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patch-Makefile.txt2010-Nov-22 18:06:340.8Ktext/plain
patch-badvideo.txt2010-Nov-22 18:06:351.1Ktext/plain
patch-freebsd.txt2010-Nov-22 18:06:351.7Ktext/plain
patch-fromgit.txt2010-Nov-22 18:06:360.7Ktext/plain
patch-iconv.txt2011-Jan-01 17:56:361.6Ktext/plain
patch-libupnp1.6.9.txt2010-Nov-22 18:06:376.2Ktext/plain
patch-livetv-channelname.txt2010-Nov-22 18:06:370.6Ktext/plain
patch-recplayer-seek.txt2010-Dec-15 22:40:061.4Ktext/plain
patch-size_t.txt2010-Nov-22 18:06:382.4Ktext/plain
patch-strncpy.txt2010-Nov-22 18:06:380.4Ktext/plain
These are patches/bugfixes for the vdr upnp plugin (0.0.2-alpha2)
I made when porting/testing it on FreeBSD - only patch-Makefile.txt
and patch-freebsd.txt are FreeBSD-specific, all others are also
useful on other OSes (and patch-freebsd.txt is #ifdef'd so can
still be applied upstream.)

Plugin homepage:

More details in this post:

- patch-Makefile.txt
	only needed for the FreeBSD port itself.

- patch-badvideo.txt
	ignore bad/unrecognized recordings (instead of crashing vdr.)

- patch-freebsd.txt
	FreeBSD portability patches.

- patch-fromgit.txt
	patch merged from the plugin git.

- patch-iconv.txt
	add missing charset conversion. (upnp expects utf-8...)

- patch-libupnp1.6.9.txt
	patches for using the plugin with libupnp 1.6.9 (I also had
	to fix two bugs in that lib, see the post I linked above.)

- patch-livetv-channelname.txt
	always list channel names with live tv (makes channels
	easier to find at least with xbmc.)

- patch-size_t.txt
	size_t *printf fixes (affectig 64 bit hosts.)

- patch-strncpy.txt
	bad use of strncpy().

- patch-recplayer-seek.txt
	fix seeking in streamed recordings (or at least improve it,
	xbmc still has issues with fast forward/rewind on some
	recordings but at least it no longer plays only the first
	few seconds of some.)
	In case anyone wonders, the main problem here was that
	cRecordingPlayer::seek() often failed because this->mLastOffsets
	was used uninitialized (the

		this->mLastOffsets = new off_t[...];

	in the constructor only allocates the array not inizializes
	it - I could probably also have patched that to

		this->mLastOffsets = new off_t[...]();

	but I think that is a relatively new C++ feature that not
	all compilers may handle properly yet.)
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