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POST Code Project

This page documents the modification of the JDR POST code board for remote control of a computer, as well as remote reading of POST codes as a debugging technique.

WARNING: This section documents hardware MODIFICATIONS! Neither I, other contributors, or FreeBSD take any responsibility for ANY DAMAGE resulting from the use or mis-use of any information found on these pages! If you don't understand any of the following DON'T attempt to do it!

More info/ordering for this card is at: JDR. Note that the AMI diag software is NOT necessary for the uses outlined here.

This project provides the following functionality:

It consists of the JDR POST card and the following:

Instructions for building.

The (incomplete) parts list. It is incomplete because I had some of the parts in my "junk box".

testpost.c, a program to veify the LED wiring. Invoked as 'testpost -a' it will cycle each digit thru numerals 0 to F. Without the '-a' option it will prompt for test input.

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