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Learn more about FreeBSD


Interesting FreeBSD Links

FreeBSD in comparison to other Unix systems

German USENET article from de.comp.os.bsd, 16.12.1999
Martin Cracauer talks about the differences between FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD
and talks about application problems with RedHat, that shows the strenghts of the "Cathedral" and the weaks of the "basaar" model.


My Work for FreeBSD

The 4 CD-ROM gives you a blindingly fast operating system with complete sources, CVS repository and life filesystem. 

The book covers the following areas: 
Running & Installing (Introduction, Before you install, Quick installation, Installing FreeBSD, Shared OS installation, Installation problems, pages 1-90
Using FreeBSD (The Ports Collection, Setting up X11, XFree86 configuration in depth, Making friends with FreeBSD, Files systems, Disks, tapes, backups and floppy disks, Printers, Setting up your FreeBSD Desktop, Rebuilding the kernel, Keeping up to date with FreeBSD, Emulating other operating systems, pages 91-296
FreeBSD and the Internet (Networks and the internet, Configuring the local network, Connecting to the internet, Serial communications and modems, Configuring PPP, UUCP and SLIP, The Domain Name Service, Firewalls and IP aliasing, Network debugging, The Network File System, Basic network access, Electronic mails, The World-Wide Web, HylaFax, Connecting to non-IP networks, pages 297-498
Essential Manpages (selected man pages in alphabetical order, pages 499-1605
Appendix A - Terminology (pages 1607f) 
Appendix B - FreeBSD configuration files (pages 1609ff)
Appendix C - Command equivalents (pages 1623ff) 
Appendix D - Content of the Ports Collection (pages 1627ff) 
Appendix E - Bibliography (pages 1677ff) 
Appendix F - License Agreements (pages 1681ff) 
Index - pages 1689-1724 
About the author  - page 1725


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