2004-08-14: Been busy with X.Org. Plan on updating this page soon. Note that I plan on removing this hideous misfeature from the set of xorg packages for the next release, as many distributions will be doing.

2003-03-11: Committed the 4.3.0 update to ports. Please test and reply if you find any problems in the updated ports.

2003-03-11: The -13 diff was bad (didn't include the ports under x11/), so -14 is up.

2003-03-10: Updated diff to -13, including fixes for things that I had broken in the previous updates (xwave, maybe xbl), and the update for linux_dri to 4.3.0.

2003-03-04: Uploaded more diffs of X 4.3.0 ports. Current (-7) diff contains updates for all of the ports, tested on -current with a radeon. Just a few more todo entries left.

2003-03-03: Uploaded my current diff of X 4.3.0 ports.

2003-02-24: Been somewhat burned out after the Xft commit, haven't worked on updating the X ports. Getting work done is hard anyway because our great IT department has decided that dorm internet should be lower priority than anywhere else on campus, making work that involves hitting the internet essentially impossible. This download is flying by at a blazing 461.42B/s and there is 50% packet loss and an average of 1.7 second latency pinging the router. Mail is down on a regular basis, when it isn't an open relay and put on blackhole lists.

2003-02-09: Mostly been working on DRI stuff, including working with Erik Reid on NetBSD DRI (it's working for the same cards as FreeBSD now!). Updated the X ports to and fixed some packaging issues, and made updated fonts ports. Also, posted the Xft unrenaming diff, which is required for the ports.

2003-01-13: Worked on the DRI, got it nearly working on alpha (glide problems stopped me). Posted the DRM patch for 4.3.

2003-01-15: Updated the ports, now there's the new colored cursors, for better or worse.

2003-01-12: Updated the ports, added -clients and -documents. The -Servers problem is fixed so we're at 20030109. The other *Servers are the next project. Got DRI working on the r200 with this, and got some q3a installed. Things worked pretty decently, but unfortunately I've lost my q3a cd key so I couldn't go for the net play.

2003-01-11: Updated the ports in the files section. -libraries has had its plist mostly updated, -Servers is started. The locale updates are in. The 20030109 version is stalled due to some DRI compile breakage.

2003-01-09: First entry in this fledgling site. I've posted what I've done for the 4.3 ports so far in Files/PRs to the left. The pkg-plist is not updated, and there are recursive dependencies until 5.0 is out the door and fontconfig can get updated in ports. Also, please check out the todo list and see if there's anything that catches your eye. I'm keeping a changelog of the interesting changes in 4.3 ports here