Changes made to the XFree86 ports for 4.3.0:
  • Removed HasSecureRPC and HasPam configurable options
  • HasGlide3 is always set to YES when DRI is enabled -- it doesn't rely on glide being installed.
  • Enabled DRI building on alpha
  • Removed XIE (X Image Extension) and PEX5, which I don't think are used by anything (disabled in redhat's XFree86).
  • Removed configurable option for XInputDrivers We should make a list of all the drivers we support and install them, not make it an option.
  • Removed many of the configurable options which nobody uses as far as I know.
  • Removed JoystickSupport. This could be resurrected if anyone out there uses it, but I'm told it's broken and has been broken for some time.
  • Removed the (linux-specific) fbdev driver
  • Removed stripping of XFree86 binary?
  • Removed xrx plugin, which I don't think anyone uses
  • Removed mga hal module, which I've heard doesn't work any more.
  • Removed Xft from XFree86-4-libraries. It is supplied by x11-fonts/Xft
  • Moved many of the options related to the ports system (png, expat, fontconfig, etc.) to imake-4