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Geek Day - something personal/Persoenlich: aspergers.html

Threads to misc pending src patches:

- afunix_seqpacket_sockopt.patch and linux-so_passcred.patch:

  Needed to get Linux Firefox 3.7's out of process plugin code working:
  (-stable users also need to merge the SOCK_SEQPACKET support for
   UNIX (local) domain sockets from head, I've extraced that commit
   as afunix_seqpacket-8stable.patch.)

- linux-lseek-overflow.patch:

  Overflow check for 32 bit Linux lseek(2) results:  (Linux uses 32 bit
  off_t by default and code that doesn't explicitly ask for 64 bit off_t
  support will currently get truncated offsets on files/devices > 2 GB
  instead of an error code.)

- linuxdisk-blk.patch:

  Make disks appear as block devices for Linux processes:  (jhb committed
  a better version of the other patch mentioned in that thread in the
  meantime which allows lseek(SEEK_END) on disk devices.)

- psm-nokvmhack.patch:

  Allows disabling the psm(4) IntelliMouse Explorer protocol KVM switch
  workaround that makes some virtual machine's mouse emulations as well
  as at least one physical IntelliMouse Optical model misbehave:
  (causing the scroll wheel to produce stray click events.)

And finally, qemu and Luvalley stuff is in qemu/, and v4l dvb stuff
including experimental vdr 1.7.14 ports is in dvb/.
httpd/1.4.x Gualala