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PRs for tag 'regression'

This is an experimental report containing PRs for tag 'regression' as of 5-30-2014. GNATS has no finer-grained categorization than 'kern', 'bin', 'ports', and so forth. To augment this, the bugmeisters have adopted the convention of adding '[<tagname>]' to the Synopsis field. Consider this a prototype of a better search function.

This report is generated statically.

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PRs for tag 'regression':
o2014/05/22kern/190102net[tcp] net.inet.tcp.drop_synfin=1 no longer works on FreeBSD 10+ [regression]
o2014/05/19bin/189958crypt(1): broken /usr/bin/crypt [regression]
o2014/05/12conf/189696[Regression] mdconfig and mdconfig2 startup scripts
o2014/04/29kern/189097gjb[hyper-v] [patch] 10-STABLE breaks Windows Azure compatibility [regression]
o2014/04/27kern/189060pf[pf] pf + altq doesn't work on octe (Edgerouter Lite) [regression]
o2014/04/20usb/188829usb[atp] atp fails on Macbook Pro 4.1 [regression]
o2014/03/24bin/187904ipfw[ipfw] ipfw(8) does not properly recognize the network in shorthand [regression]
o2014/03/02bin/187189pw(1): pw groupmod groupname -g ### creates duplicate groups [regression]
o2014/02/25bin/187069kbdcontrol(1) will not define "F" keys on console F1-F12 [regression]
o2014/02/18kern/186872net[msk] Upgrade from 9.2 to 10, msk0 watchdog timeout [regression]
o2014/02/17conf/186841rcrc.conf ifconfig syntax for binding ip-ranges broken [regression]
o2014/02/17bin/186835mfiutil(8) broke between 9.1-RELEASE and 9.2-RELEASE [regression]
o2014/02/01kern/186346[ahci] [regression] ahci(4) thousands of warnings Timeout on slot 22
o2014/01/17usb/185837usb[umass] Pendrive Kingston DataTraveler 8G not recognized *any more* after UG 9.2 [regression]
o2014/01/13kern/185742scottl[hyper-v] r260387 breaks Hyper-V (Win 2012r2 Server) [regression]
o2014/01/11bin/185666pw(8): Regression for 'pw usermod <user> -G <grouplist>' [regression]
o2013/12/22kern/185084[regression][geli] Keyfile content potentially cleared prematurely after r259428
o2013/12/12bin/184733bsdgrep(1) doesn't match a regular expression containing "|" against UTF-16 file [regression]
o2013/12/05kern/184512multimedia[snd_maestro] snd_maestro does not function on i386 [regression]
o2013/09/28bin/182463vi(1): vi core dumps on exit with a specific vi.exrc [regression]
o2013/09/05kern/181834fs[nfs] amd mounting NFS directories can drive a dead-lock [regression]
o2013/09/01bin/181715sjg[regression] bmake vs. security-check doesn't work after base@r254980
o2013/08/24kern/181501theraven[regression] libstdc++ vs. std::isfinite() since math.h@r253260
o2013/08/11kern/181222[panic] 8.4p2 panics during boot on Campaq M700 P3-650 [regression]
o2013/08/08kern/181148[ata] sas expanders not available in 9.2-RC1 [regression]
o2013/07/29kern/180916jail[jail] [regression] jail startup is broken for 8.4 without INET6
o2013/07/22bin/180740kbdcontrol(1) cannot override function keys for console [regression]
o2013/07/15kern/180568jlhr251668 breaks applications which depends on dlopen("") [regression]
o2013/06/30usb/180119usb[umass] FreeBSD 9.1 umass driver does not correctly handle Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX7 Camera [regression]
o2013/06/23kern/179889geom[geli] geli stopped work after updating RELEASE 9.* sources through svn [regression]
o2013/06/22kern/179829melifaronet/route.c MFC 248895 breaks some VPNs [regression]
o2013/06/19kern/179709wireless[ath] Atheros 5212 does not work: stuck beacon; resetting (bmiss count 4) [regression]
o2013/06/02i386/179239i386FreeBSD 9.x branch breaks atkb device for IBM XSeries 335 [regression]
o2013/03/26kern/177402net[igb] [pf] problem with ethernet driver igb + pf / altq [regression]
o2013/03/19kern/177108[mvs] mvs driver with MV88SX6081 have timeout waiting for write DRQ [regression]
o2013/03/06kern/176694[kvm] KVM Guest Crash at Boot - kernel trap 12 with interrupts disabled [regression]
o2013/02/12kern/176073jfvUpdate from 9.0-RELEASE-p3 to 9.1-RELEASE-p0 "breaks" network interface [regression]
p2013/02/07kern/175909melifaro[ipfw] FreeBSD 9.1 ipfw lookup dst-port regression [regression]
o2013/02/05kern/175864net[re] Intel MB D510MO, onboard ethernet not working after update to 9.1 [regression]
o2013/01/15bin/175314[regression] bsdgrep(1) broken multidot escaping since r225435
o2013/01/07bin/175086[gpt] 9.1 does not boot from GPT partition that can have more that 128 partition entries (worked under 7.4-STABLE, bug in sys/boot/common/gpt.c) [regression]
o2013/01/02kern/174908emulation[vmware] "unsupportable block size 0" after upgrading from 9.0-RELEASE-p5 to 9.1-RELEASE [regression]
o2013/01/01kern/174877[chroot] mountd fails to work inside init_chroot [regression]
o2012/12/24amd64/174679amd64Intel i5 laptop overheats and shuts down [regression]
o2012/12/19kern/174573multimedia[snd_hda] headphones on front panel not working anymore [regression]
o2012/11/08kern/173468mav[ata] lost WDC hard drive on ICH5 after upgrade [regression]
o2012/11/05kern/173408acpi[acpi] [regression] ACPI Regression: battery does not update often
o2012/11/02kern/173309andre[tcp] TCP connections often prematurely closed by the server side after r242262 [regression]
o2012/09/18kern/171733pf[pf] PF problem with modulate state in [regression]
o2012/09/05usb/171354usb[umass] Medium not present error on flash drive [regression]
s2012/07/22kern/170070gnn[regression] 9.1-PRERELEASE host cannot talk to itself over IPv6 (except on loopback)
f2012/07/13kern/169826yongari[re] if_re no longer working in 9.x [regression]
o2012/06/25usb/169428usb[ugen] ugen not detecting all endpoints on device [regression]
o2012/06/14kern/169065[ipsec] [regression] "netstat -p ipsec -s" is broken
o2012/06/07bin/168785calendar(1): /usr/bin/calendar does not match "Thu+1" or "Mon+1" in some months [regression]
o2012/05/30kern/168473[libc] nsswitch (nss_method_lookup) fails after upgrade [regression]
o2012/05/23kern/168247FreeBSD 7.2 kernel panic after update MPD from 5.5 to 5.6 version [regression]
o2012/05/23kern/168245net[arp] [regression] Permanent ARP entry not deleted on interface configuration failure
o2012/05/23kern/168244net[arp] [regression] Unable to manually remove permanent ARP entries
o2012/03/14kern/166067[arcmsr] Areca 1680 Problem When Upgrading from 8.2 to 9.0 - All disk didn't work. [regression]
o2012/02/04amd64/164773amd64[boot] 9.0 amd64 fails to boot on HP DL145 G3 [regression]
f2012/02/03kern/164734[quota] 9.0 quota not working [regression]
o2012/02/01kern/164694[ata] Regression in 3726 port multiplier support in 9.0 [regression]
o2012/01/18kern/164271pf[pf] not working pf nat on FreeBSD 9.0 [regression]
o2012/01/15kern/164143geom[geom] Partition table not recognized after upgrade R8.3 -> 9.0 [regression]
f2012/01/07kern/163890gavinps2 keyboard not detected by kernel? [regression]
o2011/11/16kern/162620[ata] SATA device lost when changing brightness on Lenovo L420 [regression]
o2011/11/01bin/162211Calendar no longer handles first/last day events in 8.2, 8-stable & current, OK in 8.1 & 7.4 & 6.4 [regression]
o2011/10/28kern/162110net[igb] [panic] RELENG_9 panics on boot in IGB driver - [regression] from 8.2
f2011/10/26amd64/162043gavindev.cpu.0.freq is missing [regression]
o2011/10/21kern/161887[vm] [panic] panic at vm_page_wire with FreeBSD 9.0 Beta 3 [regression]
o2011/10/19kern/161805qingli[regression] [panic] [arp] Repeatable panic in ARP code
o2011/10/01kern/161205fs[nfs] [pfsync] [regression] [build] Bug report freebsd 9.0 beta 3
a2011/09/26kern/161043jhb[psm] PS/2 mouse does not work in 9.0-BETA2/-CURRENT [regression]
f2011/09/20kern/160860fs[ufs] Random UFS root filesystem corruption with SU+J [regression]
o2011/09/18kern/160801fs[zfs] zfsboot on 8.2-RELEASE fails to boot from root-on-zfs in MBR slice [regression]
o2011/09/09kern/160591fs[zfs] Fail to boot on zfs root with degraded raidz2 [regression]
f2011/08/08kern/159595geom[geom] [panic] panic on gmirror unload in vbox [regression]
o2011/07/13kern/158874[vesa] I cannot change tty screen with vidcontrol(1) (Blackscreen) [regression]
o2011/07/07bin/158706[regression] sed(1) in 8.2 gives incorrect output compared to 7.4
f2011/06/23kern/158201yongari[re] re0 driver quit working on Acer AO751h between 8.0 and 8.2 (also 9.0) [regression]
o2011/06/14kern/157879geom[libgeom] [regression] ABI change without version bump in 8.2
p2011/06/08bin/157718edwininput data trigers a core dump from calendar(1) [regression]
o2011/05/13bin/157017vidcontrol(1): "vidcontrol -r" no longer works [regression]
o2011/04/25kern/156647[ata] Intel ICH7 SATA300 Driver Performance Regression in 8.2-STABLE [regression]
p2011/03/09kern/155411fs[regression] [8.2-release] [tmpfs]: mount: tmpfs : No space left on device
o2011/03/02kern/155196[uart] uart cannot identify internal modem or its chip [regression]
o2011/02/16kern/154828fs[msdosfs] Unable to create directories on external USB HDD with large msdosfs [regression]
o2011/02/14ports/154770portmgr[patch][regression] Mk/ do-fetch fails on ftp:// transfers with ftp(1) fallback
o2011/02/12kern/154709[heimdal] Kerberos V5 refuses authentication because Read req failed: ASN.1 encoding ended unexpectedly [regression]
o2011/01/21usb/154192usb[umass] In Garmin Oregon GPS, only the first umass device is visible since upgrade of 9.0-current [regression]
o2010/12/14usb/153149usb[umass] USB stick quirk regression [regression]
o2010/12/06amd64/152874amd64[install] 8.1 install fails where 7.3 works due to lack of choice of CD drive [regression]
o2010/12/05kern/152853net[em] tftpd (and likely other udp traffic) fails over em(4) unless rxcsum/txcsum disabled [regression]
o2010/11/07kern/152022fs[nfs] nfs service hangs with linux client [regression]
o2010/09/07kern/150367[isp] Possible QLogic fiber channel regression in 8.1-RELEASE (and above) [regression]
o2010/08/14i386/149647i386[panic] Dell Inspiron 530 (FX09) panic at boot with 8.1 kernel [regression]
o2010/07/09bin/148471fdisk(8) prompts with negative partition size [regression]
f2010/06/28bin/148220sysinstallsysinstall(8): 9.0-current gets "Cannot resolv hostname" during install [regression]
o2010/05/26kern/147082ed[uart] Serial ports unusable [regression]
o2010/03/31kern/145246fs[ufs] dirhash in 7.3 gratuitously frees hashes when it shouldn't [regression]
o2010/03/31kern/145229fs[zfs] Vast differences in ZFS ARC behavior between 8.0-RC1 and 8.0-RELEASE [regression]
o2010/03/29usb/145165usb[keyboard] [usb8] ukbd_set_leds_callback: error=USB_ERR_STALLED [regression]
f2010/03/20kern/144917net[flowtable] [panic] flowtable crashes system [regression]
o2010/02/23kern/144234fs[zfs] Cannot boot machine with recent gptzfsboot code [regression]
o2010/02/11kern/143805[ata] WARNING - READ_DMA48 UDMA ICRC error with 63XXESB2 SATA300 [regression]
f2010/02/06usb/143620usb[cdce] [usb8] the module if_cdce doesn't support my Openmoko Neo FreeRunner anymore [regression]
o2010/02/05kern/143591net[ral] RT2561C-based DLink card (DWL-510) fails to work with ral0 in FreeBSD 8 Release [regression]
o2010/02/05i386/143587i386[boot] [hang] BTX 1.02 freezes upon assigning Bios C drive from Serveraid based array [regression]
o2010/02/04kern/143564[mly] camcontrol(8) fails to show transfer speed in mly but it used to do so [regression]
o2010/02/03kern/143505multimedia[pcm] FreeBSD 8.0-RELEASE (x64) won't make sound card work (Intel ICH5 (82801EB) [regression]
o2010/01/27kern/143285jfv[em] [regression] jumbo frames broken in 8.0
o2010/01/22kern/143088[hang] FreeBSD 9.0-CURRENT freezes while starting kernel [regression]
o2010/01/22i386/143082[install] Unable to install 8.0-RELEASE on Dell 2950 with perc 5i controller [regression]
o2010/01/20kern/143034net[panic] system reboots itself in tcp code [regression]
o2010/01/08kern/142466fsUpdate 7.2 -> 8.0 on Raid 1 ends with screwed raid [regression]
o2009/12/16usb/141664usb[pcm] [usb8] Logitech USB microphone failure [regression]
o2009/12/14kern/141463fs[nfs] [panic] Frequent kernel panics after upgrade from 7.2-STABLE to 8-STABLE [regression]
o2009/12/09kern/141314andreNetwork Performance has decreased by 30% [regression]
f2009/12/09usb/141313thompsa[usb8] nvidia USB 2.0 controller - stops copying on USB [regression]
o2009/11/27usb/140920usb[install] [usb8] USB based install fails on 8.0-RELEASE [regression]
o2009/11/11bin/140462devd(8): [regression] locked by /etc/rc.d and dhclient
o2009/11/04i386/140268i386[install] 8.0-RC* does not install on MSI MS-7255 [regression]
o2009/09/24i386/139115i386[cpufreq] low cpu frequency reported [regression]
o2009/09/18i386/138948i386[twa] [regression] da0: <AMCC 9550SX-4LP DISK 3.04> Fixed Direct Access SCSI-3 device missing in i386 8.0-BETA4
f2009/09/18kern/138944emulation[parallels] [regression] Parallels no longer works in FreeBSD 8 Beta
o2009/09/16kern/138870[apm] 8.0beta4 PnP problem? lost synaptics trackpad in r40, psm0 not detected [regression]
o2009/09/14usb/138798usb[boot] [usb8] 8.0-BETA4 can't boot from USB flash drive [regression]
o2009/08/18amd64/137942amd64[pci] 8.0-BETA2 having problems with Asus M2N-SLI-deluxe motherboard [regression]
o2009/05/20kern/134767multimedia[sound] [snd_hda] [regression] Sigmatel STAC9205X no sound under RELENG_7_2_0_RELEASE
s2009/05/05kern/134231vwe[sysctl] sysctl() 80% slower in 7.2 than 6.2 [regression]
o2009/05/02kern/134157net[dummynet] dummynet loads cpu for 100% and make a system frozen and unstable [regression]
o2009/04/26bin/134022host(1), dig(1) and nslookup(1) hang in _umtx_op syscall after 7.1-RELEASE-p5 update [regression]
o2009/02/04bin/131365netroute(8): route add changes interpretation of network specification [regression]
o2008/12/02bin/129378csh(1) / tcsh(1) loses foreground process group [regression]
p2008/11/20bin/129014gavin[regression] ftp(1) cannot bind to specific source IP
o2008/10/03kern/127826net[iwi] iwi0 driver has reduced performance and connection strength [regression]
o2008/09/14kern/127391[ata] [patch] Intel 6300ESB SATA150 cannot find disk and boot under 6.3 [regression]
o2008/08/30kern/126973fs[unionfs] [hang] System hang with unionfs and init chroot [regression]
o2008/08/09kern/126396usb[panic] kernel panic after unplug USB Bluetooth device [regression]
o2008/07/22kern/125859[ata] [patch] sata access failure [regression]
o2008/06/05kern/124319multimedia[sound] [snd_emu10k1] [regression] Cannot record from second card when two cards are in system
o2008/05/09kern/123559net[iwi] iwi periodically disassociates/associates [regression]
o2008/03/24kern/122046[psm] Synaptics touchpad freezes (psm0: lost interrupt?) [regression]
o2008/03/24kern/122033net[ral] [lor] Lock order reversal in ral0 at bootup ieee80211com/ral0 [regression]
o2008/03/20kern/121917[boot] [patch] Broken boot on Asus P4P800-VM after upgrade from 6.2 to 6.3 [regression]
o2008/03/16kern/121768[cpufreq] cpufreq module RELENG_6 -> 7 regressions on ASUS M5A notebook [regression]
o2008/03/15usb/121734usb[ugen] ugen HP1022 printer device not working since upgrade to 7.0 [regression]
o2008/03/14usb/121708usb[keyboard] nforce 650i mobo w/ usb keyboard infinite key repeat hang [regression]
o2008/03/11kern/121624jfv[em] [regression] Intel em WOL fails after upgrade to FreeBSD-6.3 (from 6.2)
s2008/03/08kern/121485vwe[vm] panic with 7.0-RELEASE [regression]
o2008/03/05kern/121396[ata] 7.0 fails on mcp55 sata controller [regression]
a2008/02/13misc/120608gmirror(8) command set on livecd is minimal [regression]
o2008/02/05kern/120296[ata] Unstable SATA on MB with Nvidia MCP 570 SLI chipset [regression]
o2008/01/25kern/119973multimedia[sound] [snd_maestro] [regression] snd_maestro only works after reload
o2008/01/22kern/119894[ata] Initialization of disc controller fails [regression]
o2008/01/17kern/119759multimedia[sound] [snd_emu10k1] [regression] Can not record anything with emu10k1 on 7.0-PRERELEASE (Invalid argument)
o2008/01/13usb/119633usb[umass] umass0: BBB reset failed, IOERROR [regression]
o2008/01/11i386/119574bde[i386] 7.0-RC1 times out in calibrate_clocks() [regression]
o2008/01/10kern/119513wireless[ath] [irq] inserting dlink dwl-g630 wireless card results in interrupt storm [regression]
o2008/01/07kern/119432net[arp] route add -host <host> -iface <nic> causes arp entry with nic's arp address [regression]
o2008/01/06usb/119389usb[umass] Sony DSC-W1 CBI reset failed, STALLED [regression]
o2008/01/01kern/119225net[wi] 7.0-RC1 no carrier with Prism 2.5 wifi card [regression]
o2007/12/21kern/118927jfv[em] em(4) broken: link state changed to DOWN (/UP), link states coalesced errors [regression]
o2007/11/18kern/118107fs[ntfs] [panic] Kernel panic when accessing a file at NTFS file system [regression]
o2007/08/30bin/115951[tun] pppoed(8): tun not closed after client abruptly disconnects [regression]
o2007/08/08kern/115300multimedia[sound] [snd_hda] [regression] snd_hda(4) fails to attach on -CURRENT
o2007/07/02kern/114213[ata] optical drive not detected in the 6.x series of FreeBSD/i386 [regression]
o2007/05/04bin/112408mp[regression] tcsh(1): tcsh causes gdb to hang (regression in tcsh)
o2007/03/16kern/110407[ata] ATA drivers not recognizing Seagate CF Microdrive [regression]
o2007/03/13kern/110249net[kernel] [regression] [patch] setsockopt() error regression in FreeBSD 6.x
o2007/02/07bin/108895netpppd(8): PPPoE dead connections on 6.2 [regression]
o2006/11/27bin/105925netproblems with ifconfig(8) and vlan(4) [regression]
o2006/03/29kern/95084ipfw[ipfw] [regression] [patch] IPFW2 ignores "recv/xmit/via any" (IPFW1->2 regression)
o2006/03/06kern/94139scottl[amr] [regression] amr broken with LSILogic MegaRAID Series 428 (HP NetRAID) on 6-STABLE: reading app hangs
o2006/01/03usb/91283usb[boot] [regression] booting very slow with usb devices connection (regression vs. 5.2)
o2005/11/09usb/88743usb[hang] [regression] USB makes kernel hang at boot (regression in 6.0)
o2005/11/08kern/88657fs[smbfs] windows client hang when browsing a samba share which is on a nfs fs [regression] (workaround)
o2005/10/16kern/87521cy[ipfilter] [panic] using ipfilter "auth" keyword leads to kernel fault [regression]
o2005/08/16bin/85011restore(8) on 5.4 will not read Solaris-sparc dumps, whereas 4.x restore will [regression]
o2005/07/15usb/83504usb[kernel] [patch] SpeedTouch USB stop working on recent current (and RELENG_6) [regression]
181 problems total.

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o - open
A problem report has been submitted, no sanity checking performed.
a - analyzed
The problem is understood and a solution is being sought.
f - feedback
Further work requires additional information from the originator or the community - possibly confirmation of the effectiveness of a proposed solution.
p - patched
A patch has been committed, but some issues (MFC and / or confirmation from originator) are still open.
r - repocopy
The resolution of the problem report is dependent on a repocopy operation within the CVS repository which is awaiting completion.
s - suspended
The problem is not being worked on, due to lack of information or resources. This is a prime candidate for somebody who is looking for a project to do. If the problem cannot be solved at all, it will be closed, rather than suspended.
c - closed
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