IPv6 Conformance Test For IPv6 Specification

Tool Version :REL_3_3_2
Test Program Version :REL_2_1_1

Start:2011/10/23 22:49:52
End :2011/10/23 23:05:28

No.Title ResultLogScriptPacketDump



IPv6 Header Members

2Source and Destination Address (ping)PASSXXXLink0
3Source and Destination Address (ping over Router)Router OnlyXXXLink0 Link1

Next Header

4Unrecognized Next Header in IPv6 HeaderPASSXXXLink0
5No Next Header in IPv6 HeaderRouter OnlyXXXLink0 Link1

Payload Length

6Payload Length is Odd valuePASSXXXLink0
7Payload Length is Odd value over RouterRouter OnlyXXXLink0 Link1

Traffic Class

8Traffic Class Non-ZeroPASSXXXLink0
9Traffic Class Non-Zero over RouterRouter OnlyXXXLink0 Link1

Flow Label

10Flow Label Non-ZeroPASSXXXLink0
11Flow Label Non-Zero over RouterRouter OnlyXXXLink0 Link1

Hop Limit

12Hop Limit 0PASSXXXLink0
13Hop Limit 0 to RouterRouter OnlyXXXLink0 Link1
14Hop Limit 1 to RouterRouter OnlyXXXLink0 Link1

Extension Header Members

15Unrecognized Next Header in Extension HeaderPASSXXXLink0
16Hop-by-Hop Options Header PositionPASSXXXLink0

Destination Options Header

17Destination Options Header Pad1 OptionPASSXXXLink0
18Destination Options Header PadN OptionPASSXXXLink0
19Destination Options Header Unrecognized Option (00)PASSXXXLink0
20Destination Options Header Unrecognized Option (01)PASSXXXLink0
21Destination Options Header Unrecognized Option (10)PASSXXXLink0
22Destination Options Header Unrecognized Option (10) to Multicast AddressPASSXXXLink0
23Destination Options Header Unrecognized Option (11)PASSXXXLink0
24Destination Options Header Unrecognized Option (11) to Multicast AddressPASSXXXLink0

Hop-by-Hop Options Header

25Hop-by-Hop Options Header Pad1 OptionPASSXXXLink0
26Hop-by-Hop Options Header PadN OptionPASSXXXLink0
27Hop-by-Hop Options Header Unrecognized Option (00)PASSXXXLink0
28Hop-by-Hop Options Header Unrecognized Option (01)PASSXXXLink0
29Hop-by-Hop Options Header Unrecognized Option (10)PASSXXXLink0
30Hop-by-Hop Options Header Unrecognized Option (10) to Multicast AddressPASSXXXLink0
31Hop-by-Hop Options Header Unrecognized Option (11)PASSXXXLink0
32Hop-by-Hop Options Header Unrecognized Option (11) to Multicast AddressPASSXXXLink0

Fragment Header

33--- Fragment Test Preparation-XX-Link0
34Fragment Reassembly (normal order)PASSXXXLink0
35--- Fragment Test Preparation-XX-Link0
36Fragment Reassembly (reverse order)PASSXXXLink0
37--- Fragment Test Preparation-XX-Link0
38Fragment Reassembly (needless fragment header)PASSXXXLink0
39--- Fragment Test Preparation-XX-Link0
40Fragment Reassembly (Payload size = 65535)PASSXXXLink0
41--- Fragment Test Preparation-XX-Link0
42Fragment Reassembly (Payload size = 65536)PASSXXXLink0
43--- Fragment Test Preparation-XX-Link0
44Fragment Reassembly (A1->B1->A2->B2)PASSXXXLink0
45--- Fragment Test Preparation-XX-Link0
46Fragment Reassembly (A1->B2->A2->B1)PASSXXXLink0
47--- Fragment Test Preparation-XX-Link0
48Fragment Reassembly (A2->B1->A1->B2)PASSXXXLink0
49--- Fragment Test Preparation-XX-Link0
50Fragment Reassembly (A2->B2->A1->B1)PASSXXXLink0
51--- Fragment Test Preparation-XX-Link0
52Fragment Reassembly Time Exceeded (1st only)PASSXXXLink0
53--- Fragment Test Preparation-XX-Link0
54Fragment Reassembly Time Exceeded (2nd only)PASSXXXLink0
55--- Fragment Test Preparation-XX-Link0
56Invalid Fragment Payload Size (not multiple of 8)PASSXXXLink0

Routing Header

57Routing Header at Host (End Node)PASSXXXLink0
58From Source Node to RouterRouter OnlyXXXLink0 Link1
59Intermediate Node (Router to Router)Router OnlyXXXLink0 Link1
60Router to Destination NodeRouter OnlyXXXLink0 Link1
61Header Ext Length is odd valueRouter OnlyXXXLink0 Link1
62Routing Type is not zeroRouter OnlyXXXLink0 Link1
63Segments Left is bigger than Address Table SizeRouter OnlyXXXLink0 Link1

IPv6 robustness test

+ IPv6 Header

64Bad IPv6 VersionPASSXXXLink0
65Bad IPv6 Payload LengthPASSXXXLink0
66Many packets with Unrecognized Next HeaderPASSXXXLink0

+ Hop-by-Hop Options Header

67Bad Hdr Ext LenPASSXXXLink0
68Bad Hdr Ext Len over RouterRouter OnlyXXXLink0 Link1
69Bad Opt Data Len - PadNPASSXXXLink0
70Bad Opt Data Len over Router - PadNRouter OnlyXXXLink0 Link1
71Many Pad OptionsPASSXXXLink0
72Many Pad Options - over RouterRouter OnlyXXXLink0

+ Routing Header

73Bad Hdr Ext LenRouter OnlyXXXLink0 Link1
74Multicast address in Routing HeaderRouter OnlyXXXLink0 Link1
75Duplicate address in Routing HeaderRouter OnlyXXXLink0 Link1
76Address Loop in Routing HeaderRouter OnlyXXXLink0 Link1

+ Fragment Header

77--- Fragment Test Preparation-XX-Link0
78Fragment packets with Overlap dataPASSXXXLink0
79--- Fragment Test Preparation-XX-Link0
80Many Fragment packets (last packet only)PASSXXXLink0

+ Destination Options Header

81Many packets with Unrecognized Next Header (1)PASSXXXLink0
82Many packets with Unrecognized Next Header (2)PASSXXXLink0
83Bad Hdr Ext LenPASSXXXLink0
84Bad Opt Data Len - PadNPASSXXXLink0
85Many Pad OptionsPASSXXXLink0
86Many Extension HeadersWARN, WhyXXXLink0

This Report was generated by TAHI IPv6 Conformance Test Suite