain in sys/boot/ficl after make all
o2014/04/10misc/188425Frequent segfault with multithreaded fork
o2014/04/09usb/188403hselasky[patch] USB3 USB_ERR_TIMEOUT and USB_ERR_STALLED issues
p2014/04/01standards/188173jillesO_NOFOLLOW visibility not POSIX 2008 conforming
o2014/03/28advocacy/188031advocacyContradictions between the FAQ and the Handbook
p2014/03/23kern/187854jhboptions XENHVM requires options SMP
o2014/03/20kern/187783jkimTSC frequency under virtualization environment is slightly off in overcommitted situations.
o2014/03/18misc/187700FreeBSD Guest in Virtual Box NAT environment - PCnet-FAST III(Am79C973) and Intel PRO/1000 MT Server (82545EM) cards - not receiving IP address
o2014/03/18conf/187696rcAfter upgrade 9.1->9.2 boot deadlock if ipv4_addrs_IF contains invalid values
o2014/03/15misc/187605FreeBSD mailing lists break DKIM
o2014/03/13kern/187553asomersSource address selection for UDP packets with SO_DONTROUTE uses the default FIB
p2014/03/13kern/187552asomersdefault route uses the wrong interface when multiple interfaces have the same subnet but different fibs
p2014/03/13kern/187550asomersMultiple interfaces on different FIBs but the same subnet don't all have a subnet route
p2014/03/13kern/187549asomersHost and network routes for a new interface appear in the wrong FIB
o2014/03/12amd64/187488amd64Freebsd 10 install kernel rebooting the machine.
o2014/03/11kern/187443Impossible clean shutdown
o2014/03/08ia64/187379ia64Attempting to buildworld to 10-STABLE from 9.2-STABLE blows
p2014/03/06bin/187310julian[patch] pw command segfaults when the -V parameter is used on commands that alter groups
p2014/03/04bin/187264jillesrm command: rm -r file1 file2 "" does not remove existing files or directories
o2014/03/03conf/187224[patch] /etc/periodic/security/520.pfdenied enhancement
o2014/03/03arm/187223armomap4 clock frequency computation overflow
p2014/03/01arm/187179hrsWandboard ffec cannot receive IPv6 multicast
o2014/03/01conf/187161FreeBSD memstick Images Fail to Boot from Read-Only Media
p2014/02/27bin/187103clang 3.4 miscompiles nsAppRunner.cpp from firefox firefox-27.0.1,1 in i386
o2014/02/26conf/187081swapoff runs too early during shutdown
p2014/02/25bin/187067eadler[PATCH] no need for csup to embed its own queue.h implementation
p2014/02/16usb/186811hselaskyIntel NUC Haswell Generation USB 3 support (solution attached)
o2014/02/12amd64/186694amd64samba not work in domain
o2014/02/05arm/186486armWPS authentication is failing
o2014/02/05misc/186482HDD im HP MSA60 werden nicht erkannt als 4k Device trotz Eintrag in /usr/sys/src/cam/scsi/scsi_da.c
p2014/02/02kern/186385glebiuspf don't work as expected in 10.0 with same configuration used on 9.1
o2014/02/01misc/186345FreeBSD 10 Installer creates weird ZFS volume layout for /usr
o2014/01/29misc/186252Cannot mount an encrypted swap file in fstab
o2014/01/29kern/186248Upgrade from 9.1-RELEASE -> 9.2-RELEASE, ses print to messages and console once every minute
p2014/01/29misc/186247<machine/_types.h> defines int64_t/uint64_t incorrectly
f2014/01/29misc/186239unbound using missing after upgrading
o2014/01/26misc/186146Google Compute Engine,
o2014/01/26amd64/186114amd64MPD5.7 umtxn
o2014/01/25usb/186110usbconnected over USB, only first document is printed
p2014/01/24conf/186085bdreweryDefault shell config files in /usr/share/skel/ override path set by login.conf/login.conf.db
o2014/01/23conf/186032failok option in /etc/fstab not being honored when NFS export is unavailable
o2014/01/21misc/185966installation start over
o2014/01/20amd64/185930amd64system freeze after kldload vmm.ko
o2014/01/16amd64/185823amd64Checksum Error of base.txz during install
o2014/01/15misc/185805Can't change brightness on Acer Aspire S3-391
o2014/01/14conf/185766/etc/rc.d/mdconfig issues unjustified error message
o2014/01/13kern/185732Serial port broken on Atom-based Jetway NF99FL motherboard
o2014/01/13kern/185727alcDevices fail to probe on 128GB or larger memory machines
o2014/01/10misc/185645How to proceed with installation after error is unclear
o2014/01/10misc/185644checksum for src.txz does not match
p2014/01/10usb/185628hselaskyusbd_req_re_enumerate set address failed USB_ERR_STALLED for Seagate USB drives between r259425 and r260321
o2014/01/09gnu/185622Obsolete bundled gcc gives ICE
o2014/01/05misc/185480WORLDTMP first in PATH during installworld
o2014/01/03misc/185450installing /d grabs all remaining space.
o2014/01/03misc/185449Installer creates multiple freebsd-boot partitions
o2013/12/30bin/185304Changing the terminal window size is not reported to remote server
o2013/12/27kern/185223wirelessIntel Centrino Advanced–N + WiMAX 6250: WEP fails, WPA works
p2013/12/24arm/185165jmg[patch] net/mpd5 crashes in NgMkSockNode due to stack alignment on ARM EABI
o2013/12/24misc/185156Graphical console on 10-RC locks up on heavy writing
p2013/12/22kern/185092melifaropanic: rtfree 2 (using RADIX_MPATH in a VNET jail)
p2013/12/20kern/185043gnnKernel panic: Sleeping thread (tid …, pid …) owns a non-sleepable lock from netinet/in_multi.c
o2013/12/19bin/185007uhsoctl compile fails with -DDEBUG
o2013/12/19bin/184999devd: Cannot parse /etc/devd.conf at line 202
o2013/12/19kern/184987Missing support for tty DISCARD/^O
f2013/12/18amd64/184966linimonbuildworld fail
o2013/12/14kern/184762wirelessWlan(Intel Centrino Wireless-N 1000) can't connect to AP
o2013/12/12amd64/184718amd64HP MicroServer N40L, WOL packet doesn't wake up the computer
o2013/12/11misc/184674nwhitehorninstallation crashes on low-memory system
o2013/12/06kern/184530Booting FreeBSD 10.0-BETA4 / 11-CURRENT fails under Parallels on OSX with empty virtual DVDROM
o2013/12/03kern/184466kernel doesn't compilling with options NFS_DEBUG
o2013/12/01bin/184411New boot menu doesn't load modules correctly
o2013/11/27misc/184340PATH_MAX not interoperable with Linux
o2013/11/27kern/184320Kernel dump when try route IPv6-address
o2013/11/22kern/184165Portmultiplier dont work anymore
o2013/11/19threads/184073threadswrong signal delivery to multithreaded processes in Perl
o2013/11/18conf/184047No delay feature in unbound startup script like in named
o2013/11/16usb/184014usbUSB storage devices do not work in FreeBSD 9.2 or higher.
o2013/11/15kern/184003glebiusOn state creation src_node is looked up twice.
o2013/11/15kern/183997glebiusroute-to rule passes traffic when no targets are specified
o2013/11/14bin/183962`last reboot` does not return any result
o2013/11/13arm/183926armCrash when ctrl-c while process is enter
o2013/11/10kern/183834Suspecting memory leak on FreeBSD 9.2
o2013/11/09amd64/183823amd64error when system start
o2013/11/09conf/183820[patch] error in /usr/local/etc/periodic/security/410.pkg-audit
p2013/11/08kern/183792glebiusInfinite loop in libalias
o2013/11/08amd64/183789amd64Upgrading to FreeBSD-10.0-BETA3 Breaks Portmaster DB
o2013/11/07kern/183765/boot/{menu,loader}.rc do not get updated by "make installkernel"
o2013/11/07arm/183740armmutex on some arm hardware requires dcache enabled
o2013/11/07misc/183735Xbox 360 LEDs won't stop blinking
o2013/11/06usb/183728usblibusb20 examples filenames cause problems on windows.
o2013/11/06kern/183717High CPU Utilization on HylaFAX processes
o2013/11/04misc/183655FreeBSD 10 Beta2: bootup screen presents "Enter passphrase" for disk encryption out of order, appears to hang at USB keyboard enumeration
o2013/11/04standards/183654standardsFreeBSD 10 Beta2: Installer provided five times the amount of swap space requested.
o2013/11/04standards/183652standardsmake installkernel failure with installer provided ZFS configuration.
o2013/11/04i386/183651i386Failed to compile erlang R15B03-1 with DTrace
f2013/11/03kern/183620yongariRTL8111/8168B PCIE NIC not detected on any FreeBSD Version
o2013/10/31misc/183507Borderless window's rendering order wrong with Intel KMS
p2013/10/30bin/183480kib[PATCH] usr.bin/limits: wrong limit name for csh/tcsh
o2013/10/29misc/183434Installer for 10.0 beta2 wants pkg_add for documentation
f2013/10/28usb/183409usbUSB Class 2 audio device playback issue
o2013/10/28kern/183406gpart label not accessible after reseating disk
o2013/10/26kern/183337run_interrupt_driven_hooks: still waiting after second for xenbusb_nop_confighook_cb
o2013/10/26misc/183328freebsd-update upgrade from 9.1 to 9.2 for zfs on root results in unbootable system
o2013/10/25bin/183303Add a fastforwarding check to the ipsec rc script
o2013/10/25usb/183302usbUSB no proper work
o2013/10/25kern/183294VIA VX900 - SATA hang
o2013/10/25kern/183293Deadlock when modifying the zvol property of increasing the size.
o2013/10/23amd64/183242amd64don't install pcBSD on GA-MA78GM-S2H (rev. 1.0) 2gb
p2013/10/23ia64/183227marcelpanic: uma_zfree: Freeing to non free bucket index.
o2013/10/22misc/183217ZFS from installer breaks/freezes install process
p2013/10/15ia64/182999marcelia64 r255488: panic: wrong page state m 0xe00000027fcc1900
o2013/10/13kern/182948FreeBSD 9.2 and 10.0-ALPHA-5 fails to load
o2013/10/13bin/182944FreeBSD 10 (and 11) build failures with ccache
o2013/10/11powerpc/182908ppcUnable to build debug binaries with clang on powerpc64
o2013/10/09kern/182851melifarothread-unsafe handled routing tables
o2013/10/05amd64/182686amd64bios lost HDD after installing freebsd-9.x
o2013/10/05kern/182660upgrade to 9.2-RELEASE missing
o2013/10/05i386/182658i386intel GMA 3150 doesn't work with kms(i915kms and xf86-video-intel)
o2013/10/03misc/182601Can't exit Network configuration
o2013/10/03misc/182600Wireless install fails if channel is 12 or 13
o2013/10/02kern/182577Newer ALPS Touchpad under hw.psm.synaptics_support seen as glidepoint
o2013/09/18kern/182214vop_stdfsync() incorrectly retries too many times
o2013/09/17misc/182182make installworld fails
o2013/09/17conf/182176build failure with gnu/usr.bin/gperf
f2013/09/17i386/182173i386Installation of FreeBSD fails: error extracting base.txz
o2013/09/16bin/182170strtofflags.c build failures
o2013/09/16conf/182150Moused start up with moused_enable="NO" into rc.conf
o2013/09/16misc/182148"time -h portupgrade -aDFR -O" stops sending ^D
o2013/09/16conf/182145[patch] boot/loader.4th: remove nonsense blue Booting... caption
o2013/09/15bin/182123ppp compilation picks up base system header not src/ ones
o2013/09/14kern/182089Xen Disk and Net drivers should go to GENERIC
o2013/09/12misc/182035hrs/etc/rc.d/tmp can't create tmpmfs on root-mfs
o2013/09/12bin/182029Link error in usr.bin/dig in buildworld if WITH_BIND_XML=yes
o2013/09/10usb/181987usbUSB isochronous transfer of the USB driver (Mentor Graphics OTG: musb_otg) is not working.
o2013/09/07misc/181918GEOM: gmirror label (-h) doesn't cause /dev/mirror/ population or activation
o2013/09/06conf/181853[patch] dot.shrc can't handle command line options in $PAGER variable
o2013/09/04kern/181818kernel trap 12 when starting virtualbox
o2013/09/04misc/181795Periodic daily/500.queuerun doesn't check 'sendmail_enable' in rc.conf
o2013/09/01arm/181718armthreads caused hung on ARM/RPI
o2013/08/31kern/1817109.2-RELENG kernel build with clang fails in vfs
o2013/08/30conf/181681periodic inline security output missing with daily_show_success=NO
o2013/08/28conf/181625rc[patch] add rc.d/ script for freebsd-update
o2013/08/28arm/181601armSporadic failure of root mount on ARM/Raspberry
o2013/08/24powerpc/181502ppc/usr/include/stdint.h 9.2-RC1/powerpc does not compile on powerpc32
o2013/08/23bin/181475baptWITHOUT_PKGTOOLS=yes doesn't build pkg but make delete-old doesn't delete it
o2013/08/20usb/181425usbUSB keyboard with full N-key rollover not working
o2013/08/18kern/181386kibSMP & USB hangs >254024 for mips64/octeon
o2013/08/18bin/181369incompatibility between bsdpatch and gnupatch dealing of filename's delimiter
o2013/08/17amd64/181357amd64LCD Brightness Control not working on Lenovo X121e (ACPI issue?)
o2013/08/16bin/181344Buildworld fail at xinstall when upgrading from 9.1-STABLE
o2013/08/15gnu/181328GCC 4.2.1 20070831 may delay initialization of automatic struct variable too much
o2013/08/14amd64/181282amd643h of work on battery on FreeBSD while 10h on Windows
p2013/08/12standards/181240jilles/bin/sh choking on a certain construct
o2013/08/08misc/181151builtins/locale1.0 fails regression-test
o2013/08/07conf/181116CURRENT build always uses bmake, even though WITHOUT_BMAKE is specified
o2013/07/30kern/180947pci not working with freeBSD
p2013/07/30misc/180941re[patch] .git files shouldn't be included when making a release
o2013/07/25misc/180854Default permission bits for /var/account are insecure.
o2013/07/25kern/180824Processes stuck in "msdosfs"
o2013/07/18kern/180625{,gpt}zfsboot should announce during boot which dataset is currently set as the bootfs
o2013/07/16i386/180599i386PCIe chipset test is not valid on recent Intel platforms
o2013/07/16powerpc/180593ppcPowerMac G5 shuts down when building pcre
o2013/07/12threads/180496threadsclock_gettime() does not return CPU-time for zombie processes
s2013/07/11kern/180468net[request] LOCAL_PEERCRED support for PF_INET
p2013/07/11kern/180449jfvError in compiling kernel with device ixgbe
f2013/07/10misc/180443linimonSVN can't connect to
o2013/07/10kern/180435Xtimerint woes on one machine
o2013/07/04usb/180254usbFreeBSD 9.1 on 384GB memory server
p2013/07/01bin/180146jilles/bin/sh: Early SIGWINCH can end process
o2013/06/29misc/180100cannot quit pager in loader prompt
o2013/06/20misc/179760hselaskyThe commit log message for r251614 contains non-printable characters
o2013/06/15conf/179570[patch] New version of /etc/periodic/weekly/330.catman
o2013/06/14amd64/179556amd64FreeBSD 9-1 amd64 - Install freeze on HP Proliant DL580G5
o2013/06/13arm/179532armwireless networking on ARM
o2013/06/12usb/179505usbKernel detaches Arduino Leonardo (and similar) board umodem after the arduino boots
o2013/06/10bin/179451new installer: Install fails on raid
o2013/06/08conf/179422"make: don't know how to make bsd.README. Stop" error message should be more intuitive when Makefiles are missing
o2013/06/06amd64/179376amd64xhci ehci irq storm
o2013/06/05usb/179342usbFreebsd 10.0-current USB 3.0 not working (xhci_do_comand: Command timeout!)
o2013/06/04misc/179312PXE installer fails to boot without modification
o2013/06/04amd64/179288amd64unable to install on HP ProLiant DL380p Gen8 with 128GB RAM with bge0
o2013/05/31misc/179147MotherBoard ASUS E2KM1I-DELUXE mini-ITX
o2013/05/30usb/179109usbAfter detach USB Flash a keyboard does not work.
o2013/05/28amd64/179038amd64instant reboot doesnt even try too install
o2013/05/21bin/178819sjgbmake w/ WRKDIRPEFIX=/tmp breaks Ports Collection
o2013/05/21misc/178817install from cdrom fail after cdloader
o2013/05/20amd64/178792amd64-march=native fails with clang on certain CPU's
o2013/05/17usb/178722usbFreeBSD 9.1-STABLE r250561 breaks support for webcam Logitech C525
o2013/05/10arm/178495armbuildworld fail on arm/raspberry pi
o2013/05/04kern/178337Not reboot after world rebuild
o2013/04/30amd64/178247cpercivalinker.hints erroneously included in 9.1-RELEASE-p3 binary update
o2013/04/27bin/178203clang not properly sourcing headers in buildworld when WITH_CLANG_IS_CC is set
o2013/04/26misc/178188Error during buildworld
o2013/04/26kern/178177intermittent, random page fault panics
o2013/04/24misc/178115Laptop (Asus X55VD) locks up when configuring wifi (Ralink RT5390) from LiveCD mode of official install medium
s2013/04/23kern/178071netFreeBSD unable to recongize Kontron (Industrial Computer Source / ICS Advent) DM9601 Fast Ethernet Adapter
o2013/04/22conf/178062make depend broken on CURRENT with lib/libgpib for clang/gcc
o2013/04/22bin/178055tftp / tftpd file transfer ends up with incorrect size
o2013/04/22powerpc/178038ppcclang++ fails to produce a binary in powerpc64
o2013/04/20conf/178005setuid periodic checks do dumb diff of file information; emits unnecessary noise
o2013/04/17usb/177896usbman page for usb_quirk suggests adding device to kernel which causes error
o2013/04/17usb/177895usbsimilar 1TB Western Digital "My Passports" - some load, some don't
o2013/04/14conf/177845WITH_BMAKE does not work on CURRENT
o2013/04/13misc/177823repo.txz is not available for freebsd 9.1
o2013/04/13kern/177821Some security.jail sysctl nodes are funky
o2013/04/11bin/177781hrsrpc.statd / rpc.lockd do not start when used with -p option and ipv6_ipv4mapping="YES" is set in /etc/rc.conf
o2013/04/10standards/177742standardsconflict of dd's bs= option with use of conv=sparse
o2013/04/07conf/177688wirelessWiFi regodmains information is inconsistent between "etc/regdomain.xml" and "sys/net80211/ieee80211_regdomain.h"
o2013/04/07arm/177687armgdb gets installed but does not know the EABI version if world is compiled with clang.
o2013/04/07arm/177686armassertion failed in when invoking telnet with parameters (clang, EABI)
o2013/04/03conf/177607named.conf comment to slave root suggests potentially dangerous BIND configuration
o2013/03/28misc/177450reLiveCD should include smartmontools/smartctl
o2013/03/22bin/177229/etc/motd overflows 24 lines after login from live media
o2013/03/22conf/177217rc[patch] rc.d/ddb -- squelch warning when ddb_enable=yes but DDB missing from kernel
p2013/03/21usb/177173hselaskyadd buffalo's sg54hg support to rum
o2013/03/20kern/177165hiren[patch] Fixing clang warnings at /sys/geom
o2013/03/20kern/177163hiren[patch] Fixing clang warnings at /sys/dev/mps
o2013/03/20kern/177156[patch] Fixing clang warnings at /sys/dev/oce
o2013/03/20kern/177155hiren[patch] Fixing clang warnings at /sys/dev/safe
o2013/03/20kern/177153[patch] Fixing clang warnings at /sys/ufs/ufs
o2013/03/20kern/177151[patch] Fixing clang warnings at /sys/dev/vxge
p2013/03/19usb/177105hselaskyadd dlink dwr-510's support to u3g
o2013/03/18conf/177089rcntpd startup script does not work well
o2013/03/15kern/176991calcru: runtime went backwards in amd64
o2013/03/11amd64/176835amd64Fatal trap 12: page fault while in kernel mode
o2013/03/06standards/176683standardscatman pages shall be stored in /var (/usr/local/var,/var/local)
p2013/03/02kern/176597ed[PATCH] watchdog: Correct typo in debug code.
o2013/03/02i386/176593i386huge memory use 2 application, XORG ,FIREFOX...
o2013/03/01kern/176591Panic at reboot on 9.1-RELEASE (GENERIC) when ipmi.ko is loaded
o2013/02/27amd64/176474amd64kernel panic
o2013/02/26misc/176433A python version error is in the 9.1-release-i386 iso file's port tree
o2013/02/25standards/176412standardsnewfs writes by default, compare to bsdlabel/disklabel.
o2013/02/22kern/176362Graphics screen comes back blank after switching to the text terminal on Intel Mobile 945GME chipset
o2013/02/20misc/176292/usr/src: delete-old-files tries to delete usr/lib/libisc.a, usr/lib/, /usr/lib/libisc_p.a et cetera even if WITH_BIND_LIBS= YES enabled in /etc/src.conf
o2013/02/19misc/176262Enhanced CD regression in 9.1
o2013/02/12misc/176078reLiveCD - missing directory /tmp/bsdinstall_etc
o2013/02/09misc/175978can not build 10-CURRENT
o2013/02/04standards/175811numericslibstdc++ needs complex support in order use C99
f2013/02/03arm/175803linimonbuilding xdev for arm failing
o2013/02/03bin/175799[patch] Adding more tools to be used by operator group members (reboot, apm, acpiconf)
o2013/02/02kern/175778/usr/obj/usr/src/tmp/usr/lib/ undefined reference to `std::bad_alloc::~bad_alloc()'
o2013/01/31kern/175734netno ethernet detected on system with EG20T PCH chipset ATOM E6xx series
o2013/01/31usb/175731usbdetaching USB keyboard freezes other USB keyboards
o2013/01/31amd64/175725amd64Audio through USB has not as good hi quality as it has in linux
o2013/01/30standards/175711standardsWhen the server has more than 3 days, rising interrupt (serving Pppoe.) Traffic and pppoe session has not changed.
o2013/01/30misc/175690FreeBSD 8.x/9.x fails to boot on HP Blade xw460c/BL460c G1 using MBR partition table
o2013/01/30kern/175688after the system is constantly being written to the log message: fbsd kernel: hdacc0: Unexpected unsolicited response with tag 0: 00000000
o2013/01/29kern/175671BOOTP_NFSROOT option is effectively "always on"
o2013/01/29misc/175666I cant install packages from FreeBSD 9.1 x86_64 image DVD !
o2013/01/28amd64/175655amd64When enabled tty console OS hang during boot
o2013/01/28usb/175639usbnot detect usb netcard D-LINK DUB-E100 rev C1
o2013/01/26misc/175600FreeBSD 9.x missing for x86
o2013/01/23kern/175522VIA cpu's temperature monitoring module
o2013/01/22misc/175521Documentation does not install
p2013/01/20standards/175453standardsCatching C++ std::bad_cast doesn't work in FreeBSD 9.1
o2013/01/17amd64/175370amd64kernel panic the rebuild kernel with vimage options in STABLE 9
o2013/01/14conf/175311rc[patch] add "dump" fs type support to rc.d/dumpon
o2013/01/14usb/175302usbdon't mount virtual driver CD for my phone
o2013/01/14amd64/175282amd64Freebsd 9.1 release amd64, mb Intel D525MW, not worked onboard ethernet.
o2013/01/12misc/1752459.1 ISO missing CDROM.INF, INDEX.
o2013/01/07conf/175105rc/etc/rc.d/* and more: syntax 'return_boolean_cmd && do_cmd_if_true' executed last returns unexpected value
o2013/01/07i386/175094i386I cant install packages from FreeBSD 9.1 image DVD !
o2013/01/06misc/175055re9.1-Release installation via DVD
p2013/01/05conf/175006hrs/etc/rc.d/ip6addrctl exits not 0 when ip6addrctl_verbose="NO"
o2013/01/04usb/174963usbbuffalo wli-uc-gn wireless card sometimes unusable and emit "run0: wcid=xx out of range"
o2013/01/03standards/174938standardsProblem statement: iSCSI target failure
o2012/12/31misc/174859Installation: /etc/hosts file
o2012/12/25usb/174695usbusb keeps disconnecting mouse or keyboard
o2012/12/19usb/174575usbInterrupt storm error on startup
o2012/12/12misc/174403Error adding packages - iso - i386
o2012/12/12misc/174391Last database update: 2012-11-11 10:45:48 UTC
o2012/12/12kern/174388[patch] 9.1-RELEASE build world problem with yyparser.
o2012/12/07usb/174254usbMIDI keyboard not recognised
o2012/12/04misc/174132There is no usefull information in core.txt files
o2012/12/01kern/174033hrs[patch] prune unused net.inet6 sysctls
o2012/12/01kern/174032hrs[patch] better document netinet6 sysctls and formatting cleanup
o2012/11/24kern/173896Kernel does not boot if splash loaded and set
o2012/11/23kern/173866SD card reader malfunction (false card locked reported)
o2012/11/23misc/173859Low throughput on intercontinental connections
o2012/11/23misc/173850System crash
o2012/11/17misc/173689/dev/tty missing from /dev
o2012/11/17amd64/173680amd649.1rc3 installer hangs at "rootpass"
p2012/11/17bin/173673gaborBSD fgrep cannot handle multiple patterns specified as one command-line argument
o2012/11/13arm/173617armDreamplug exhibits eSATA file corruption using network interface
o2012/11/13usb/173616usbLG USB DVD-RW USB STALL
o2012/11/13conf/173614[patch] /etc/periodic/daily/404.status.zfs wrong
o2012/11/11misc/173550panic: Double fault
o2012/11/10kern/173541load average 0.60 at 100% idle
o2012/11/09amd64/173502amd64Patch inhibition of warnings that appear in the combination of AMD FX Series CPU and powerd
o2012/11/08conf/173471[patch] can't set sysctls from /etc/sysctl.conf for OIDs created by loadable modules
o2012/11/08amd64/173465amd64FreeBSD 9.1 restarts in random fashion after upgrade to RC2 or RC3, triggered from sysctl calls
o2012/11/07kern/173455no boot cd
o2012/11/07kern/173435Atapi cdrom boot delay
o2012/11/04kern/173353"options VESA" cause the kernel to freeze on 9.1-PRERELEASE
o2012/11/04kern/173342wirelessPS-Poll isn't working
f2012/11/03kern/173337linimonclang kernel cross-builds ignore CPUTYPE?= and always generate native tuned code
p2012/11/03bin/173332ian[patch] watchdogd wires over 10MB of memory after r239769
o2012/11/03amd64/173311amd64FreeBSD 9.1 RC2 , 12 servers restart in random fashion after update from 9.1 RC1 to 9.1 RC2
o2012/11/02kern/173278kern_getfsstat incorrectly assumes that flags is a bitmask
o2012/11/02kern/173276phantom load and slow disk IO after "make validate" in lang/ruby19
o2012/10/29usb/173182usbusbus appears as a network device
o2012/10/26bin/173118smh[patch] Add EDNS Client Subnet support to BIND dig
o2012/10/25conf/173077BIND slaves root and arpa zones on wrong servers
o2012/10/25misc/173055Can not install latest kernel
o2012/10/22conf/172957pc-sysinstall can not handle disk layouts that have a 0 size in anything but the last slice or partition
o2012/10/22misc/172946x86 missing in src/etc/mtree/BSD.include.dist
o2012/10/21usb/172937usbFreeBSD 9.1-RC2 usb3 port disconnects
o2012/10/21misc/172936can not build latest 9-stable
o2012/10/21kern/172921O_CLOEXEC support for libdb / dbopen
o2012/10/20kern/172894baptOut-of-tree kernel module compilation with GNU xargs in $PATH
o2012/10/20kern/172893Ati Radeon with Xorg and DRI activated freezes the Machine
o2012/10/19kern/172880lldp (openlldp) triggers failures when the system has carp interfaces.
o2012/10/18amd64/172854jimharris9.0R doesn't recognize HDD on intel C602 chipset
o2012/10/18misc/172849Missing fstab in rootfs leads to problems
o2012/10/18kern/172841ZFS NFS exports => 1024 byte NIS-limits for netgroups
o2012/10/18kern/172840memory overwrite if configure more than 128 multicast addresses on ixgbe NIC
o2012/10/15misc/172736 instructions assume existence of previous builds and libraries
o2012/10/13bin/172677bsdgrep without gnu regex library causes buildworld failures
o2012/10/13kern/172653"gptboot: Invalid GPT backup header" message received before BTX Loader, recovering not needed,
o2012/10/12usb/172633usbSony Cybershot not recognized as USB mem stick
o2012/10/09bin/172534[patch] FICL - correct handling of bare comment lines
o2012/10/06misc/172376FreeBSD 9.0 installed but won't boot
o2012/10/02standards/172276standardsPOSIX: {get,set}groups gidsetsize is u_int not int
o2012/10/01standards/172215standardslocaleconv() grouping appears not to match POSIX
o2012/09/29kern/172166Deadlock in the networking code, possible due to a bug in the SCHED_ULE
o2012/09/26misc/172086reboot hang with 'All buffers synced' after freebsd-update FreeBSD9 to p3 on ZFS root
o2012/09/25kern/171940RFE: tty color features
o2012/09/23bin/171882incorrect port fowarding with server allocated port
o2012/09/21amd64/171835amd64bsdinstall abort on Dell PowerEdge R420 with PERC H310 Mini RAID card
o2012/09/17bin/171713please include counters for ALTQ in bsnmp module snmp_pf
o2012/09/17kern/171700cannot record a crashdump whan FreeBSD panics, it panics while doing this again
o2012/09/12kern/171563adriannon PREEMPTION kernel kills 802.11n
o2012/09/06kern/171385Fix type in FreeBSD_64 OS type
o2012/09/05misc/171347joergFilename conflict in subversion
o2012/09/03misc/| way out of sync with other us|tld servers
o2012/09/02usb/171262usbplug in sdhc via usb reader reboots machine
p2012/09/02usb/171254hselaskyLack of support for usb 2.0 audio class devices
o2012/09/02amd64/171250amd64ldd32 cannot find some i386 libraries
o2012/08/31bin/171221ppp and serial gprs modem
f2012/08/31kern/171209ping: sendto: Invalid argument
o2012/08/31usb/171197usbADATA Classic CH11 USB HDD doesn't work in FreeBSD 9.1-RC1
o2012/08/30misc/171193Freebsd 9.x freeze at booting after USB line
p2012/08/30conf/171180ak[patch] make 460.chkportsum also report missing files
o2012/08/28kern/171137NDIS causing PANIC
o2012/08/28bin/171136NTPd -v flag double parsing
o2012/08/27misc/171120GCC incorrectly identified in base when CLANG_IS_CC and WITHOUT_GCC are set
o2012/08/26misc/171082Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 no HDMI Sound
o2012/08/26misc/171078X and XFCE (xfsettingsd) errors on shutdown/logout
o2012/08/25gnu/171026internal compiler error
o2012/08/17usb/170699usbFreeBSD 9.0 Doesn't list HDD or its partitions in partition editor.
o2012/08/16sparc64/170663sparc64panics with VIA 6421 SATA150 controller on Blade 1500
o2012/08/13kern/170612Kernel Panic using ntfsprogs and ntfs-3g together
o2012/08/13usb/170606usbr239222 kernel panic at boot - usb locking issue
o2012/08/09misc/170514The FreeBSD pr report form should have the 'wireless' catagory
o2012/08/07misc/170466Under KDE4 4.8.4 System Settings - Desktop Effects Open GL rendering selection does not hold through reboot.
o2012/08/06kern/170431Partition resize and growfs destroys label entry in /dev/ufs
o2012/08/06standards/170403standardswrong ntohs expression type tickling clang
o2012/08/04kern/170369More O_CLOEXEC flags to plug files being leaked to child processes
o2012/07/28conf/170230/etc/rc.d/mrouted call for a port but look for a configuration file in /etc
o2012/07/25kern/170177Cannot watch UNIX sockets for "vnode" events using kqueue
o2012/07/24amd64/170115amd64Serial boot broken in 9.0
o2012/07/23kern/170090/boot/loader.conf boot_mute="YES" option in 9.x
o2012/07/16misc/169919I can't pxeboot install release-9.x
o2012/07/16misc/169908Shutdown goes to panic, if swap device disappeared
o2012/07/09misc/169725I made a fresh install of FreeBSD 9.0, I run "boot0cfg -B /dev/ada0", and then FreeBSD 9.0 NOT BOOT
o2012/07/05sparc64/169669sparc64Something seems broken in sparc64 TLS or lang/lua
o2012/06/24conf/169373smhmountd starts too early when exporting fs marked as late
o2012/06/23kern/169339fspanic while " : > /etc/123"
o2012/06/18kern/169187Bad sizeof(uint64_t) with -m32 compiler flag
o2012/06/12kern/168979kernel build fail with -Os
o2012/05/31bin/168499The -nt predicate works inconsistently with zfs, cp -p
o2012/05/31kern/168497Netmap code mixed up tx and rx in iterate counter
o2012/05/30misc/168477ambigious kernel is loaded when install system from kernel.old
o2012/05/28threads/168417threadspthread_getcpuclockid() does not work to specification
o2012/05/25misc/168341[patch] improve completeness
o2012/05/25kern/168335nfsv4 server with krb5 sec limits group number per uid to 16
o2012/05/25misc/168327Extraneous directories left over after installworld when using WITHOUT_CLANG
f2012/05/24misc/168299'make buildworld' fails at ' ... crtend.So'
o2012/05/24kern/168298VirtualBox using AIO on a zvol crashes
o2012/05/21kern/168187NanoBSD for Elan SC520 will not compile
o2012/05/17misc/168017LiveCD fails to boot fully in certain Virtualbox configurations
o2012/05/17bin/167986location of <com_err.h> install doesn't match man page
p2012/05/10bin/167779hrsmakefs does not create sparse file
o2012/05/09kern/167763markjlockstat provider probes don't always fire
o2012/05/04amd64/167582amd64Compile of MySQL NDB Cluster Fails 8.2 AMD64
o2012/04/30misc/167449slice re-partitioning cause invalid partition for boot2, boot.config not recognized
p2012/04/20conf/167133stale files in /usr/share/examples
o2012/04/11java/166844glewisopenjdk7 can't open library when remote debug enabled
o2012/04/09kern/166806Inability to reboot system
o2012/04/09kern/166805Winbond W83627DHG-P serial console hang
o2012/04/05bin/166682some logfiles not respecting localtime change
o2012/03/23standards/166349standardsSupport the assignment-allocation character for fscanf()/scanf()/sscanf()
o2012/03/23kern/166337messages about process crash are mixed together
o2012/03/19bin/166248base sendmail dies of signal 11 on freebsd in a virtualbox guest
s2012/03/17conf/166194syslogd: hostname nor servname provided, or not known: Invalid argument
o2012/03/15bin/166159[patch] Fix clang-only build for buildworld.
o2012/03/04kern/165692gnnnd6_nud_hint() a NOP due to removal of route caching
s2012/02/29kern/165562net[request] add support for Intel i350 in FreeBSD 7.4
o2012/02/25kern/165463FreeBSD doesn't work with NIC based on RLT8111E
o2012/02/19kern/165284shutdown failing since upgrade to 9
o2012/02/07kern/164861Cannot boot from zfs built in degraded mode
p2012/02/05standards/164787standardsdirfd() function not available when _POSIX_C_SOURCE is defined
o2012/02/03kern/164741zvol always present as 512 bytes/sector regardless of blocksize
o2012/02/02amd64/164707emasteFreeBSD 9 installer does not work with IBM uefi
o2012/01/30amd64/164643amd64Kernel Panic at 9.0-RELEASE
o2012/01/30amd64/164619amd64when logged in as root the user and group applications freezes
o2012/01/25kern/164474The system couldn't turn on a monitor connected via DisplayPort
o2012/01/16powerpc/164225ppcBoot fails on IBM 7028-6E1 (heap memory claim failed)
o2012/01/16kern/164220sound preferences does not allow continuous adjustment of mic level
o2012/01/15amd64/164136amd64after fresh install 8.1 release or 8.2 release the harddisk crash!
o2012/01/13bin/164102wirelesshostapd not configured for 802.11n
o2012/01/13amd64/164089amd64FreeBSD-9.0-RELEASE-amd64-memstick.img does not boot
o2012/01/13kern/164082recurring problem with /dev/console and syslog handling
o2012/01/13amd64/164073amd64/etc/rc warning after booting
o2012/01/12conf/164048/etc/rc.d/hostid is not symlink aware
o2012/01/03kern/163803vlan does not work
o2011/12/31amd64/163736amd64Freebsd 8.2 with MPD5 and about 100 PPPoE clients panics anywhere from 15Hrs to 8 days
o2011/12/30amd64/163710amd64setjump in causes stack corruption
o2011/12/29conf/163690FreeBSD 10.0-CURRENT/amd64: Set WITH_BIND_LIBS=YES does even allow "make delete-old-files" to delete headers and libraries
o2011/12/26amd64/163625amd64Install problems of RC3 amd64 on ASRock N68 GE3 UCC
o2011/12/25kern/163618panic: vm_fault: fault on nofault entry, addr: c2781000
o2011/12/23misc/163571The system may hang after typing reboot
o2011/12/23amd64/163568amd64hard drive naming
o2011/12/21threads/163512threadslibc defaults to single threaded
o2011/12/21kern/163493FreeBSD 9x amd64 unstable while work with RAM
o2011/12/20conf/163488rcConfusing explanation in defaults/rc.conf
a2011/12/20bin/163487markjsyslog.conf filtering syntax broken in 9.0-RC3 (was working in 8.2)
o2011/12/20kern/163481netfreebsd do not add itself to ping route packet
o2011/12/20conf/163469FreeBSD 10.0-CURRENT/CLANG: WITH_LIBCPLUSPLUS= YES: fails to build:
o2011/12/19kern/163464Invalid compiler flag in /sys/conf/
o2011/12/17kern/163410panic (page fault) when using mfsroot on i386 with 4 GiB of RAM
o2011/12/15kern/163310Panics, sudden reboots and file system corrupts with snapshots on SU+J
o2011/12/15misc/163304complete LLVM toolset in the source tree made available via knob in /etc/src.conf
o2011/12/14amd64/163285amd64when installing gnome2-lite not all dependent packages are installed
o2011/12/14amd64/163284amd64print manager failed to install correctly
o2011/12/13misc/163263grogcrash on VirtualBox when ACPI is enabled
o2011/12/13kern/163245marcelkernel panic if set /boot/loader.conf vfs.root.mountfrom=asdfasdf
o2011/12/13kern/163240mariusPower down PHY when "none" media is selected
a2011/12/13bin/163219[patch] man: fix 'zcat: standard input is a terminal -- ignoring' when only formatted version of manpage exists
o2011/12/10conf/163168JIS X0208 space should be treated as printable in ja_JP.eucJP locale.
o2011/12/10kern/163164FreeBSD 9.0-RC3 amd64 freezes on boot
o2011/12/08kern/163117sporadic boot-time panics on 9.0-RC2 and 9.0-RC3 w/ certain hardware
o2011/12/07amd64/163114amd64no boot on Via Nanao netbook Samsung NC20
o2011/12/04kern/163065UDF support for symbolic links with absolute path is broken
o2011/12/04misc/163051Small disk sizes with 4k sectors have far too few inodes in RC2
o2011/12/04amd64/163048amd64normal user cant mount ntfs-3g
s2011/12/03kern/163033[request] 'out of swap space' message should be ammended with the process space
o2011/11/29kern/162943uClibc explicit runtime loader segfaults under FreeBSD's Linux ABI
o2011/11/29amd64/162936amd64fails boot and destabilizes other OSes on FreeBSD 9 RC2 with MSI P6N SLI Platinum
o2011/11/25kern/162867better zfs_cv_init
o2011/11/23bin/162798add p flag to newsyslog.conf
o2011/11/23conf/162794I experience problem with my network ethernet adapter (I include details)
o2011/11/21misc/162724make whereobj doesn't work after make buildenv
o2011/11/17conf/ scripts in /usr/local/etc/rc.d get executed, not sourced
o2011/11/13kern/162524No full shutdown in FreeBSD 9.0-RC1
o2011/11/11amd64/162489amd64After some time X blanks the screen and does not respone to mouse or keyboard
o2011/11/11misc/162455FreeBSD 9x unstable with file-based swap
o2011/11/10standards/162434standardsgetaddrinfo: addrinfo.ai_family is an address family, not a protocol family
o2011/11/08kern/162373VESA framebuffer memory mapping fails with EINVAL for certain modes
o2011/11/08kern/162369kernel problem at shutdown is system has no keydoard
o2011/11/08kern/162367SATA 3.0Gb/s not enabled on Nvidia nForce 430
o2011/11/07kern/162342FreeBSD hides gpt labels after mounting ZFS partitions
o2011/11/06misc/162338POLA: does not support extra-bits-dir parameter
f2011/11/05usb/162306usbusb devices cant get address asignation, no memories, no wireless usb, no nothing, sorry my english, am cuban
o2011/11/04kern/162294Reading DMI memory parts using mmap freeze the system
o2011/11/03kern/162277Repeatable system crash when offlining a zpool vdev
o2011/11/02kern/162250problems with the work with hard drives Hitachi HDS721010DLE630 Seagate ST2000L003
o2011/11/01kern/162228Panic in ufsdirhash_build()
o2011/10/31bin/162189kientzleFreeBSD unzip does not restore file permissions properly
o2011/10/31kern/162182Extreme slowness from HighPoint RocketRaid 622
o2011/10/30amd64/162170amd64Unable to install due to freeze at "run_interrupt_driven_hooks..."
o2011/10/29kern/1621609-RC1 over IPMI Virtual CD causes unexpected behaviur
o2011/10/27usb/162054usbusbdump just hangs on 9.0-RC1
o2011/10/24amd64/161974amd64FreeBSD 9 new installer installs succesful, renders machine unable to boot.
o2011/10/23misc/161917pjdpjdfstest doesn't detect setup/teardown failures properly
o2011/10/23misc/161915pjdpjdtests don't articulate requirements very well
f2011/10/19usb/161793usbpoor EHCI usb2 i/o performance
o2011/10/17kern/161755Kernel fails to report negative malloc type statistics
s2011/10/16kern/161719[request] Support for Realtek 5209 SD card reader
s2011/10/03kern/161260[request] need mps on RELENG_7 for dell servers (PERC H200 / LSI SAS2008 )
s2011/10/03kern/161251[request] Port otus driver from OpenBSD.
o2011/09/28arm/161110arm/usr/src/sys/arm/include/signal.h is bad
o2011/09/19kern/160833amd64Keyboard USB doesn't work
o2011/09/16kern/160760(Kernel) Log messages garbled/interleaved
o2011/09/15kern/160750netIntel PRO/1000 connection breaks under load until reboot
o2011/09/13threads/160708threadspossible security problem with RLIMIT_VMEM
f2011/09/13kern/160692FreeBSD must consider shipping with SC_PIXEL_MODE on (possibility of > 80x25 resolution)
o2011/09/13kern/160691Negative ping times (serious time keeping problem?) on PII-Celeron system
o2011/09/11kern/160652siba_bwn in GENERIC
o2011/09/10kern/160611lzjb_uncompress possible access violation?
o2011/09/08java/160553javaJaikoz java based audio tagger core dumps
o2011/09/06misc/160517X pseudo-terminals are not registered in utmp and wtmp if parent tty session is closed
o2011/08/27conf/160240rcrc.d/mdconfig and mdconfig2 should autoset $_type to vnode, when only -f is passed
o2011/08/17misc/159837bugmeisterPorts PR autoassigner does not understand long lines
o2011/08/01misc/159344Installing FreeBSD causes computer not to boot
o2011/07/28usb/159274usbUSB 3.0 Etron EJ168A does not work.
o2011/07/22kern/159103ping local address on box shows source address
o2011/07/21misc/159095when /var is full can not connect to server through ssh, or su
o2011/07/15arm/158950armarm/sheevaplug fails fsx when mmap operations are enabled
o2011/07/11bin/158794<default> line has been ignored in /etc/newsyslog.conf
o2011/07/08conf/158734netif stop don't destroy cloned_interfaces
o2011/07/05i386/158653i386installing PC-BSD 9 Current with legacy USB Keyboard doesnt work
o2011/07/04misc/158637Cannot reinstall 8.2-RELEASE after HEAD
o2011/07/01conf/158557rc[patch] /etc/rc.d/pf broken messages
o2011/07/01conf/158551[patch] Enhance periodic 800.scrub-zfs script to handle scrub -s
f2011/06/24i386/158264gavinIntel Motherboard S5500BCR shut down and power on after some time working.
o2011/06/23i386/158200i386wifi doesn't work on Acer AO751h, maybe WMI needs to be ported
o2011/06/21conf/158127rc[patch] remount_optional option in rc.initdiskless doesn't actually work
o2011/06/14kern/157869easy to create zvols that cannot be forgotten
o2011/06/12kern/157785netamd64 + jail + ipfw + natd = very slow outbound traffic from jail (5KB/s)
o2011/06/11misc/157764jfbterm + mplayer = hang
o2011/05/31conf/157466osa[patch] add src to create /usr/share/calendar/calendar.british
o2011/05/28usb/157376usbLaCie USB disk not recognized
o2011/05/15standards/157050multimediaOSS implementation lacks AFMT_FLOAT
o2011/05/09ia64/156900ia64ia64 -current r221488 panic if kern.maxssiz=536748033 or above
o2011/05/04arm/156814hrsOpenRD Ultimate does not boot on DB-88F6XXX or SHEEVAPLUG kernel configurations
f2011/05/03kern/156799gavinHEAD panic: Multiple IRQs for PCI interrupt 0.31.INTA: 19 and 16
o2011/05/02misc/156767joergInstallation Media do not include current list of mirrors from Freebsd Handbook
f2011/04/30usb/156735usbNeed Quirk for Goflex USB Disk Drives
o2011/04/29usb/156725usbUSB stack stall cause complete system input loss
o2011/04/26conf/156659[patch] periodic/daily/800.scrub-zfs fails on pool names containing '-'
o2011/04/21misc/156537Mismatch of Control Sums for ISO-image Files of Old Distributions
f2011/03/28usb/155996usbNanoBSD not booted as Disk
o2011/03/22usb/155784usbProblem with Transcend StoreJet 25M3 (2AJ1) on Asus M2N
o2011/03/21misc/155765jail[patch] `buildworld' does not honors WITHOUT_JAIL
o2011/03/19i386/155695i386AMD Vision ultimate notebook HP Pavilion DV6 3109ER overheats
o2011/03/06gnu/155309[PATCH] gcc: backport bswap32() and bswap64()
o2011/03/01conf/155148[patch] mark /usr/local as nochange in mtree
o2011/03/01conf/155147[patch] remove /etc/X11 from mtree
o2011/02/24conf/154999Problems with ARP table
p2011/02/19standards/154873pjdZFS violates POSIX on open/O_CREAT -> ftruncate
o2011/02/03conf/154484[patch] request for new functionality. jail zfs dataset on jail start up by /etc/rc.d/jail
o2011/01/21kern/154185netrace condition in mb_dupcl
o2011/01/20kern/154170jeffPanic in sched_switch (/usr/src/sys/kern/sched_ule.c:1814)
o2011/01/07kern/153771Unkillable process after a SCSI tape write error
o2011/01/07kern/153757Kernel panic using openchrome Xorg driver on 9-CURRENT
o2011/01/01bin/153600Path length restrictions in mount/umount tools prevent filesystem mount/unmount
o2010/12/22arm/153380armPanic / translation fault with wlan on ARM
f2010/12/19kern/153289gavinModem Ring Signal not reliably detected
o2010/12/17conf/153233[patch] skel/dot.shrc: use prompt escapes, comment out emacs line editor
o2010/12/16conf/153200rcpost-boot /etc/rc.d/network_ipv6 start can miss neighbour discovery bootstrap
o2010/12/08kern/152922adrianRouterstation Pro different flash model investigation
f2010/12/08bin/152909gavinscp mistake file to directory
o2010/11/29bin/152661parallel make sometimes gets working dir confused
o2010/11/27misc/152613FreeBSD 8.x can not find logical drives on extended partition in some cases
o2010/11/19kern/152405wrong user time is reported when CPU frequency throttled.
f2010/11/10amd64/152097gavinSound button in Lenovo T61p mutes sound in kde
o2010/11/03kern/151924very slow boot from disk: 15m+
o2010/10/29kern/151813FreeBSD 8.1/amd64: garbage in /var/log/messages
f2010/10/26threads/151767deischenpthread_mutex_init returns success with bad attributes; SUBSEQUENT operations fail
o2010/10/23kern/151650FreeBSD9-CURRENT can't boot when recompile KERNEL.
o2010/10/14kern/151449gnn[patch] IPsec SPD rule does not match GIF with IPv6 addresses
o2010/09/20i386/150766i386Dell Vostro 3700 siffle sous FreeBSD / Dell Vostro 3700 whistle under FreeBSD
s2010/09/16bin/150620[request] Please include utility programs for ncurses
o2010/09/15misc/150590Screen goes blank when PC-BSD graphic install is loaded (Suspect DVI to SVGA converter problem)
o2010/09/10conf/150474rc[patch] rc.d/accounting: Add ability to set location of sa data file
o2010/08/29standards/150093standardsC++ std::locale support is broken
f2010/08/19kern/149803vwe[patch] loader: set vfs.mount.rootfrom using label
o2010/08/18kern/149762geomvolume labels with rogue characters
o2010/08/13misc/149633bugmeisterProblem with replying to PR
o2010/07/15i386/148624i386PERC H200 Controller on Dell R610 Not recognized
o2010/07/12threads/148515threadsMemory / syslog strangeness in FreeBSD 8.x ( possible leak/ threading issue )
o2010/07/01kern/148302Firewire-attached "My Book" drive gets no device node at boot time, but does after
o2010/06/25conf/148144hrs[patch] add ipfw_nat support for rc.firewall simple type
f2010/06/05java/147512javaCrash of RXTX-2.1-7 on AMD64 system
o2010/06/02kern/147340svn r182999 has broken snd_hda on Asus M5A
o2010/06/02kern/147338System sees only half of the memory installed
o2010/05/30misc/147239network problem with system start
o2010/05/24bin/146916TERM not set correctly in single-user mode
o2010/05/24conf/146910WITHOUT_INET6=Yes installs broken file
o2010/05/24conf/146908edwinAfrikaans LC_TIME is incorrect (symlink to en_US)
f2010/05/05conf/146334desOpenSSH 5.4 AuthorizedKeysFile bad syntax in sshd_config
o2010/04/26conf/146053rc[patch] [request] shutdown of jails breaks inter-jail dependencies
o2010/04/22kern/145946[patch] feature request: VDSO and shared pages
o2010/04/20conf/145887/usr/sbin/nologin should be in the default /etc/shells
p2010/04/10kern/145600netTCP/ECN behaves different to CE/CWR than ns2 reference
o2010/04/05conf/145399rc[patch] rc.d scripts are unable to start/stop programs whose name contains '-'
o2010/04/03conf/145344rc[patch] Fix kitchen sink approach for rc.d scripts installation
o2010/04/03conf/145311loader.conf can cause boot hang
f2010/04/03bin/145309fsbsdlabel: Editing disk label invalidates the whole device
a2010/03/29usb/145184usbGENERIC can't mount root from USB on Asus EEE
o2010/03/19kern/144882netMacBookPro =>4.1 does not connect to BSD in hostap with adapters based on ralink and used if_rum and if_ural drivers
o2010/03/14conf/144726hrsnetwork.subr functions accumulate output before r197139
o2010/02/27bin/144343hrsThe rtadvd cannot avoid the prefix that doesn't want to advertise.
o2010/02/23kern/144231netbind/connect/sendto too strict about sockaddr length
o2010/02/20bin/144139x11/xscreensaver-gnome can't build because of bug in GCC 4.2
o2010/01/14standards/142803karglj0 Bessel function inaccurate near zeros of the function
o2010/01/13kern/142774netProblem with outgoing connections on interface with multiple aliases
f2010/01/11kern/142624gavinSending large chunks of data fails
o2010/01/05misc/142335sysinstallDownload of Release 8.0 LIVE is NOT a "live" from CD program.
o2009/12/31kern/142198SSLv3 failure with irc/xchat on FreeBSD 8.0
f2009/12/18kern/141741netEtherlink III NIC won't work after upgrade to FBSD 8, If I run tcpdump - it works.
o2009/12/16conf/141678rc[patch] A minor enhancement to how /etc/rc.d/jail determines mount points used in jails
o2009/12/09conf/141317jail[patch] uncorrect jail stop in /etc/rc.d/jail
o2009/11/27kern/140932fork+exec from threaded FreeBSD 7.2 application
o2009/11/10conf/140440rc[patch] allow local command files in rc.{suspend,resume}
o2009/11/04conf/140261rc[patch] Improve flexibility of mdconfig2 startup script
f2009/10/26java/140002javajava/openjdk6: jconsole dumps tomcat when contacting jmxrmi service
f2009/10/21kern/139811gavinFreeBSD did not recognize Intel Gigabit ET Dual Port Srvr Adpt network adapter from intel with chipset 897654
s2009/09/25sparc64/139134sparc64kernel output corruption
p2009/09/10conf/138692netchild[request] [patch] 450.status-security should exit with rc=0
s2009/09/05bin/138547vwe[request] improve dhcp behaviour with multiple networks
o2009/08/11conf/137671[patch][request] enhance beastie.4th: possibility to display message, possibility to choose serial console
o2009/06/17threads/135673threadsdatabases/mysql50-server - MySQL query lock-ups on 7.2-RELEASE amd64
f2009/06/17kern/135667xenufs filesystem corruption on XEN DomU system
o2009/06/14powerpc/135576ppcgdb cannot debug threaded programs on ppc
o2009/06/10kern/135458dchaginMissing errno translation in Linux getsockopt(,,SO_ERROR,,)
o2009/06/09misc/135420bugmeistergnats generates broken In-Reply-To headers
o2009/06/06bin/135317sysinstallinstall.cfg feature request
o2009/06/06kern/135307Boot Loader problem on Acer Aspire 5735
o2009/06/03usb/135206usbmachine reboots when inserted USB device
f2009/06/03usb/135200usbSAMSUNG i740 usb mass: Synchronize cache failed, status == 0x39, scsi status == 0x0
o2009/05/26usb/134950usbLowering DTR for USB-modem via ubsa is not possible
o2009/05/24conf/134918rc[patch] rc.subr fails to detect perl daemons
o2009/05/18conf/134660rc[patch] rc.ng_netflow_ipfw: new rc-script for initializing ng_netflow+ng_ipfw
o2009/05/07conf/134333rcPPP configuration problem in the rc.d scripts in combination with bash shell
o2009/05/06usb/134299usbKernel Panic plugging in MF626 USB UMTS Stick u3g
o2009/05/03usb/134193usbSystem freeze on usb MP3 player insertion
o2009/04/21kern/133892adrian/usr/src/sys/dev/ath/if_ath.c:3414: error: 'const struct ath_rx_status' has no member named 'rs_flags'
o2009/04/14i386/133727i386chars [[[[[[[[[[[[[ occur during install process (setting root passwd) and/or after install on console login prompt
o2009/04/09misc/133540gavinCannot connect to ftp mirrors for 7.2 beta boot-only
o2009/04/05usb/133390usbumass crashes system in 7.1 when Olympus D-540 attached, worked in previous versions
o2009/04/01kern/133286dd can fill system memory
f2009/03/30kern/133213netarp and sshd errors on 7.1-PRERELEASE
o2009/03/17bin/132735Berkeley db: corrupted file has record with absurd size
o2009/03/13usb/132594usbUSB subsystem causes page fault and crashes
o2009/03/07kern/132397fsreboot causes filesystem corruption (failure to sync buffers/vnodes)
o2009/02/26bin/132114sysinstall[patch] add new 'docs' virtual category to sysinstall
o2009/02/10powerpc/131548ppcofw_syscons no longer supports 32-bit framebuffer
o2009/02/09usb/131521usbRegistering Belkin UPS to usb_quirks.c
o2009/02/03bin/131341fsmakefs: error "Bad file descriptor" on the mount point of md-presentation makefs image
o2009/01/28usb/131074usbno run-time detection of usb devices plugged into external usb hub
o2009/01/19usb/130736usbPage fault unplugging USB stick
a2009/01/11kern/130386rwatson[patch] add locking for generic interface address manipulations through ioctl path
o2009/01/05usb/130208usbBoot process severely hampered by umass0 error
f2008/12/31usb/130076vwePanic when connecting USB camera
o2008/12/30standards/130067standardsWrong numeric limits in system headers?
o2008/12/16conf/129697[patch] fix misbehavior of periodic/daily/100.clean-disks vs. port lang/sbcl
o2008/11/16threads/128922threadsthreads hang with xorg running
o2008/11/12java/128809javaJVM aborted when GNU RXTX write to serial port.
o2008/11/06conf/128632security periodic 700.kernelmsg repeats messages
p2008/11/03bin/128561kientzle[patch] compile warning fixes for bsdtar test harness
o2008/10/22conf/128299rc[patch] /etc/rc.d/geli does not mount partitions using both journal and eli
o2008/10/07kern/127930edauto-logout does not work
o2008/08/09conf/126392rc[patch] rc.conf ifconfig_xx keywords cannot be escaped
o2008/07/18standards/125751standardsman 3 pthread_getschedparam section ERRORS incomplete
o2008/06/19conf/124747rc[patch] savecore can't create dump from encrypted swap
o2008/05/16conf/123734rc[patch] Chipset VIA CX700 requires extra initialization
o2008/05/06misc/123452brdtrustedbsd-audit email list not archiving
o2008/04/20threads/122923threads'nice' does not prevent background process from stealing CPU from foreground
o2008/04/18conf/122883[patch] login class for ukrainian users accounts
o2008/04/05conf/122477rc[patch] /etc/rc.d/mdconfig and mdconfig2 are ignoring additional parameter in some cases
o2008/04/04conf/122445Unable to override EDITOR in /etc/profile due to default dot.profile
o2008/03/27conf/122170rc[patch] [request] New feature: notify admin via page on startup and shutdown
o2008/03/24conf/122037[patch] add rsync example for inetd.conf
s2008/03/17kern/121807ipfw[request] TCP and UDP port_table in ipfw
o2008/03/03threads/121336threadslang/neko threading ok on UP, broken on SMP (FreeBSD 7)
o2008/02/23conf/120993[patch] 340.noid -- Add "find -x" capability (don't cross fs boundaries)
o2008/02/17kern/120749[request] Suggest upping the default kern.ps_arg_cache_limit
o2008/02/16kern/ missing after upgrading to 6.3-RELEASE
o2008/02/04conf/120263[patch] 800.loginfail misses relevant security information after upgrade from 6.2-RELEASE
o2008/01/22kern/119891slow halt, reboot when remote network shares which doesn't exist anymore are still mounted
a2008/01/21conf/119874rc[patch] "/etc/rc.d/pf reload" fails if there are macros defined in pf_flags rc variable
o2008/01/08conf/119464[patch] [request] Add 'sorted' option to etc/periodic/security/security.functions
o2007/12/04gnu/118415nm -D fails if a file has no symbols
o2007/11/29bin/118325rc[patch] [request] new periodic script to test statuses of daemons started via rc system
f2007/11/26conf/118255rcsavecore never finding kernel core dumps (rcorder problem)
o2007/11/20bin/118144des[patch] pam_lastlog doesn't check return values in pam_sm_close_session
s2007/11/19kern/118124[request] HZ value on slow computers should by dynamic
o2007/11/18conf/118111[patch] [request] Add MAC address based interface renaming
o2007/11/14conf/118047Move /etc/printcap to /usr/share/examples/
f2007/11/09conf/117935rc[patch] ppp fails to start at boot because of missing ldconfig initialization
o2007/10/14bin/117191[patch] - Add files to remove when WITHOUT_LIB32 is defined
o2007/10/05misc/116946holographic shell breaks live CD shell
o2007/10/04conf/116931fslack of fsck_cd9660 prevents mounting iso images with mdconfig_md%d (with workaround)
o2007/09/26threads/116668threadscan no longer use jdk15 with libthr on -stable SMP
o2007/09/04standards/116081standardsmake does not work with the directive sinclude
o2007/08/31bin/115960dessshd's X11 forwarding broken on IPv6 only machine [patch].
s2007/08/29conf/115923[request] rc.subr - logger should be using priorities
o2007/08/20kern/115651vanhuRacoon(ipsec-tools) enters sbwait state or 100% CPU utilization quite often on RELENG_6_2
o2007/08/05threads/115211threadspthread_atfork misbehaves in initial thread
s2007/08/04kern/115202[request] memory error diagnostic
o2007/08/04amd64/115194amd64LCD screen remains blank after Dell XPS M1210 lid is closed and reopened.
o2007/07/27kern/114970Wrong system time (last) when machine is crashed due to lose power
o2007/07/26kern/114928green_saver does not switch DVI monitor power off
o2007/06/23usb/113977gavin[request] Need a way to set mode of USB disk's write cache
o2007/05/10conf/112558[patch] /etc/periodic/daily/200.backup-passwd poor handling of /etc/master.passwd
o2007/04/03kern/111185console color depth set to 0 at boot causes flat screens and MS-Virtual-PC screen go black (power save?)
o2007/03/29conf/110993[patch] /etc/netstart should start rpcbind
o2007/03/14threads/110306threadsapache 2.0 segmentation violation when calling gethostbyname
o2007/02/20conf/109354[request] /etc/periodic/daily/110.clean-tmps does not limit its operation to one file system
o2007/02/12bin/109102csjpsysctl security.mac.bsdextended is not consistent with the output of sysctl -d
s2007/01/27kern/108442[request] UTF-8 support for console
s2007/01/10kern/107759Unable to load a kernel after clean install
f2007/01/03kern/107446gavinproblems with usb and fw disks
o2006/12/15kern/106786No reboot with FreeBSD and Mylex Acceleraid 352
o2006/11/28kern/105945netAddress can disappear from network interface
s2006/11/28kern/105943netNetwork stack may modify read-only mbuf chain copies
f2006/10/18conf/104549rc[patch] rc.d/nfsd needs special _find_processes function
o2006/10/17kern/104486TI1131 Cardbus Bridge cannot detect card insertion on Dell Latitude XPi
o2006/10/04threads/103975threadsImplicit loading/unloading of may crash user processes
o2006/09/29conf/103794adding other login class to login.conf in case one is already there
o2006/09/14kern/103283pfpfsync fails to sucessfully transfer some sessions
o2006/09/14kern/103253thompsainconsistent behaviour in arp reply of a bridge
o2006/09/12kern/103191netUnpredictable reboot
o2006/08/12bin/101921[request] security.bsd.see_other_uids for further programms?
o2006/07/25bin/100805WITHOUT_INET6 is ignored by many src/ components
s2006/07/12kern/100170[request] Support login class in ldap directory
o2006/07/09kern/99979[patch] Get Ready for Kernel Module in C++
o2006/06/30misc/99643request to remove src/tools/tools/portsinfo because it's obsolete and not needed
o2006/06/26kern/99485Disk IO Causes multimedia/mplayer To Drop Frames
s2006/06/24kern/99421[request] Option Globetrotter Fusion card not recognized
o2006/06/19gnu/99173[patch] replace gnu patch with a bsd-licensed one.
o2006/04/24conf/96247[patch] 550.ipfwlimit reports logs even if log size is not limited.
f2006/04/13gnu/95691GDB segfaults on my programme in both FreeBSD 6 and 5
o2006/04/07kern/95459Rebooting the system while rebuilding RAID (Intel MatrixRAID) results in data loss
o2006/04/03kern/95267netpacket drops periodically appear
o2006/03/19gnu/94695bugmeistersend-pr.el is missing from send-pr distribution
s2006/03/07bin/94159[request] ipsecctl ported from openbsd
o2006/02/27conf/93899mount_smbfs can't load during boot up
o2006/02/25conf/93815rc[patch] Adds in the ability to save ipfw rules to rc.d/ipfw and rc.d/ip6fw.
o2006/02/14bin/ doesn't translate unresolved weak symbol into 0
f2006/01/30conf/92523rc[patch] allow rc scripts to kill process after a timeout
s2005/12/13bin/90367[request] libmap.conf needs exclusivity support
o2005/12/03conf/89870rc[patch] [request] make netif verbose rc.conf toggle
o2005/11/30bin/89770des[patch] pam_krb5 'authentication token failure' in passwd
a2005/11/13conf/88913rc[patch] wrapper support for rc.subr
o2005/11/05kern/88518cannot mount root rw at boot
o2005/11/03kern/88450andreSYN+ACK reports strange size of window
o2005/10/16kern/87515Splash screen fails to load on boot
o2005/10/06kern/87010pjdReading kernel memory & pagefault under non-root
o2005/09/09gnu/85895[patch] cc -print-search-dirs returns (null)
o2005/09/07conf/85819rc[patch] script allowing multiuser mode in spite of fsck errors
o2005/09/06kern/85780net'panic: bogus refcnt 0' in routing/ipv6
o2005/08/30bin/85494fsfsck_ffs: unchecked use of cg_inosused macro etc.
o2005/08/10conf/84752[patch] 100.clean-disks cleans file systems that don't have files
o2005/07/24kern/84020Couldn't load graphical screensaver modules
o2005/07/24kern/83995CFLAGS & COPTFLAGS ambiguous behaviour
o2005/07/17bin/83619'diskinfo -t' fails with disks smaller than about 6.3GB.
o2005/07/13kern/83384failure of non-essential IDE partitions can panic the system
o2005/07/11bin/83277deslibfetch includes the leading / in FTP URL paths
o2005/07/08bin/83170[patch] Allow 'install' to compare files by mtime instead of content
o2005/07/07kern/83098'vrele: negative ref cnt' in shutdown with root and ufs/union
o2005/07/04bin/82975netroute change does not parse classfull network as given in netstat
o2005/06/30conf/82823[patch] little addon for /etc/periodic/400.passwdless
o2005/06/25standards/82654numericsC99 long double math functions are missing
o2005/06/21kern/82470silbyFreeBSD advertises wrong window scale in some situations
o2005/06/21kern/82468netUsing 64MB tcp send/recv buffers, trafficflow stops, iperf can't be killed
o2005/06/14conf/82228roberto[patch] order parsed ntpdate_hosts in /etc/rc.d/ntpdate
o2005/06/08kern/82036loading green_saver makes screen go blank immediately.
o2005/06/01kern/81780rwatsonhard disk i/o error during reading in an acl is ignored without returning error.
o2005/06/01bin/81759'gbde attach' does not notify user about failures.
s2005/05/19kern/81273[request] remove dependency of tool 'netstat' on 'device mem' in the kernel
o2005/05/16kern/81095netIPsec connection stops working if associated network interface goes down and then up again.
o2005/05/14bin/81035[patch] boot0cfg emits bogus error
o2005/05/14kern/81006rcipnat not working with tunnel interfaces on startup
o2005/05/13threads/80992threadsabort() sometimes not caught by gdb depending on thread library
o2005/05/08bin/80798mount_portal pipe leaves file descriptors open for child processes
s2005/05/08usb/80777usb[request] usb_rem_task() should wait for callback to complete?
o2005/05/08usb/80774usb[patch] have "usbd_find_desc" in line with the other "usbd_find_xxx"
a2005/04/23standards/80293standardssysconf() does not support well-defined unistd values
o2005/04/08threads/79683threadssvctcp_create() fails if multiple threads call at the same time, it's not thread-safe
s2005/03/27i386/79274Autoconfigure fails for O2Micro OZ6812/6872 PCI-CardBus Bridge
o2005/03/25bin/79232[patch] WARNS6 clean libexec/comsat
o2005/03/22kern/79138rwatsonclose while sending on connected UNIX-domain socket can return ENOTCONN, should return EPIPE or 0
o2005/03/17kern/78968netFreeBSD freezes on mbufs exhaustion (network interface independent)
o2005/03/17kern/78957time counter per process stops (syscall: getrusage)
o2005/03/15kern/78849Problems with GBDE encrypted partitions
o2005/03/04bin/78424Internal IPs on router, natd/libalias break PMTUD
o2005/02/18conf/77663rcSuggestion: add /etc/rc.d/addnetswap after addcritremote
o2005/02/06kern/77156FreeBSD does not redirect packets on proper interface.
o2005/01/27bin/76756desfunction pw_equal in pw_util.c does not test pw_passwd field so any changes made by chpass to that field are ignored.
o2005/01/24conf/76626[patch] 460.status-mail-rejects shows destination domain instead of source IP
o2005/01/23bin/76590adding -mapall in nfs exports requires reboot
o2005/01/20kern/76504silbyKeep-alives doesn't work on half-closed sockets.
s2005/01/20conf/76491Addition into /etc/security few new functions
o2005/01/17bin/76362[patch] sys directory link points to wrong location
o2005/01/06kern/75873netUsability problem with non-RFC-compliant IP spoof protection implementation
o2004/12/16kern/75157Cannot print to /dev/lpt0 with HP Laserjet 1005 : Device Busy
o2004/12/15kern/75121Wrong behaviour of IFF_LINK2 bit in 6in6 gifs?
s2004/12/12kern/74986jfv[patch] sysctlize a parameter of if_em's interrupt moderation
o2004/12/06bin/74779fsBackground-fsck checks one filesystem twice and omits another
o2004/12/03gnu/74654libsupc++.a lacks necessary functions
o2004/12/02conf/74610Hostname resolution failure causes firewall rules to stop loading
s2004/11/25kern/74352NFSCLIENT and booting to an mfsroot via TFTP are mutually exclusive
s2004/11/22kern/74242rwatsonWrite to fifo with no reader fails in 6.0 current
o2004/11/11kern/73823acpi[request] acpi / power-on by timer support
o2004/11/08conf/73677rc[patch] add support for powernow states to power_profile
o2004/11/04gnu/73512gdb -> Abort trap (core dumped)
p2004/11/03kern/73496jilles[request] A more flexible version of mkstemp()
s2004/11/03kern/73492[request] Reliable Temporary Files
o2004/11/02bin/73422portmap forks ad infinitum when the NIS domain name is set, probably a bug in the RPC library
o2004/10/20conf/72901[patch]: dot.profile: prevent printing when doing an scp (printing breaks SCP).
o2004/10/19bin/72875desSome utilities used in debugging do not function properly
s2004/09/21kern/71965andreTCP MSS issue in combination with ipfw fwd
o2004/09/20conf/71952missing past participles in /usr/share/dict/words
o2004/09/20bin/71928Disk quota doesn't work with numeric login
o2004/09/17kern/71833multiple process disc access / injustice
o2004/09/14sparc64/71729sparc64printf in kernel thread causes panic on SPARC
o2004/09/12bin/71667[patch] cleanup of the usr.sbin/bootparamd code
o2004/09/12bin/71665[patch] cleanup of the usr.sbin/dconschat code
o2004/09/12bin/71631[patch] cleanup of the usr.sbin/pppctl code
o2004/09/12bin/71628[patch] cleanup of the usr.sbin/rpcbind code
o2004/09/09kern/71532Multiple SCSI-Busses are seen differently by BIOS, loader, and kernel
o2004/09/07kern/71469netdefault route to internet magically disappears with multihomed server
o2004/09/01kern/71219/proc/*/map dont tell file offset
o2004/08/31gnu/71210Update to GNU sdiff: add user-preference for merge keys
o2004/08/11i386/70330Re-Open 33262? - gdb does not handle pending signals properly when single stepping during a remote debug session.
o2004/08/04kern/69989killing process that uses snp + unloading module + listing /dev = page fault
o2004/07/27kern/69650[patch] make getserv* functions work with nsdispatch
a2004/07/11kern/68905secteam[patch] core dumps are assigned wrong ownership
o2004/06/19conf/68108[patch] Adding mac-address /conf selector to diskless boot
s2004/06/04kern/67580[request] add hints for boot failures
o2004/05/26bin/67231[patch] pam_krb5 doesn't honor default flags from /etc/krb5.conf
o2004/05/07standards/66357standardsmake POSIX conformance problem ('sh -e' & '+' command-line)
o2004/04/16kern/65616aeIPSEC can't detunnel GRE packets after real ESP encryption
o2004/02/15kern/62890upsproc pointer set by fork1 can be stale in fork,rfork,vfork
o2004/02/06conf/62417luigidiskless op script failed
o2004/01/30kern/62102alcobreak update
s2004/01/21kern/61677Unable to open CDROM tray if boot_cdrom is in loader.conf
s2004/01/20kern/61622Intel Pro/100 Intelligent Server Adapter unsupported NIC
s2004/01/17i386/61481[patch] a mechanism to wire io-channel-check to userland
o2004/01/13conf/61289/etc/pccard_ether: please use ifn value on pccard script
o2003/12/12kern/60174debugging a kernel module in load/attach routines
s2003/12/03kern/59912mremap() implementation lacking
o2003/11/23conf/59600[patch] Improved us.emacs.kbd mapping
o2003/11/05kern/58967Kernel kills processes in spite of cputime parameter in login.conf
a2003/11/04conf/58939rc[patch] dumb little hack for /etc/rc.firewall{,6}
o2003/10/03kern/57522[patch] New PID allocater algorithm from NetBSD
o2003/10/02conf/57517[patch] add parameter for /etc/periodic/daily/210.backup-aliases in /etc/defaults/periodic.conf
o2003/09/27standards/57295hartimake's handling of MAKEFLAGS is not POSIX conform
f2003/09/16conf/56934rc[patch] rc.firewall rules for natd expect an interface, but it can be an address
o2003/09/10kern/56664bad file# in MTIO status buffer after MTEOD until MTREW
a2003/08/31kern/56233netIPsec tunnel (ESP) over IPv6: MTU computation is wrong
s2003/08/20kern/55802[request] Make kernel.GENERIC suitable for diskless use with etherboot
o2003/07/29conf/55015[patch] 700.kernelmsg: Security check output enhacement (truncated 1st line problem)
o2003/07/12standards/54410standardsone-true-awk not POSIX compliant (no extended REs)
o2003/07/10kern/54309silbyTCP Packet of 64K-1 crashes FreeBSD4.8
o2003/07/07conf/54170[patch] error from weekly periodic script 330.catman
o2003/06/20bin/53560logging domain names in wtmp is retarded
o2003/05/27kern/52725[patch] installincludes for kmods
a2003/04/07kern/50687jmgioctl(.., CDIOCCAPABILITY, ...) always reports "Inappropriate
o2003/02/18conf/48444[patch] security.functions: count connection attempts instead of listing them
o2003/02/16conf/48325[patch] /etc/periodic/security/100.chksetuid doesn't work with spaces in mount points
o2003/02/12conf/48195/var/db/mounttab error on diskless boot
o2003/02/10conf/48133[patch] /etc/rc: improved vi recovery notification
o2003/01/21kern/47286[request] [patch] make device probing verbose when using boot -v
s2003/01/04conf/46746No way to set link addresses through rc.conf
o2002/12/21standards/46441stefanf/bin/sh does not do parameter expansion in PS1, PS2, PS4
o2002/12/20conf/46409Certain periodic scripts check broken NFS mounts.
o2002/12/09standards/46119standardsPriority problems for SCHED_OTHER using pthreads
o2002/12/07conf/46062Remove skel from BSD.root.dist.
o2002/11/25conf/45704[patch] request to change cp866b font to cp866
o2002/11/11conf/45222[patch] daily rejected mail hosts report too long
o2002/10/22kern/44372robertosome kernel options prevent NTP clock synchronization
o2002/10/19conf/44286roberto/etc/defaults/rc.conf uses the obsolete ntpdate
o2002/09/30conf/43500[patch] rc.syscons "allscreens" improvements
o2002/09/02bin/42336[patch] ISO-fication of /usr/src/contrib/tcp_wrappers: fixes also PR#42327
a2002/08/27kern/42089gnnntp_gettime returns time in wrong scale
o2002/08/13kern/41632luigibridging when one interface has no carrier
o2002/08/11kern/41543emulation[patch] [request] easier wine/w23 support
o2002/07/01gnu/40057bugmeistersend-pr -a flag does not work with -f
o2002/06/27kern/39937netipstealth issue
o2002/06/19conf/39505[patch] automate BUILDNAME variable for releases
p2002/06/14standards/39256dassnprintf/vsnprintf aren't POSIX-conformant for strings longer than INT_MAX
o2002/06/06bin/38940[request] an option to *stat to allow supressing of headers
o2002/06/06misc/38937delay between tracks in digital audio dumps from CD with dd
o2002/05/30kern/38749kientzleDiskless booting fails with some DHCP servers (no root path)
s2002/05/30kern/38730philipMemorex scrollpro mouse is not fully functional
o2002/05/27kern/38626luigidummynet/traffic shaper: RED: max_th and min_th are limited to 32kbyes
a2002/05/25kern/38554net[patch] changing interface ipaddress doesn't seem to work
o2002/05/17bin/38168[patch] [request] installing curses-based versions of programs and terminfo database
o2002/03/31bin/36556[patch] regular expressions for tcpwrappers
o2002/01/31kern/34470bdeModem gets sio1 interrupt-level buffer overflows'
o2001/12/13bin/32808[patch] tcpd.h lacks prototype for hosts_ctl
s2001/11/19conf/32108Proposed Firewall (IPv4) configuration script
o2001/11/12kern/31940netip queue length too short for >500kpps
s2001/11/01kern/31686andreProblem with the timestamp option when flag equals zero
o2001/10/04bin/31034regularly add original address logging for tcpwrappers address mismatch diagnostics
o2001/09/30conf/30938[patch] Improving behavior of /etc/periodic/daily/110.clean-tmps
o2001/09/15conf/30590/etc/hosts.equiv and ~/.rhosts interaction violates POLA?
s2001/09/09threads/30464threads[patch] pthread mutex attributes -- pshared
s2001/08/04kern/29423[request] [patch] new feature: kernel security hooks implementation
o2001/06/17conf/28236[patch] iso-8859-1_to_cp437.scm doesn't contain some useful mappings
a2001/06/05conf/27896Error in /etc/exports invalidates entire line, not just single host.
o2001/05/01kern/27008kernel function sysbeep(xxx, 0) does produce sound
o2001/04/23kern/26787[patch] sysctl change request
o2001/03/22kern/25986netSocket would hang at LAST_ACK forever.
f2001/02/08kern/24959net[patch] proper TCP_NOPUSH/TCP_CORK compatibility
f2001/01/25kern/24629harting_socket failes to declare connected data sockets as connected.
s2001/01/24standards/24590standardstimezone function not compatible witn Single Unix Spec v2
o2001/01/22kern/24528Bad tracking of Modem status
o2000/10/01conf/21675[patch] Better and more disktab entries for MO drives
o2000/09/24standards/21519standardssys/dir.h should be deprecated some more
o2000/07/13gnu/19882obrienld does not detect all undefined symbols!
o2000/07/08kern/19782mkisofs 1.12.1 (i386-unknown-freebsd4.0) doesn't preserve hard links
o2000/07/07kern/19756[patch] Inability to use linux extended partition (type 0x85)
o2000/06/29conf/19573Dot Files for Optional Shells
s2000/06/20kern/19402Signals 127 and 128 cannot be detected in wait4() interface
s2000/05/21kern/18704GLOB_ERR not handled correctly by glob()
o2000/05/01bin/18326no /usr/libdata/lint/llib-lc.ln
o2000/04/13conf/17993obrienimproving on the default /etc/
o2000/03/09bin/17289gad[patch] wrong permissions on /var/run/printer
o2000/02/17kern/16765bdeAdd support for mark/space parity
s1999/12/14kern/15478incorrect utmp/wtmp records update upon connection being interrupted
a1999/11/26kern/15095silbyTCP's advertised window is not scaled immediately upon discovering use of Window scale option
s1999/11/16bin/14925standardsgetsubopt isn't poisonous enough
s1999/10/28kern/14562ioctl() codes should be provided for ejecting all removables
f1999/09/16conf/13775rcmulti-user boot may hang in NIS environment
o1999/08/12bin/13108authunix_create_default includes egid twice
o1998/10/30kern/8498silbyRace condition between unp_gc() and accept().
s1998/08/10kern/7556sl_compress_init() will fail if called anything else than -1 or >MAX_STATE
s1998/05/29bin/6785place for all the default dump flags
s1998/02/11bin/5712/bin/chio code cleaup and option added
974 problems total.

Bugs can be in one of several states:

o - open
A problem report has been submitted, no sanity checking performed.
a - analyzed
The problem is understood and a solution is being sought.
f - feedback
Further work requires additional information from the originator or the community - possibly confirmation of the effectiveness of a proposed solution.
p - patched
A patch has been committed, but some issues (MFC and / or confirmation from originator) are still open.
r - repocopy
The resolution of the problem report is dependent on a repocopy operation within the CVS repository which is awaiting completion.
s - suspended
The problem is not being worked on, due to lack of information or resources. This is a prime candidate for somebody who is looking for a project to do. If the problem cannot be solved at all, it will be closed, rather than suspended.
c - closed
A problem report is closed when any changes have been integrated, documented, and tested -- or when fixing the problem is abandoned.