Conformance Test For Mobility Support in IPv6

Tool Version :REL_3_3_2
Test Program Version :REL_2_1_1

Start:2011/10/24 06:24:12
End :2011/10/24 06:25:29

No.Title ResultLogScriptPacketDump

10. Home Agent Operation

1InitializationRouter OnlyXXXLink0

10.1 Conceptual Data Structures

10.2 Processing Mobility Headers

2BE - Unrecognized MH Type valueRouter OnlyXXXLink0
3Receiving invalid BU (piggybacking)Router OnlyXXXLink0
4Receiving invalid BU (invalid checksum)Router OnlyXXXLink0

10.3 Processing Bindings

10.3.1 Primary Care-of Address Registration

(1) Valid Registration

5Receiving valid BU A=1Router OnlyXXXLink0
6Receiving valid BU A=0Router OnlyXXXLink0

(2) Invalid Registration

7Receiving invalid BU A=1 (Not home subnet)Router OnlyXXXLink0
8Receiving invalid BU A=0 (Not home subnet)Router OnlyXXXLink0
9Receiving invalid BU (piggybacking) w/ BCERouter OnlyXXXLink0

(3) Proxy DAD Succeeded

10DAD Succeeded L=0Router OnlyXXXLink0
11DAD Succeeded L=1Router OnlyXXXLink0

(4) Proxy DAD Failed

12DAD Failed L=0Router OnlyXXXLink0
13DAD Failed L=1Router OnlyXXXLink0

(5) valid SN (normal case)

14Valid sequence number A=1 SN(1st=15, 2nd=16)Router OnlyXXXLink0
15Valid sequence number A=1 SN(1st=15, 2nd=32783)Router OnlyXXXLink0

(6) invalid SN (normal case)

16Invalid sequence number A=1 SN(1st=15, 2nd=14)Router OnlyXXXLink0
17Invalid sequence number A=1 SN(1st=15, 2nd=15)Router OnlyXXXLink0
18Invalid sequence number A=1 SN(1st=15, 2nd=32784)Router OnlyXXXLink0

(7) valid SN (sequence counter overflow case)

19Valid sequence number A=1 SN(1st=32783, 2nd=32784)Router OnlyXXXLink0
20Valid sequence number A=1 SN(1st=32783, 2nd=15)Router OnlyXXXLink0

(8) invalid SN (sequence counter overflow case)

21Invalid sequence number A=1 SN(1st=32783, 2nd=32782)Router OnlyXXXLink0
22Invalid sequence number A=1 SN(1st=32783, 2nd=32783)Router OnlyXXXLink0
23Invalid sequence number A=1 SN(1st=32783, 2nd=16)Router OnlyXXXLink0

10.3.2 Primary Care-of Address De-Registration

(1) Valid De-Registration

24Valid De-Registration (Lifetime=0 & CoA!=HoA)Router OnlyXXXLink0
25Valid De-Registration (Lifetime=0 & CoA=HoA)Router OnlyXXXLink0
26Valid De-Registration (Lifetime!=0 & CoA=HoA)Router OnlyXXXLink0

(2) Invalid De-Registration

27Invalid De-Registration (Not home agent for this mobile node)Router OnlyXXXLink0

(3) Receiving Modified NS

10.4 Packet Processing

10.4.1 Intercepting Packets for a Mobile Node

(1) Sending multicast NA

28Sending multicast NA L=0Router OnlyXXXLink0
29Sending multicast NA L=1Router OnlyXXXLink0

(2) Proxy ND

30ND L=0Router OnlyXXXLink0
31ND L=1Router OnlyXXXLink0

(3) Stop Proxy ND after De-Registration

10.4.2 Tunneling Intercepted Packets

32Echo Request from MN' to HA - act as CNRouter OnlyXXXLink0
33Echo Request from CN to MN (link-local)Router OnlyXXXLink0

10.4.3 Multicast Membership Control

10.4.4 Stateful Address Autoconfiguration

10.4.5 Handling Reverse Tunneled Packets

(1) valid Reverse Tunneling

34Reverse TunnelingRouter OnlyXXXLink0

10.4.6 Protecting Return Routability Packets

10.5 Dynamic Home Agent Address Discovery

35Dynamic Home Agent Address DiscoveryRouter OnlyXXXLink0

10.5.1 Receiving Router Advertisement Messages

(1) Receiving valid RA

36Receiving Local RA Msgs w/ the Highest PrfRouter OnlyXXXLink0
37Receiving Local RA Msgs w/ the Lowest PrfRouter OnlyXXXLink0
38Receiving Local RA Msgs w/ Lifetime=0Router OnlyXXXLink0
39Receiving Local RA Msgs w/ Prfs (NUT, HA1, HA2)Router OnlyXXXLink0
40Receiving Local RA Msgs w/ Prfs (NUT, HA2, HA1)Router OnlyXXXLink0
41Receiving Local RA Msgs w/ Prfs (HA1, NUT, HA2)Router OnlyXXXLink0
42Receiving Local RA Msgs w/ Prfs (HA2, NUT, HA1)Router OnlyXXXLink0
43Receiving Local RA Msgs w/ Prfs (HA1, HA2, NUT)Router OnlyXXXLink0
44Receiving Local RA Msgs w/ Prfs (HA2, HA1, NUT)Router OnlyXXXLink0

(1) Receiving invalid RA

10.6 Sending Prefix Information to the Mobile Node

45Receiving MPSRouter OnlyXXXLink0

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