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KeyBoard/Mouse Focus Project

This serial port based box controls the I/O of both keyboard and (serial) mouse ports of up to seven computers. This allows one to setup a pseudo- multiheaded X environment. I have built an X client that consists of a small circle associated with a particular setting of the hardware. I have three monitors side by side, each running X on a different machine. This X client is run on each screen, one on each side of the center screen. Moving the cursor into the circle causes the keyboard/mouse to be instantly connected to the target computer. I move from one computer to the next by merely sweeping the cursor across the screen 'thru' the circle.

I have converted xcutbuf to allow cut and paste between the screens. Emacs 19.29.1 has a feature allowing edit frames to be started on different X servers, so you can also spread a multi-file edit session around all the screens.

The 1st page The schematics, parts lists, etc. are in this file

The code for xgate and friends is here

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