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linux-v4l2-8.2-test.patch2011-May-03 19:40:4887.1Ktext/plain
linux-v4l2-test.patch2011-Apr-22 09:15:5086.2Ktext/plain
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linux_v4l2wrapper-kmod.shar2011-May-07 11:34:564.6Ktext/plain
patch-vdr-1.7.15-record-teletext.txt2010-Jul-10 15:49:364.8Ktext/plain
patch-vdr-infosatepg-altchannel.txt2010-Jul-10 15:42:061.9Ktext/plain
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vdr-20110206a.shar2011-Feb-06 16:45:19294.4Ktext/plain
vdr-20110219a.shar2011-Feb-19 16:37:09295.7Ktext/plain
vdr-20110307a.shar2011-Mar-07 20:34:01298.5Ktext/plain
vdr-20110317a.shar2011-Mar-17 19:41:34299.6Ktext/plain
vdrdevel-CFT-20110108a.shar2011-Jan-08 22:38:28294.8Ktext/plain
vdrdevel-preliminary-20100710a.shar2010-Jul-10 15:41:42195.5Ktext/plain
vdrdevel-preliminary-20100718a.shar2010-Jul-18 20:50:21197.4Ktext/plain
vdrdevel-preliminary-20101019a.shar2010-Oct-19 17:26:07243.8Ktext/plain
vdrdevel-preliminary-20101114a.shar2010-Nov-14 16:24:33241.8Ktext/plain
vdrdevel-preliminary-20101125a.shar2010-Nov-25 19:55:50245.3Ktext/plain
Threads about using a midi keyboard with FreeBSD: (ardour3 svn snapshot
port; the jack update has been committed in the meantime)

Update to ardour3 r10465 with notes about raptor/raptor2 conflicts
and updates for textproc/liblrdf and audio/slv2:

Thread about about another webcamd svn update that adds /dev/input
support for some usb tablet supported on Linux and about an
x11-drivers/input-wacom update that I prepared and tested with a
Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch and graphics/mypaint:

Thread about my xbmc pvr snaphot port and about a libGL problem that
seems to be fixed by the versions in xorg-dev:

Thread about webcamd v3.0.0.0 pre-release and earlier thread about
misc patches related to remote support for /dev/input/eventX:
(all the mentioned updates including webcamd itself and the
pctv452e.c rc.core patch have been committed in the meantime)

Linuxolator DVB/V4L2 patches that got Linux apps like SageTV working
with DVB tuners, and the versions of Skype and Flash in ports with
webcams using Linux drivers via webcamd:

	(V4L2, above version made into a port, this now is supposed
	to work on all supported branches where the patches aren't
	in base yet - now committed as multimedia/linux_v4l2wrapper-kmod)
	[webcamd doesn't work on 7.x tho because that still has the
	old USB stack.]

	(DVB, now turned into a port because of LGPL in Linux DVB
	header files that I used parts of and got no reply about
	when emailing the author of those parts - committed as
	multimedia/linux_dvbwrapper-kmod in the meantime)

Earlier versions of the patches:

	(V4L2, for 8, this is what I tested)

	(V4L2, for head, untested)

	(V4L2, q&d version for 8.2)

	(V4L2, equivalent versions using Linux 2.6.17 videodev2.h,
	the first one now has been committed to 9.0-current in r221426
	and now also 8.2-stable in r222914)
	(V4L2, alternate version extracted by Andrey V. Elsukov
	into a seperate kld the way I did it with the DVB version)

Posts about testing the patches with newer skype versions:

Skype port update PR: (meanwhile committed)

Some intro/installation notes about the vdr ports, read this if you
want to use vdr on FreeBSD:  (Video Disk Recorder, watch/record/stream tv,
thanx to netchild@ for wikifying my email!  I'll try to keep this up to

Original thread if you want to post a followup:

Earlier post about the comms/lirc port update that I meanwhile
committed, and about using it with my webcamd remote patch (that
meanwhile was committed to webcamd svn) and DVB tuner remotes like
that of a TechnoTrend S2-3600 DVB-S2 USB, including example configs:

...and a post about using lirc with xbmc with example config: (the
xbmc patch has been commited to ports now)

Earlier patch for the libxine port to add a vdpau knob (a modified
version has been committed to ports now), I hope that's all that's
missing to get the above vdr ports, especially the xineliboutput
plugin and vdr-sxfe working with vdpau: libxine-vdpau2.patch
The actual vdpau patch btw is not mine, it's adapted from here:

with only unrelated graphicsmagic changes removed because those
would complicate dependency handling of the libxine port.

Patches for the vdr upnp/dlna plugin (that now is in ports even though
it is still alpha) with short descriptions: vdr-plugin-upnp-patches/

Post about the infosatepg plugin (which atm is receiving epg for
fewer channels than it used to) and descriptions of two
optional patches, one to make infosatepg use alternate
channels, patch-vdr-infosatepg-altchannel.txt and one to make vdr
timers record teletext, patch-vdr-1.7.15-record-teletext.txt:

Thread about better teletext (subtitle) recording patches that I didn't
know about when making the second patch:

And if you want to use multimedia/xine with vdr and keyboard control:
(i.e. something like xine "xvdr://" instead of vdr-sxfe;
the patch has been committed to ports in the meantime so all you have to
do now is use something like the mentioned keymap, xine/keymap.)

Thread where I posted a summary of which usb dvb-s2 and dvb-t tuners
I personally tested:

There now also is a wiki page listing some webcams/tuners/remotes that
people tested:

Post about another dvb-s2 tuner I got after that, called "TechnoTrend
S2-3600 DVB-S2 USB":

(tho the webcamd remote patch in there has been superseded by the
one for use with lirc that's now in webcamd.)

Earlier thread about w_scan and szap-s2 (both are in ports now) and
my tuner model, called PCTV 452e Sat HDTV Pro USB:

...and the notes about the other tuner model that didn't want to work
are actually at the end of this posting:

Another dvb thread that for a moment I didn't notice was on -mobile
instead of -multimedia so I link it here so ppl can find it easier:

If you want to test svn versions of webcamd (and cuse4bsd) see hps' page:

And finally:

How to build tzap (and [acs]zap too; dvb-t/dvb-c/atsc tuning)
and also how to get a channels.conf file that these and some other
apps like mplayer need:
httpd/1.4.x Gualala