Known Problems

This page covers news and information on using XFree86's Direct Rendering Infrastructure on FreeBSD and NetBSD systems. NVIDIA issues are not covered here, because they do not use the DRI in any way.

If you have questions after reading through this, read the FAQ, Troubleshooting, and Problems sections again, then email me at if that hasn't helped. If you are asking for support, include everything you possibly think would be important about your system, probably including card, release version, X version and source (ports or CVS with branch and date), Glide version if applicable, which (if any) diffs you applied, boot log (dmesg, see the submit status page for a grep to get relevant info), XFree log (/var/log/XFree86.0.log), and LIBGL_DEBUG=verbose glxinfo log, and your process (exact as possible) for configuring/installing.

TODO: (please help)

  • Port the i810 driver
  • Get NetBSD's X Server to load modules automatically
  • Use busdma for ati_pcigart.h and drm_scatter.h and pci DMA.
  • Fix the problem of not being able to intialize the DRM on the second running of the X Server.