Here is some FreeBSD-related stuff that I am interested in, including projects, studies, presentations, and links.


FreeBSD support schedule

Here is a graphical representation of my own interpretation of the support schedules -- both past and the proposed future ones. (See disclaimers.) You can also see the data in tabular format.

There is also a text representation of release schedules vs. ports freezes/slushes.

architecture feature map

(Unfortunately, I have not committed the time to maintain this file recently, and it is severely out-of-date)

FreeBSD sometimes gets stuck in this discussion about 'what constitutes a Tier-1 Architecture'. Rather than working from the semantics and trying to see what fits, this chart attempts to show, graphically, which features are currently implemented in which architecture, and what their status is.

proposed changes


periodic reports

STALE periodic reports



Presentations that I have done at past conferences, in chronological order:


my cobweb-filled home page

In case you're curious.

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