Author: Mark Linimon Last updated: Wed Jan 18 13:13:38 CST 2012

Here are some unofficial graphs of the current proposed FreeBSD release and support schedule, based on current published data.

For purposes of this chart, I am using "QA" to mean "the time between when a CVS branch is frozen and a release is made"; I am using "support" to indicate support of a release by the Security Team. (No other developers are necessarily committed to supporting anything they don't wish to.) See the notes for more information.

Disclaimer: I am on neither re@ nor core@ nor secteam@ and as such this document is completely unofficial.

schedule showing full lifetimes of RELENG-7/8/9

Current proposed FreeBSD support schedule graph -- overall

schedule based around RELENG-7 lifetime

Current proposed FreeBSD support schedule graph -- based on 7-STABLE

historical support data based around RELENG-6 lifetime

(note: does not show all overlap)

Historical FreeBSD support data graph -- based on 6-STABLE


See the data in tabular notation, including notes about the methodology.

The data for releases previous to 4.5, and for 5.0-DP1 and 5.0-DP2, are harder to figure out.