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miscellaneous ports links

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port experiments

At one time I was working on some code that performed a similar function to Edwin's survey. At the current time, it is still a total hack, but if you're interested, see finance.out and sysutils.out.

port distfiles

distfile for games/xgalaga (original mastersite disappeared)

Here is the backup distfile for net/hinfo for which the master site,, is generally unreachable from the FreeBSD build machines. Complain to the original author if you like; but note, he is the most aggressive person in terms of blocking mail I've ever encountered, and once you're on his block list (even if it's because you're in a /24 that once had one spammer in it!), there is no reasonable way to get off of it.

(I, of course, cannot complain to him about this directly. Every email account I've ever had cannot reach the man. Nevertheless, the utility itself is useful, even if he's a crank.)

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