IPv6 Conformance Test For "Default Address Selection for IPv6"

Tool Version :REL_3_3_2
Test Program Version :REL_2_1_1

Start:2011/10/24 06:27:38
End :2011/10/24 07:31:06

No.Title ResultLogScriptPacketDump



Source Address Selection

2Rule1[Prefer same address]WARN, WhyXXXLink0
3Rule1[Prefer same address] with deprecated addressWARN, WhyXXXLink0
4Rule2[Prefer appropriate scope]PASSXXXLink0
5Rule2[Prefer appropriate scope] with deprecated addressPASSXXXLink0
6Rule2[Prefer appropriate scope] with temporary addressPASSXXXLink0
7Rule3[Avoid deprecated addresses]PASSXXXLink0
8Rule3[Avoid deprecated addresses] with temporary addressPASSXXXLink0
9Rule5[Prefer outgoing interface]PASSXXXLink0 Link1
10Rule5[Prefer outgoing interface] with deprecated addressFAIL, WhyXXXLink0 Link1
11Rule5[Prefer outgoing interface] with temporary addressPASSXXXLink0 Link1
12Rule6[Prefer matching label]PASSXXXLink0
13Rule7[Prefer public addresses]PASSXXXLink0
14Rule8[Use longest matching prefix]PASSXXXLink0

Source Address Selection Examples in RFC

15Example 1 - 4[Prefer appropriate scope]PASSXXXLink0
16Example 5[Prefer same address]WARN, WhyXXXLink0
17Example 6[Prefer appropriate scope]PASSXXXLink0
18Example 7[longest-matching-prefix]PASSXXXLink0
19Example 9[prefer matching label]PASSXXXLink0
20Example 10[Prefer public addresses]PASSXXXLink0

Destination Address Selection

21Rule2[Prefer matching scope]FAIL, WhyXXXLink0
22Rule2[Prefer matching scope] with deprecated addressPASSXXXLink0
23Rule3[Avoid deprecated addresses]FAIL, WhyXXXLink0
24Rule5[Prefer matching label]PASSXXXLink0
25Rule6[Prefer higher precedence]PASSXXXLink0
26Rule8[Prefer smaller scope]FAIL, WhyXXXLink0
27Rule9[Use longest matching prefix]PASSXXXLink0
28Rule10[Otherwise, leave the order unchanged]PASSXXXLink0

Destination Address Selection Examples in RFC

29Example 4[Prefer smaller scope]FAIL, WhyXXXLink0
30Example 6[Avoid deprecated addresses]FAIL, WhyXXXLink0
31Example 7[Use longest matching prefix]PASSXXXLink0
32Example 8[Prefer matching label]PASSXXXLink0
33Example 9[Prefer higher precedence]PASSXXXLink0

Destination Address Selection with configure tunnel

34Rule7[Prefer native transport]FAIL, WhyXXXLink0



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