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thanks for visiting my homepage on people.FreeBSD.org.

Some of my personal data:

10.03.1963, born in
Düsseldorf, Germany.


Sept. 1982

Abitur, Quirinus Gymnasium Neuss

Sept. 1985

Dipl. Verwaltungsbetriebswirt (Deutsche Bundesbahn)

Target Praxis in Unix based Systems

~1985 - now

My friends were working in the computer industry very early, this made it possible for me to see many different Operating Systems on different platforms. Trying to compile and install free Unix sources from comp.sources.unix was a nice adventure in former times. Imake  and autoconf makes compiling and installing Unix sources in nowadays relatively easy compared to the work involved in that time, where sources were not always good prepared to compile fine on different target platforms. In that days I started with "tools" like rogue, hack, less, elm and soon started to use UUCP and so bnews, cnews, rn...
Everything started on a original IBM PC (80286, 512K RAM, 20 MB Harddisk, 10MB DOS, 10MB Xenix)
8086 Microsoft Xenix I saw as well, yeah, Microsoft tried to use/push Unix in these days ;-)
PCS Cadmus (a friend of mine had this awful machine which heats 20qm in the winter with no problems)
SCO Xenix 80286 (was first able to compile rogue successfully)
SCO Unix, SYSV 80386 (my first System with 8 MB RAM and Co-Processor)
Interactive, Everex SYSV R3
Everex and Intel SVR4 (yeah, I saw this release with certain compiled in SCSI Disks)
Linux Slackware 1.0-3.0
Linux SuSE, tried some release
Linux RedHat, Gentoo
FreeBSD 1.0-5.x, -current
SunOS 4.x, Sun Solaris 2.0 – 2.6, 7, 8

Jobs in the IT business




Recertified CCIE R&S – Oct. 2006

Recertified CCIE R&S – Oct. 2004

27.10.2000 - passed CCIE Routing & Switching

CCIE No.: 6362

16.06.2000 - passed Certification for IP Telephonie:
Voice over IP, FrameRelay, ATM

08.10.1999 - Passed written Exam
CCIE Routing & Switching

20.08.1999 - CCNP
(Cisco Certified Network Professional)

07.06.1999 - CCNA
(Cisco Certified Network Associate)

You need some help for studies ? See:


Recertified Sun Enterprise Certification – June 2006
Recertified Sun Enterprise Certification – June 2005
Recertified Sun Enterprise Certification – June 2004
Recertified Sun Enterprise Certification – June 2003

June 2002 – Sun Workgroup / Enterprise Certification

Check Point

06.12.2000 - passed Check Point CCSA
(Certified Security Administrator)


18.10.1995 - Implementing
Supporting Microsoft
Windows NT Workstation 3.51


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