Q: What is mga_hal, what does the MGA HAL do?

A: The MGA hal is a closed-source hardware access library from Matrox. XFree86 includes the ability to make a loadable module using this library to add features to XFree86's Matrox support. If the loadable module is present it enables TV Out and dualhead for G400 cards (non-G400 dualhead cards don't need it). If it isn't found, an error message is printed about it being missing but it's not a problem unless you need these features.

Q: When I run mozilla (or some other app), it often causes X to crash with signal 6

A: Often these problems are due to bad fonts being installed. Try deinstalling any extra fonts besides those distributed with X and then slowly reinstalling and seeing which is the problem.

Q: In my log I've got complaints about unresolved symbols

A: This is a common mistake in XFree86 modules. Please send me a log and I'll try to make a patch for it. The one I'm ignoring is xf86InterpretEDID, which is not really a problem.