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This report shows all recent submitters of patches to FreeBSD, classified by category. Those who are inclued have submitted more than one patch in the particular category within the past 18 months. (Note: the PR synopsis must contain the special string '[patch]' for this trick to work.)

The links point to all their submitted PRs, not just those from the particular category. Bug: names with apostrophes do not work yet.

Category index:  bin conf docs i386 kern usb www 

For category bin:

6 Fabian Keil Fabian Keil
5 Garrett Cooper Garrett Cooper
4 Eugene Grosbein Eugene Grosbein
3 Stefan Neudorf Stefan Neudorf
3 Olivier Cochard-Labbe Olivier Cochard-Labbe
3 Luiz Otavio O Souza Luiz Otavio O Souza
3 Guy Yur Guy Yur
3 Fernando Fernando
3 Christian Weisgerber Christian Weisgerber
2 Yuri Yuri
2 Petr Lampa Petr Lampa
2 Oliver Fromme Oliver Fromme
2 Matthew D. Fuller Matthew D. Fuller
2 Makoto Kishimoto Makoto Kishimoto
2 Jan Beich Jan Beich
2 J.R. Oldroyd J.R. Oldroyd
2 Henning Petersen Henning Petersen
2 Daniel Shahaf Daniel Shahaf
2 Andrey Simonenko Andrey Simonenko

For category conf:

17 Garrett Cooper Garrett Cooper
3 Alex Kozlov Alex Kozlov
2 Kimmo Paasiala Kimmo Paasiala
2 Jason Unovitch Jason Unovitch

For category docs:

11 Jason Helfman Jason Helfman
6 Björn Heidotting Björn Heidotting
4 Allan Jude Allan Jude
3 Garrett Cooper Garrett Cooper
3 Fernando Fernando
3 Bas Smeelen Bas Smeelen
3 Alex Weber Alex Weber
2 nemysis nemysis
2 Olli Hauer Olli Hauer
2 Jack-Benny Persson Jack-Benny Persson
2 Hiren Panchasara Hiren Panchasara

For category i386:

For category kern:

10 Christoph Mallon Christoph Mallon
9 hiren panchasara hiren panchasara
8 Sven-Thorsten Dietrich Sven-Thorsten Dietrich
6 Yuri Yuri
5 Eugene Grosbein Eugene Grosbein
4 Mike Karels Mike Karels
4 Luiz Otavio O Souza Luiz Otavio O Souza
4 Jukka Ukkonen Jukka Ukkonen
4 Hiren Panchasara Hiren Panchasara
4 Andrey Simonenko Andrey Simonenko
3 Olivier Cochard-Labbe Olivier Cochard-Labbe
3 Michael Gmelin Michael Gmelin
3 Kajetan Staszkiewicz Kajetan Staszkiewicz
3 Jeremy Chadwick Jeremy Chadwick
3 Jan Beich Jan Beich
3 Garrett Cooper Garrett Cooper
3 Christian Weisgerber Christian Weisgerber
3 Adam Nowacki Adam Nowacki
2 Shahar Klein Shahar Klein
2 Raphael Kubo da Costa Raphael Kubo da Costa
2 Oliver Pinter Oliver Pinter
2 Nicholas Wilson Nicholas Wilson
2 Marcelo Araujo Marcelo Araujo
2 Keith White Keith White
2 Keith Sklower Keith Sklower
2 Karim Fodil-Lemelin Karim Fodil-Lemelin
2 Fedor Indutny Fedor Indutny
2 Bernd Walter Bernd Walter
2 Alexander Alexander

For category usb:

For category www:

Note: as of yet no effort is made to identify people who are already FreeBSD committers.

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