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Problem Reports in the feedback state which may be stale

The following is a listing of FreeBSD Problem Reports which have been in the feedback state for more than 2 months as of 5-30-2014. (This is an arbitrary time period, but it may indicate that these PRs may no longer be relevant.) It is generated once per day.

f2014/03/26ports/187956python[PATCH] devel/py-bcdoc: update to 0.12.2
f2014/03/25ports/187923[patch] graphics/zbar fails with V4L enabled
f2014/03/24ports/187901net/scribe not compile on FreeBSD 10
f2014/03/21ports/187823[patch] deskutils/fet update to 5.21.1, option to build gui
f2014/03/20ports/187800linimonFix build errors for older releases
f2014/03/20ports/187796[patch] update mail/davmail to 4.4.1 plus some fixes
f2014/03/19ports/187721mail/dovecot2 fix to use security/heimdal port
f2014/03/18ports/187697linimonsysutils/hdup distfiles
f2014/03/17ports/187675Upgrading port textproc/exmpp from 0.9.7 to 0.9.9 (0.9.7 appears broken)
f2014/03/17ports/187657miwi[PATCH] Remove non-relevant dependencies for databases/pecl-memcached
f2014/03/17ports/187656Rename request of converters/igbinary
f2014/03/15ports/187621[PATCH] mail/dovecot2: update to 2.2.12
f2014/03/15ports/187610ale[patch] ad a few more recommended php modules to mail/roundcube
f2014/03/13ports/187532haskelllang/ghc: ghc-7.6.3_3 does not install
f2014/03/12ports/187485sysutils/fusefs-wdfs: Unable to create files on mounted via fusefs-wdfs web-dav shares.
f2014/03/10ports/187424Wrong download link for sysutils/byobu in Makefile
f2014/03/10ports/187422installing devel/gdb triggers 'maxproc limit exceeded'
f2014/02/27ports/187113swillsnet/siproxd outdated and not functional in a looping config (port update required)
f2014/02/27ports/187112www/davical: option DOCS includes more than docs, i.e., init scripts for DB
f2014/02/26ports/187101Feature request: security/amavisd-milter should use a different location for socket file
f2014/02/26ports/187088unable to install mail/dovecot2
f2014/02/23ports/186978creesnet-p2p/transmission depends on base openssl WITH_OPENSSL_PORT
f2014/02/22ports/186963[patch] ports-mgmt/portrac: reports no updates to installed ports since switch to pkgng
f2014/02/19ports/186888[PATCH] games/armagetron: incomplete plist (orphans)
f2014/02/18ports/186866python[patch] print/py-reportlab2 Update from 2.5 to 2.7
f2014/02/18ports/186852gerald[patch] Add 'fstack-protector-strong' to lang/gcc48
f2014/02/16ports/186817[PATCH] devel/swig20: update to 2.0.12
f2014/02/16kern/186816jmg[geom] After adding a disk in the disk pool is lost geom disk
f2014/02/14ports/186769graphics/jogl doesn't build on FreeBSD 10
f2014/02/12ports/186691Update net/pecl-amqp to 1.3.0
f2014/02/12ports/186690Update net/rabbitmq-c-devel to 0.5.0
f2014/02/12ports/186685linimonsamba not work in domain
f2014/02/09ports/186591databases/mariadb55-server fails to build on FreeBSD10
f2014/02/08ports/186567graphics/openshadinglanguage: Assertion failed: (sizeof(token_data<StringTypeT, PositionT>) == size), function operator delete,
f2014/02/08ports/186566databases/mariadb55-client fails to build
f2014/02/06ports/186518finance/ledger: segmentation fault
f2014/02/06ports/186502www/davical fails with Mac OS X 10.9's
f2014/02/05ports/186498rodrigowww/cas build failure
f2014/02/05ports/186488edwinwww/junkbuster listen queue increase to stop sonewconn filling the message log
f2014/02/03ports/186431BROKEN www/hiawatha fails to start after make install: Error creating work directory '/usr/local/var/lib/hiawatha'
f2014/02/03ports/186425[patch] irc/bitchx - Fix runtime issue on 10.0 with CLANG
f2014/02/03ports/186403devel/gdb 7.6.1_1 internal error attaching to process
f2014/02/03ports/186402net/delegate can't compile
f2014/02/03kern/186401yongari[re] Problem with RTL8111/8168B initialization
f2014/02/02ports/186386sysutils/logstash on FreeBSD10 does not build due to java/openjdk6
f2014/02/01ports/186332fix install path of the binary in sysutils/xmbmon
f2014/01/30ports/186262finance/openerp-server port is non-functional as shipped.
f2014/01/29ports/186259stephenPort math/sage cannot build on FreeBSD 10.0
f2014/01/29misc/186239unbound using missing after upgrading
f2014/01/29ports/186219net-mgmt/libsmi - Clang / GCC issue
f2014/01/26ports/186134sysutils/coreutils build, fails due to "strip" of sh (ascii)
f2014/01/23ports/186054x11-fonts/fira: Download from somewhere else?
f2014/01/23ports/186025[patch] security/tinyca: add support for openssl 1.0.1 and fix warnings
f2014/01/19ports/185894monolang/mono GUI not working after update to FreeBSD 10 and WITH_NEW_XORG
f2014/01/19ports/185885[UPDATE] devel/directfb to v1.4.17
f2014/01/15ports/185789[patch] net/freeswitch-core etc.: Update FreeSWITCH ports
f2014/01/05ports/185482rodrigo[patch] ports/mail/qpopper fails to install
f2014/01/02ports/185407[Patch] devel/codeblocks requires GCC
f2013/12/30ports/185354[PATCH] sysutils/xmbmon: fix binary strip
f2013/12/28ports/185252gnomex11-toolkits/pango can't find fonts
f2013/12/27ports/185237makc[UPDATE] games/d2x-xl to v1.17.5
f2013/12/20ports/185049textproc/dblatex : fix dblatex port for TEX_DEFAULT=texlive
f2013/12/19ports/185008kdex11/kde4: active window doesn't saved on screen lock
f2013/12/19ports/184996kdeaudio/kmix: incorrect volume levels
f2013/12/17ports/184922[NEW PORT] sysutils/storcli: SAS MegaRAID FreeBSD StorCLI
f2013/12/13ports/184739dns/validns fails to build with non-default LOCALBASE/PREFIX
f2013/12/11ports/184708mi[PATCH] www/jmeter: Add missing files to packing list
f2013/12/07ports/184580lang/squeak doesn't build on PowerPC
f2013/12/04kern/184485glebius[pf] pfioctl causing kernel panics in 10-BETA{3,4}
f2013/12/03ports/184473rodrigolibrary version mismatch in net/wpa_gui
f2013/12/03ports/184464security/sssd host auth doesn't work correctly
f2013/11/30ports/184396sysutils/dunst should install dunstify too
f2013/11/28ports/184345mi[PATCH] graphics/nip2: multiple fixes and bugs
f2013/11/27ports/184335graphics/mupdf 1.3 available
f2013/11/23ports/184181apachewww/mod_security not installed full!
f2013/11/17ports/184042[patch] sysutils/fusefs-kmod backport fuse from head
f2013/11/11ports/183864marcusports-mgmt/portlint: feature request
f2013/11/11ports/183860Larger editors/2bsd-vi terminal width needed.
f2013/11/09ports/183813www/qupzilla doesn't build
f2013/11/08ports/183780Can't build net-mgmt/flow-tools with OPENSSL and MYSQL
f2013/11/05ports/183697security/heimdal depends net/openldap24-client (when build with openldap support) and SASL was activated on openldap24-client/server
f2013/11/04ports/183667x11-toolkits/swt-devel -- Checksum build failure - Likely wrong source tarball at URL
f2013/11/04kern/183647yongari[re] re ethernet driver broken
f2013/11/03kern/183620yongariRTL8111/8168B PCIE NIC not detected on any FreeBSD Version
f2013/11/03ports/183619rodrigonet/babeld fails to install routes
f2013/11/01ports/183560devel/srecord: srec_info from devel_srecord is not corerectly installed
f2013/10/30ports/183464creesnet-p2p/transmission-qt4: crash transmission-qt4 after start
f2013/10/29ports/183443miCouldn't fetch audio/festival files
f2013/10/28usb/183409usbUSB Class 2 audio device playback issue
f2013/10/28kern/183400[bhyve] bhyve cannot load an i386 kernel
f2013/10/26ports/183314cyport-update: sysutils/syslog-ng
f2013/10/26ports/183313cyport-update: sysutils/eventlog
f2013/10/19ports/183112security/sguil-server broken Makefile
f2013/10/17ports/183050portmgrStaging support creates major problems with symlinks
f2013/10/11ports/182892Make devel/atf create a tests user
f2013/10/09ports/182857midevel/qmake: request for removal
f2013/10/09ports/182853ports/textproc/urlview: regex -> pcreregex
f2013/10/05ports/182657gerald[patch] lang/gcc48: expose c99 math in 'std' namespace
f2013/10/04ports/182635[patch] Update sysutils/condor to 8.0.3
f2013/09/30ports/182504[PATCH] devel/qt4-qtsolutions-singleapplication: Fix build on 10.0-ALPHA4
f2013/09/28ports/182474net/tightvnc vncviewer can't handle null authentication
f2013/09/28ports/182464security/cvm doesn't build mysql module
f2013/09/28ports/182460New port: multimedia/qwinff Qt4 media converter GUI
f2013/09/26ports/182405gnomeerror to build graphics/poppler-glib
f2013/09/26kern/182387yongari[bge] BCM5720 is not working
f2013/09/24ports/182340rodrigo[MAINTAINER UPDATE] devl/aegis (repost)
f2013/09/19ports/182221sunpoetFix build: chinese/sunpinyin
f2013/09/18ports/182216mandreecan't fetch print/cups-samba distfile
f2013/09/17ports/182195rodrigo(RELEASE - head-amd64-default) irc/scrollz: Build failed for scrollz-2.2.2_2 during configure
f2013/09/17i386/182173i386Installation of FreeBSD fails: error extracting base.txz
f2013/09/14ports/182082emulators/dynamips-community upgrade to 0.2.10 and head problem report
f2013/09/08ports/181944games/iourbanterror: gcc not found
f2013/09/08ports/181923security/heimdal JOBS_UNSAFE and default prefix location
f2013/09/07ports/181912x11-toolkits/swt-devel: bad zipfile offset (local header sig)
f2013/09/04ports/181819games/iourbanterror: Engine linkage error #31
f2013/09/03ports/181774USE_BDB 47+ fails to find installed databases/db47
f2013/09/01ports/181735mail/fetchmail system-wide install can't write fetch ids
f2013/08/24ports/181507[PATCH] security/pks: fix autostart
f2013/08/23ports/181481rodrigo[PATCH] irc/ircd-ratbox fix default options broken by optionsNG commit
f2013/08/16ports/181345net/tigervnc: shortcuts like Ctrl-C does not work on vncviewer because of fltk
f2013/08/13ports/181251net-mgmt/mrtg: rateup constantly segfaulted because of error in the libgd
f2013/08/11ports/181228creesdatabases/postgresql91-server rc.d script fails to start server
f2013/08/09ports/181160rmPort sysutils/bacula-client - All bacula-fd processes killed when upgrading port
f2013/08/07ports/181106sysutils/logrotate bus error (core dumped)
f2013/07/29ports/180927kdebuild of x11-themes/kde4-wallpapers-freebsd fails
f2013/07/23kern/180775net[bxe] if_bxe driver broken with Broadcom BCM57711 cards
f2013/07/22ports/180739ports/sysutils/ezjail patch
f2013/07/14ports/180553sunpoetnet/mtr (mtr-0.85) broken
f2013/07/05ports/180337devel/tnt: tnt_sparse_matrix_csr.h:97:3: error: no matching constructor for initialization of 'Array1D<int>'
f2013/07/01ports/180159Mk/Uses/ Used to add dependancy on either jpeg or libjpeg-turbo ports
f2013/06/27ports/180034audio/squeezeboxserver is now Logitech Media Server
f2013/06/27ports/180033databases/postgis20 gives in to processing text files with cpp
f2013/06/26ports/179989[ patch ] net/istgt broken linking, broken cast, broken compilation
f2013/06/17ports/179637[patch] ports-mgmt/portupdate-scan: add the "-a [date]" option
f2013/06/07ports/179400gnome[PATCH] print/freetype2: Add Infinality patches
f2013/06/02ports/179236Build failure (lib-depends) for net/tigervnc when HPJPG is enabled
f2013/05/20ports/178785mail/dracmail: adoption of optionsNG, and standardize installation in favor of CP
f2013/05/18ports/178757rodrigodevel/freeocl: Update
f2013/05/11ports/178508creesmail/dspam: Fix for MariaDB/Percona and OptionsNG overhaul
f2013/05/08ports/178431graphics/geos hardcodes PHP 5.4 version
f2013/05/07ports/178404ohauernew port: www/mod_define, Apache 2.2.x module for use variables in config files
f2013/05/03ports/178324danfe[Update] games/frogatto to 1.3.1
f2013/04/29ports/ injection of @exec easy_install to PLIST creates inappropriate post-install scripts for pkgng
f2013/04/29kern/178231fs[nfs] 8.3 nfsv4 client reports "nfsv4 client/server protocol prob err=10026"
f2013/04/22docs/178049crees[handbook] PKGNG information misleading
f2013/04/22ports/178042sysutils/ezjail: zsh completion does not work
f2013/04/13ports/177838riggsNew port: multimedia/openstopmotion Webcam capture program for creating stopmotion video
f2013/04/12ports/177801stephenmath/sage: /configure: not found configure: error: Unable to configure Boehm-Weiser GC
f2013/04/09ports/177741net-mgmt/sipcalc cannot handle ipv6 zone index
f2013/04/07ports/177677pgsql/usr/local/bin/grep halts databases/postgresql84-server configuration
f2013/04/03ports/177610creessecurity/maia makefile check for mysql-client does not work on 64-bit platform
f2013/03/30ports/177497mail/dovecot startup script breaks onestart functionality
f2013/03/25kern/177362net[netinet] [patch] Wrong control used to return TOS
f2013/03/24ports/177336New port: security/sav
f2013/03/22ports/177288fluffyx11-fm/krusader2 missing minimize icon in windowmaker desktop
f2013/03/21ports/177172reanew port mail/dovecot22-devel
f2013/03/14ports/176969mvaaudio/sdl_sound: fix depend
f2013/03/14ports/176968mvaaudio/sdl_mixer: fix depends
f2013/03/12ports/176874sysutils/fusefs-sshfs crashes on amd64
f2013/03/10ports/176805rodrigorc scripts provided with security/heimdal haven't a common FreeBSD implementation
f2013/03/08ports/176758timur[patch] databases/tdb: samba talloc + tdb incorrect w/ non-default LOCALBASE
f2013/02/12ports/176044ports: print/ghostview (1.5_3) segfault/coredump
f2013/02/12ports/176043cyports: mail/nmh -- missing dependencies
f2013/02/04ports/175813[patch] mail/dovecot2 doesn't detect libstemmer or exttextcat
f2013/02/02ports/175783lwhsu[PATCH] databases/postgresql92-server: Add ${PTHREAD_LIBS} to LDFLAGS
f2013/01/23ports/175532x11x11/xdm: /bin/cp -n /usr/local/share/examples/xdm/GiveConsole /usr/local/lib/X11/xdm/GiveConsole *** [post-install] Error code 1
f2013/01/12ports/175229x11-toolkits/swt-devel fails
f2013/01/07ports/175087haskell[PATCH] lang/ghc: build fails if dblatex is installed
f2013/01/02ports/174916creesaudio/pianobar - patch to fix TLS issue for Pandora One users
f2012/12/27ports/174753officechange to devel/boost-libs causes adverse effects
f2012/12/21ports/174618officedevel/icu error: in blender, /usr/local/lib/ undefined reference to `icu_50::UnicodeString::doReplace(int, int, unsigned short const*, int, int)' c++: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invoca
f2012/12/08ports/174280perllang/perl5.16 make install fails on pkgng database file conflict with p5-IO-Compress-2.045
f2012/11/30ports/174018Can't disable security/sshguard -b option
f2012/11/23ports/173854semnet/quagga-re port zebra Abort trap: 6
f2012/11/16kern/173657fs[nfs] strange UID map with nfsuserd
f2012/11/13ports/173590wenNew ports: textproc/fcitx-m17n and vietnamese/fcitx-unikey, libm17n and unikey support for Fcitx
f2012/11/12ports/173575officeFix devel/boost-python-libs with python-3.2
f2012/11/09ports/173490tmseckwww/squid32 - missing kerberos helper
f2012/10/16misc/172744Where is ttyslot() (3) in FreeBSD 9.1?
f2012/10/05ports/172359kde[PATCH] editors/calligra: Fix build with clang++ -stdlib=libc++ -std=c++11
f2012/09/28ports/172140edwinThe /usr/ports/multimedia/pvr250 port is broken for FreeBSD 9 systems more than __FreeBSD_version = 900045
f2012/09/14ports/171640cyNew port: devel/libivykis Asynchronous I/O readiness notification library
f2012/09/10kern/171520yongari[alc] alc network driver + tso + vlan does not work.
f2012/09/08ports/171450zi[update] devel/ding-libs to 0.2.91
f2012/09/02ports/171246koobs[patch] lang/python27: make python curses module work with unicode
f2012/08/31kern/171209ping: sendto: Invalid argument
f2012/08/31docs/171200issyl0the bsdgrep(1) man page should document -u
f2012/08/23ports/170943crees[PATCH] build mail/spamass-milter with sendmail-sasl
f2012/08/10ports/170524zidevel/ding-libs fails to build in tinderbox
f2012/08/06bin/170415mckay[patch] file(1) fails to detect troff (and other file types)
f2012/07/30bin/170278eadler[patch] [request] Add --check option to md5(1)
f2012/07/29bin/170264sysinstallbsdinstall(8) into jail doesn't find FTP distribution folder when executed on a system running a patch release kernel
f2012/07/27misc/170215[build] cd release; make cdrom should fail if not executed using new process
f2012/07/26kern/170200jmg[crypto] [patch] AES-NI XTS mode performance lower than CBC
f2012/07/19ports/169986johanssecurity/mcrypt does not encrypt or decrypt properly in some cases
f2012/07/13kern/169826yongari[re] if_re no longer working in 9.x [regression]
f2012/07/06ports/169671kdeeditors/calligra Spreadsheet throws and exception on exitting
f2012/07/05kern/169665gavinAdd missing smb(4)/smbus(4)/ichsmb(4) modules
f2012/06/11ports/168965cysysutils/syslog-ng installs 2 full blown scripting languages
f2012/06/11docs/168939docPort upgrade documentation missing from Application Jail
f2012/06/05ports/168709sunpoetsecurity/py-pylibacl duplicates security/py-posix1e
f2012/06/03ports/168620perlsecurity/p5-GSSAPI build fails with heimdal port in jail
f2012/05/31ports/168504alemysqlcheck (databases/mysql51-client) does not obscure password on command line
f2012/05/24misc/168299'make buildworld' fails at ' ... crtend.So'
f2012/05/23kern/168268yongari[re] if_re doesn't work if you set MAC address
f2012/05/22kern/168217yongari[bce] Watchdog timeouts with bce(4) on BCM5716
f2012/05/19kern/168152yongari[xl] Periodically, the network card xl0 stops working -- xl0: watchdog timeout
f2012/05/12kern/167827yongari[re] RTL8111/8168B Issues (stalling/only 100Mb)
f2012/05/11ports/167794portmgr[patch] Mk/ fix .zip in PATCHFILES
f2012/05/07amd64/167664gavin[boot] when i install the amd64 OS, the process will stop
f2012/05/03kern/167562pjd[geli] geli cannot use gpt labels in loader.conf
f2012/04/25ports/167282swillsnet/nss_ldap performance change causes functionality regression
f2012/04/23ports/167229bland[patch] x11/nvidia-settings: install sample tools (optionally)
f2012/04/21ports/167172noxx11/kde4 will not compile due to multimedia/libxine trying to use missing library
f2012/04/17ports/167031security/heimdal ignore environment after process call setuid/setgid
f2012/04/13kern/166909yongari[alc] NIC alc(4) does not support 1000baseTX
f2012/04/12kern/166894yongari[rl] Realtek RTL8100 keeps droping link
f2012/04/07kern/166724yongari[re] if_re watchdog timeout
f2012/04/03ports/166608portmgr[patch] fix unneccessary dependency on archivers/unzip
f2012/03/12ports/165957glewisEnabling IPv6 in port java/jdk16 disables IPv4
f2012/03/05kern/165745geom[geom] geom_multipath page fault on removed drive
f2012/03/04ports/165685xfcex11-wm/xfce4 - excessive replication of menu items
f2012/03/03ports/165642kdex11/kde4: keeps locking the screen.
f2012/03/02ports/165634chromiumwww/chromium : 17.0.963.56 doesn't show physical printer
f2012/03/01kern/165569yongari[nfe] nfe0 freezs/hangs FreeBSD 9 system after lan cable connects
f2012/02/22kern/165399jfv[igb] turn off port on SWITCH do not change status of igb
f2012/02/21ports/165366kuriyamamisc/amanda-server: amrecover showing duplicate directories
f2012/02/11bin/164982gavinsysinstall(8) core dump
f2012/02/03kern/164734[quota] 9.0 quota not working [regression]
f2012/01/21ports/164351portmgr[] [patch] fix simple race condition in making work directory
f2012/01/16bin/164210dteske[build] [patch] buildworld WITHOUT_OPENSSL stops at usr.sbin/wpa/wpa_supplicant
f2012/01/16bin/164209dteske[build] [patch] buildworld WITHOUT_OPENSSL stops at usr.sbin/wpa/hostapd
f2012/01/13bin/164094sysinstallbsdinstall(8): installer progress over 100%
f2012/01/09kern/163978[hwpmc] [patch] Loading hwpmc with an unknown cpuid causes a page fault in kernel mode.
f2012/01/07kern/163890gavinps2 keyboard not detected by kernel? [regression]
f2011/12/16usb/163328usb[usb] Support for Atheros USB abgn devices
f2011/12/01ports/162990wgnet/minidlna - requires elevated privileges
f2011/11/12kern/162509yongari[re] [panic] Kernel panic may be related to if_re.c (realtek 8168 )
f2011/11/05usb/162306usbusb devices cant get address asignation, no memories, no wireless usb, no nothing, sorry my english, am cuban
f2011/11/02kern/162256scsi[mpt] QUEUE FULL EVENT and 'mpt_cam_event: 0x0'
f2011/10/26amd64/162043gavindev.cpu.0.freq is missing [regression]
f2011/10/19usb/161793usbpoor EHCI usb2 i/o performance
f2011/10/04ports/161278andersnet/dante: getoutaddr(): address [...] selected, but not set for external interface
f2011/10/02kern/161233[build] update RELENG_8 make buildworld error gcc.
f2011/09/28bin/161113sysinstallbsdinstall(8): 9.0-BETA3: overwrites Win*-bootcodes without warning?
f2011/09/27bin/161054sysinstallbsdinstall(8): partitioner should list valid "type"s
f2011/09/25kern/161013pjd[geli] geli with HMAC/MD5 authentication fails during init/attach/use
f2011/09/20kern/160860fs[ufs] Random UFS root filesystem corruption with SU+J [regression]
f2011/09/13kern/160692FreeBSD must consider shipping with SC_PIXEL_MODE on (possibility of > 80x25 resolution)
f2011/08/19ports/159917bf[PATCH]math/scilab: fix buld with lang/gcc46, blas/lapack usage, and WITHOUT_GUI
f2011/08/16ports/159807hrsRC file for net/mrouted causes kernel panic by running before devd is up.
f2011/08/08kern/159595geom[geom] [panic] panic on gmirror unload in vbox [regression]
f2011/08/03kern/159414geom[isp] isp(4)+gmultipath(8) : removing active fiber path, and gmultipath failing over to standby path provokes a kernel panic
f2011/07/25usb/159191usb[fusefs-ntfs] write on fusefs-ntfs mounted partition returns random errors EIO, ENOENT
f2011/07/01kern/158569gavin[ahci] ROOT MOUNT ERROR (caused by AHCI module)
f2011/06/29ports/158513x11Broken Xvideo in x11-drivers/xf86-video-intel drivers for i845G & i865G
f2011/06/28kern/158391gavin[pci] Resource allocation issues with hda/ath
f2011/06/24i386/158264gavinIntel Motherboard S5500BCR shut down and power on after some time working.
f2011/06/23kern/158201yongari[re] re0 driver quit working on Acer AO751h between 8.0 and 8.2 (also 9.0) [regression]
f2011/06/16kern/157932gavin[cas] loading CAS4 at boot hangs system
f2011/06/16kern/157929fs[nfs] NFS slow read
f2011/06/12kern/157802net[dummynet] [panic] kernel panic in dummynet
f2011/06/03ports/157554apachewww/apache22: Apache RLimitNPROC does not work as intended because Kernel counts process differently
f2011/05/30kern/157429yongari[re] Realtek RTL8169 doesn't work with re(4)
f2011/05/29ports/157392mariussysutils/cdrtools can't burn DVDs correctly
f2011/05/03kern/156799gavinHEAD panic: Multiple IRQs for PCI interrupt 0.31.INTA: 19 and 16
f2011/04/30usb/156735usbNeed Quirk for Goflex USB Disk Drives
f2011/04/28kern/156691emulation[vmware] [panic] panic when using hard disks as RAW devices within VMWare ESXi 4.1-u1
f2011/04/07kern/156241hardware[mfi] 'zfs send' does not prevents disks to suspend if no other activity
f2011/04/04docs/156187doc[handbook] [patch] Add bsnmpd to handbook
f2011/03/28usb/155996usbNanoBSD not booted as Disk
f2011/03/26ports/155949geckowww/firefox: firefox 4, WITH_PGO, better Text against DISPLAY problem
f2011/03/25kern/155927ipfw[ipfw] ipfw stops to check packets for compliance with the rules, letting everything Rules
f2011/03/19ports/155696x11[patch] x11-servers/xorg-server: chase AIGLX altered default value in xorg.conf(5)
f2011/03/08kern/155370wxs[libpcap] [patch] description string is broken
f2011/03/07ports/155335mimultimedia/vic is out of date
f2011/02/24kern/155004yongari[bce] [panic] kernel panic in bce0 driver
f2010/12/29kern/153514usb[cam] [panic] CAM related panic
f2010/12/19kern/153289gavinModem Ring Signal not reliably detected
f2010/12/10i386/153003gavin[panic] Cant boot PCBSD-CURRENT-20101204x86CD.iso Dec06 17:01
f2010/12/08bin/152909gavinscp mistake file to directory
f2010/11/21bin/152458hrsrtadvd(8) needs to allow RA without a prefix info option
f2010/11/10amd64/152097gavinSound button in Lenovo T61p mutes sound in kde
f2010/11/03kern/151910pjd[zfs] booting from raidz/raidz2 on ciss(4) doesn't work
f2010/10/02ports/151154kdeaudio/amarok-kde4 crashes on network activity if ports openssl is installed
f2010/09/17kern/150640[panic] Fatal Trap 9 - 8.1-release
f2010/08/26kern/150023gavin[rl] Adding only vlan interfaces (no native IP) doesn't work
f2010/08/25kern/149969net[wlan] [ral] ralink rt2661 fails to maintain connection
f2010/07/20ports/148783portmgr[] [patch] add LATEST_LINK and CONFLICTS to INDEX
f2010/06/29ports/148244gnomex11/gnome2: gnome desktop and HAL prevent umount without '-f'
f2010/06/28bin/148220sysinstallsysinstall(8): 9.0-current gets "Cannot resolv hostname" during install [regression]
f2010/06/24ports/148096linimonemulators/linux_base-* can not be built from ports on amd64
f2010/06/05java/147512javaCrash of RXTX-2.1-7 on AMD64 system
f2010/05/30www/147233bugmeistersend-pr fails with HTTP error 417 in Opera 10.10 for Linux
f2010/05/27kern/147102hrs[ip6] route6d deletes site-local routes
f2010/05/21kern/146792net[flowtable] flowcleaner 100% cpu's core load
f2010/05/08kern/146394net[vlan] IP source address for outgoing connections
f2010/05/05conf/146334desOpenSSH 5.4 AuthorizedKeysFile bad syntax in sshd_config
f2010/04/27www/146089wwwOn some IPv6 mirror sites do not work
f2010/04/26usb/146054usb[urtw] [usb8] urtw driver potentially out of date
f2010/04/18kern/145802pjd[zfs] page fault under load
f2010/04/08usb/145513usb[usb8] New USB stack: no new devices after forced usb flash detach
f2010/04/03kern/145339pjd[zfs] deadlock after detaching block device from raidz pool
f2010/04/03bin/145309fsbsdlabel: Editing disk label invalidates the whole device
f2010/03/27i386/145079i386[boot] BTX halted on P3 server
f2010/03/22i386/144956i386[boot] Early minute-plus delay in boot on Intel Nehalem system
f2010/03/21kern/144938usb[keyboard] [boot] Boot Failure with Apple (MB869LL/A) Keyboard
f2010/03/20kern/144917net[flowtable] [panic] flowtable crashes system [regression]
f2010/02/26kern/144315net[ipfw] [panic] freebsd 8-stable reboot after add ipfw rules with netgraph ng_car
f2010/02/15kern/143973ipfw[ipfw] [panic] ipfw forward option causes kernel reboot
f2010/02/06usb/143620usb[cdce] [usb8] the module if_cdce doesn't support my Openmoko Neo FreeRunner anymore [regression]
f2010/01/27usb/143294usb[usb8] copying process stops at some time (10 - 50 seconds) from usb disk only nForce motherboards in 8.0-RELEASE/STABLE
f2010/01/21kern/143069xen[xen] [panic] Xen Kernel Panic - Memory modified after free (8.0-RELEASE)
f2010/01/19usb/142989usb[usb8] canon eos 50D attaches but detaches after few seconds (1 - 4)
f2010/01/19usb/142957usb[umass] [usb8] [patch] patch for USB disk SYNCHRONIZE CACHE problem
f2010/01/11kern/142624gavinSending large chunks of data fails
f2010/01/09kern/142518net[em] [lagg] Problem on 8.0-STABLE with em and lagg
f2010/01/03usb/142276usb[umass] [usb8] Cache Synchronization Error with Olympus FE210 Camera
f2009/12/18kern/141756gavin[mmc] MMC card attached to <RICOH R5C822> blocks keyboards
f2009/12/18kern/141741netEtherlink III NIC won't work after upgrade to FBSD 8, If I run tcpdump - it works.
f2009/12/17kern/141718pjd[zfs] [panic] kernel panic when 'zfs rename' is used on mounted snapshot
f2009/12/16usb/141680usb[uath] [usb8] Netgear WG111T not working with uath driver
f2009/12/15misc/141652gavin[install] 8.0 install fails from USB memstick because /dev/da0s1b is missing
f2009/12/09usb/141313thompsa[usb8] nvidia USB 2.0 controller - stops copying on USB [regression]
f2009/11/26bin/140900gavin[geom_part] sysinstall(8) problems: "unable to make device node"
f2009/11/24kern/140836gavin[geom_part]? - failed to upgrade to 8.0-RELEASE
f2009/11/17kern/140634net[vlan] destroying if_lagg interface with if_vlan members causing 100% usage by ifconfig
f2009/10/21kern/139811gavinFreeBSD did not recognize Intel Gigabit ET Dual Port Srvr Adpt network adapter from intel with chipset 897654
f2009/10/13kern/139576ed[syscons] [patch] blink screen too noisy
f2009/10/11kern/139510pjd[geom] [2tb] gmirror disappears after boot on 2T disks
f2009/09/18kern/138944emulation[parallels] [regression] Parallels no longer works in FreeBSD 8 Beta
f2009/08/30bin/138331FreeBSD 8.0-beta3 wpa_supplicant(8) lost auth
f2009/08/26i386/138211gavin[loader] Boot fails on Intel X5550
f2009/08/21kern/138029net[bpf] [panic] periodically kernel panic and reboot
f2009/08/02bin/137365[patch] let last(1) read from stdin via "-f -"
f2009/07/27usb/137190usb[usb8][patch] inhibit spurious button releases for some complex mices
f2009/06/23i386/135961gavin[boot] booting WRAP and Soekris fails from PXE, boot0 and boot0sio
f2009/06/17kern/135667xenufs filesystem corruption on XEN DomU system
f2009/06/09kern/135421xen[xen] FreeBSD Xen PVM DomU network failure - netfronc.c driver crashes when downloading/uploading files
f2009/06/03usb/135200usbSAMSUNG i740 usb mass: Synchronize cache failed, status == 0x39, scsi status == 0x0
f2009/06/02kern/135178xen[xen] Xen domU outgoing data transfer stall when TSO is enabled
f2009/05/24bin/134907vweboot0cfg(8): choose / adjust the booting slice doesn't work with boot0cfg -s disk
f2009/05/10kern/134407gavin[hang] freebsd 7.x freezes with the livefs or install cd n.1
f2009/05/10kern/134398gavin[ata] problems with udma modes on atapi ixp600
f2009/05/02kern/134168gavin[ral] ral driver problem on RT2525 2.4GHz transceiver + RT2560 MAC/BBP wireless
f2009/04/30kern/134105gavinrl(4) Realtek 8110SC with device ID 0x814910ec not detected
f2009/04/16kern/133768gavin[panic] MONITOR PANIC: vcpu-0:VMM64 DoubleFault src=MONITOR @ rip=0xfffffffffc24e530 rsp=0xfffffffffc001000 regs=0xfffffffffc048f40 (0xfffffffffc24e9f1,0xfffffffffc24e530)While Powering ON FreeBSD 7.1 -64bit guest with 64GB RAM
f2009/03/30kern/133213netarp and sshd errors on 7.1-PRERELEASE
f2009/03/11i386/132535gavin[acpi] if ACPI enabled, i can't change brightness level on Acer Extensa 5620 laptop
f2009/02/17kern/131798gavin[ukbd] usb keyboard doesn't work with motherboard intel dp5sg
f2009/02/10kern/131571gavin[apic] [panic] Running with APIC enabled crashes a Supermicro server running 7.0/7.1
f2009/01/28kern/131087bschmidt[ipw] [panic] ipw / iwi - no sent/received packets; iwi needs to be restarted; ipw / iwi causes kernel panic
f2009/01/25kern/130982gavin[install] The installation hangs
f2009/01/24kern/130941gavin[panic] [cd9660] [geom] unexpected crash due to page fault
f2009/01/21kern/130820net[ndis] wpa_supplicant(8) returns 'no space on device'
f2009/01/11amd64/130365gavin[ata] Elitegroup A780GM-A Chipset:AMD 780G&SB700 IDE controller not recognized
f2008/12/31usb/130076vwePanic when connecting USB camera
f2008/12/30kern/130059net[panic] Leaking 50k mbufs/hour
f2008/12/19usb/129766usb[usb] [panic] plugging in usb modem HUAWEI E226 panics system
f2008/12/17kern/129719net[nfs] [panic] Panic during shutdown, tcp_ctloutput: inp == NULL
f2008/12/12kern/129602scsi[ahd] ahd(4) gets confused and wedges SCSI bus
f2008/12/08kern/129508net[carp] [panic] Kernel panic with EtherIP (may be related to SVN commit 178025)
f2008/11/21kern/129040gavin[install] Lockup during boot - Cannot install the OS
f2008/11/18ports/128972cyPort security/krb5 has a linking problem when compiled against base openssl
f2008/11/10usb/128745usb[zyd] zyd theoretically supported usb device makes kernel panic
f2008/11/06kern/128633pjd[zfs] [lor] lock order reversal in zfs
f2008/11/01kern/128514pjd[zfs] [mpt] problems with ZFS and LSILogic SAS/SATA Adapter
f2008/10/23kern/128308gavin[psm] psm0 cause page fault
f2008/10/21kern/128282gavin[mpt] system failure on removing two drives
f2008/10/17threads/128180attiliopthread_cond_broadcast(3) lost wakeup
f2008/10/14bin/128088vwewho(1) not listing all logged in users.
f2008/10/07kern/127910vwe[nfe] FBSD-7.0 amd64 nfe ethernet not completely working
f2008/09/29bin/127719net[arp] arp: Segmentation fault (core dumped)
f2008/09/25amd64/127640linimon[amd64] gcc(1) will not build shared libraries with -fprofile-generate on amd64
f2008/09/21kern/127528net[icmp]: icmp socket receives icmp replies not owned by the process.
f2008/09/19kern/127492pjd[zfs] System hang on ZFS input-output
f2008/09/06kern/127145net[wi]: prism (wi) driver crash at bigger traffic
f2008/07/09usb/125450usb[panic] Removing USB flash card while being accessed causes kernel panic, even without device mounted
f2008/06/12i386/124516xen[xen] FreeBSD-CURRENT Xen Kernel Segfaults when configuring apache
f2008/05/25i386/123990i386[boot] BTX halted on Thinkpad x60s
f2008/05/25i386/123981re[pxeboot] You can't usefully PXEBOOT the 7.0-RELEASE-i386-livefs.iso image
f2008/05/14kern/123674scsi[ahc] ahc driver dumping
f2008/05/12kern/123617andre[tcp] breaking connection when client downloading files from server
f2008/04/24docs/123038trhodes[patch] update to projects/c99/index.sgml
f2008/04/21kern/122963ipfw[ipfw] tcpdump does not show packets redirected by 'ipfw fwd' on proper interface
f2008/04/18kern/122888pjd[zfs] zfs hang w/ prefetch on, zil off while running transmission-daemon
f2008/04/18kern/122880vwe[hang] Kernel lock-up during 7.0 installation disc boot up on motherboard w/ AMD 780G chipset
f2008/04/15kern/122780net[lagg] tcpdump on lagg interface during high pps wedges netcode
f2008/04/06kern/122493gavin[boot] BTX Halted - Cause is Promise Fastrack SATA PCI 4 Port card
f2008/03/31misc/122300kensmith[build] [patch] SEPARATE_LIVEFS arch dependent set but unclear
f2008/03/25kern/122082rwatson[tcp] NULL pointer dereference in in_pcbdrop
f2008/03/24docs/122052docminor update on handbook section 20.7.1
f2008/03/22kern/121962[sound] [snd_emu10k1] [panic] Kernel panics with device polling and snd_emu10k1.ko enabled and network load
f2008/03/13kern/121660adrian[hwpmc] [patch] hwpmc(4) incorrectly handles PMC sampling events from AMD
f2008/02/18usb/120786usb[usb] [panic] Kernel panic when forced umount of a dettached USB Harddisk
f2008/02/04kern/120270[crypto] [patch] AES-192 and AES-256 support for HW-accellerators ie. Hifn 795x / and OpenSSL engine 0.9.8e to _default_ use Cryptodev
f2008/01/10kern/119516net[ip6] [panic] _mtx_lock_sleep: recursed on non-recursive mutex rtentry @ /usr/src/sys/net/route.c:1287
f2007/12/19misc/118855pjd[zfs] ZFS-related commands are nonfunctional in fixit shell.
f2007/11/26conf/118255rcsavecore never finding kernel core dumps (rcorder problem)
f2007/11/19kern/118128oleg[dummynet] Dummynet cause kernel trap or system freeze
f2007/11/09conf/117935rc[patch] ppp fails to start at boot because of missing ldconfig initialization
f2007/10/13usb/117150usb[zyd] usb zyd device under moderate load panics system
f2007/07/22kern/114808[panic] Kernel panic when use USB SpeedTouch ADSL modem (net/pppoa)
f2007/06/21conf/113915rc[ndis] [patch] ndis wireless driver fails to associate when interface set to WPA
f2007/02/16docs/109226doc[request] No manual entry for sntp
f2007/01/22kern/108197net[panic] [gif] [ip6] if_delmulti reference counting panic
f2007/01/03kern/107446gavinproblems with usb and fw disks
f2006/11/20conf/105689rc[ppp] [request] syslogd starts too late at boot
f2006/11/09kern/105348wireless[ath] ath device stopps TX
f2006/11/04conf/105145rc[ppp] [patch] [request] add redial function to rc.d/ppp
f2006/10/18conf/104549rc[patch] rc.d/nfsd needs special _find_processes function
f2006/04/25i386/96302gavin[ata] nVidia nForce CK804 SATA300 controller not recognizing SATA CD-ROM drive
f2006/04/24kern/96268net[socket] TCP socket performance drops by 3000% if packets are split at the first byte
f2006/04/13gnu/95691GDB segfaults on my programme in both FreeBSD 6 and 5
f2006/02/15kern/93378net[tcp] Slow data transfer in Postfix and Cyrus IMAP (workaround known)
f2006/01/30conf/92523rc[patch] allow rc scripts to kill process after a timeout
f2006/01/17usb/91896usbcamcontrol(8): Serial Number of USB Memory Sticks is not passed through to "camcontrol inquiry" command
f2006/01/07kern/91476gavin[fdc] [patch] floppy drive doesn't work in MS Virtual Server 2005 R2
f2005/12/30bin/91101edwin[patch] whereis(1): make more readable
f2005/10/13kern/87368bde[msdosfs] fat32 is very slow
f2005/10/10usb/87224usb[usb] Cannot mount USB Zip750
f2005/09/02i386/85656jhb[i386] [patch] expose more i386 specific CPU information
f2005/09/02i386/85655jhb[i386] [patch] expose cpu info for i386 systems
f2005/06/20kern/82456gavin[ral] WITNESS warning/backtrace in if_ral
f2005/04/17usb/80040usb[sound] [hang] Use of sound mixer causes system freeze with uaudio driver
f2004/09/06usb/71417usb[ugen] Cryptoflex e-gate USB token (ugen0) communication problem
f2004/09/06usb/71416usb[ugen] Cryptoflex e-gate USB token (ugen0) detach is not working in usbd
f2004/08/21kern/70753gavin[boot] Device for firewire hard disk not created in time for mount root
f2004/02/15bin/62885despam_radius(8) doesn't maintain multiple state fields
f2003/09/16conf/56934rc[patch] rc.firewall rules for natd expect an interface, but it can be an address
f2003/03/19bin/50118edwincalendar(1) dumps core if there is ./calendar/
f2003/03/06kern/48976gavin[modules] nwfs.ko oddity
f2002/03/04misc/35542bde[build] [patch] BDECFLAGS needs -U__STRICT_ANSI__
f2001/02/08kern/24959net[patch] proper TCP_NOPUSH/TCP_CORK compatibility
f2001/01/25kern/24629harting_socket failes to declare connected data sockets as connected.
f1999/09/16conf/13775rcmulti-user boot may hang in NIS environment
438 problems total.