The Home Automation Page

As noted above, this page is in the development stage. As the name implies, it will be dedicated to 'home automation' using FreeBSD as one of the components. Specific areas to be covered may include:

X10 light/appliance controllers.
Infra-Red controllers.
Automated telephone systems.
Home based FreeBSD networks.
DISKLESS FreeBSD systems.

WARNING: Many of the pages in this section document hardware MODIFICATIONS! Neither I, other contributors, or FreeBSD take any responsibility for ANY DAMAGE resulting from the use or mis-use of any information found on these pages!

POST card project.

Control the world (or at least your home) with these remote control programs.

A whole house Temperature Monitor.

Control the popular HCS2 Supervisory Controller by Circuit Cellar Inc. (tm) via hcs2d.

Multiple systems on your desk? Check out this electronic Keyboard/Mouse switch.

A set of pages describing how I set up FreeBSD 'diskless nodes'.

The FreeBSD bt848 driver page has moved to: Bt848 driver development.

Look in here for new files, updates, etc.

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