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List of PRs submitted by vendors and OEMs

Generated Fri May 30 06:35:35 2014 UTC by

On occasion, FreeBSD receives Problem Reports either from vendors (such as chip-makers) or OEMs (people that incorporate FreeBSD into their products). This report, maintained by the bugbusting team, hopes to highlight these PRs. Note: there is not any way for GNATS to search the PR database for email addresses, so this list is manually maintained.

It is generated from this file once per day.

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Note: closed PRs will be automagically filtered out.

o2010/01/16kern/142878fs[zfs] [vfs] lock order reversal
o2009/11/17kern/140647jfv[em] [patch] e1000 driver does not correctly handle multicast promiscuous mode with 128 or more multicast addresses
o2009/09/11i386/138737[endian] [patch] Patch for bswap64(9) operation on IA [vendor]
o2009/02/25usb/132080usb[patch] [usb] [rum] [panic] Kernel panic after NOMEM caused by rum card
o2009/01/17kern/130657gnn[ip6] [patch] ipv6 class option
o2008/10/13kern/128040[pccbb] [patch] System hangs when PCMCIA-CF adapter plugged into cardbus slot
o2008/10/13kern/128037[pccbb] [patch] System hang on shutdown with PCMCIA-CF adapter inserted
o2008/10/13kern/128036[sio] [patch] serial console mostly ignores typein to restart after shutdown
o2008/07/11kern/125496[ar] [patch] free memory on ataraid module unload
o2008/06/20kern/124777usb[ucom] USB cua devices don't revert to tty devices when they are closed
a2008/05/03kern/123358[ipfw] ipfw add 1000 allow IP from any to any doesn't work
o2007/11/27i386/118285[i386] Segmentation fault in reloc_non_plt.
o2007/05/16kern/112702jfv[em] em driver doesn't use MSI on MSI capable device
o2007/03/11kern/110199jmg[kqueue] [patch] kqueue_register doesn't update the knote flags (kn_flags)
p2006/12/14kern/106722melifaro[net] [patch] ifconfig may not connect an interface to known network
o2006/07/19kern/100519net[netisr] suggestion to fix suboptimal network polling
o2006/10/31kern/104978jfv[em] jumbo frames has been broken in RELENG_6 by last commit
o2006/10/14kern/104406fs[ufs] Processes get stuck in "ufs" state under persistent CPU load
o2006/08/11kern/101819[ar] [patch] ata driver wrongly determines type RAID on ICH7R (LSI v3 embedded MegaRAID)
o2006/05/08kern/96999[procfs] [patch] procfs reports incorrect information about private resident memory size
o2006/02/27kern/93887[kernel] cpu_spinwait calls missing in subr_smp.c
o2005/09/23bin/86485[patch] hexdump(1): hexdump -s speedup on /dev
a2005/09/23standards/86484standards[patch] mkfifo(1) uses wrong permissions
o2005/02/17bin/77651[patch] init(8) can lose shutdown related signals
o2004/08/12bin/70336telnetd(8) always exits with value 1
o2004/08/12bin/70335inetd(8) inconsistent syslog behavior when max children configured in inetd.conf
o2004/05/07standards/66357standardsmake POSIX conformance problem ('sh -e' & '+' command-line)
o2002/04/01kern/36626login_cap(3) incorrectly claims that all resources freed.
o2002/02/22bin/35214obriendump(8) program hangs while exiting
o2001/04/23bin/26803fetch(1) Fix fetch to allow FTP puts in '-o' & allow '@' sign in URL
o2000/07/13gnu/19882obrienld does not detect all undefined symbols!
31 problems total.