IPv6 Conformance Test For ICMPv6

Tool Version :REL_3_3_2
Test Program Version :REL_2_1_1

Start:2011/10/23 23:05:28
End :2011/10/23 23:12:27

No.Title ResultLogScriptPacketDump

Initializing the NUT


ICMPv6 Informational Messages

Echo request and Echo Reply

2Echo Request and Echo Reply with a link-local addressPASSXXXLink0
3Echo Request and Echo Reply with a global addressPASSXXXLink0
4Echo Request and send Echo Reply with a multicast addressPASSXXXLink0
5Check a checksum of Echo ReplyPASSXXXLink0

ICMPv6 Error Messages

Destination Unreachable

6Route UnreachableRouter OnlyXXXLink0
7Address UnreachableRouter OnlyXXXLink0
8Port Unreachable with a link-local addressPASSXXXLink0
9Port Unreachable with a global addressPASSXXXLink0

Packet Too Big

10Packet Too BigRouter OnlyXXXLink0

Time Exceeded

11--- Fragment Test PreparationPASSXX-Link0
12Time Exceeded with a link-local addressPASSXXXLink0
13--- Fragment Test PreparationPASSXX-Link0
14Time Exceeded with a global addressPASSXXXLink0

Parameter Problem

15Parameter Problem with a link-local addressPASSXXXLink0
16Parameter Problem with a global addressPASSXXXLink0

Message Processing Rules

Receiving Unknown ICMPv6 informational message

17ICMPv6 unknown type Informational messagePASSXXXLink0

Check sending ICMPv6 error message size

18Sending Parameter ProblemPASSXXXLink0
19--- Fragment Test PreparationPASSXX-Link0
20Sending Time ExceededPASSXXXLink0
21Sending Destination UnreachablePASSXXXLink0

An ICMPv6 error MUST NOT be sent

As a result of receiving an ICMPv6 error

22Receive Destination Unreachable (1)PASSXXXLink0
23Receive Destination Unreachable (2)Router OnlyXXXLink0

As a result of receiving an error multicast packet

24Receive UDP multicast packetPASSXXXLink0
25--- Fragment Test PreparationPASSXX-Link0
26Receive 1st fragmented multicast packet onlyPASSXXXLink0

This Report was generated by TAHI IPv6 Conformance Test Suite