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Little homepage review after some time ;-)
Spent the whole day to get dspam work correctly with postgresql
Getting approx.100 spam mails a day is not fun, so you have to do something against it ;-)


Sun Workgroup and Enterprise certification.


Cisco CCIE certification #6362


Moved 64Bit pages to
Suits to the "apsfilter rocks" theme ;-)


Apsfilter related things moved completely to


Apsfilter got an domain sponsored by DPN (VIA Networks).
The mailinglists are already accessable by the new name.
We are currently working on different things:


New Apsfilter 5.4.2 Diffs.
New since Version 5.4.2 Release:


New patch for apsfilter. As usual you should get the latest fix !!!


New patch for apsfilter 5.4.2.
Bugfixes in SETUP and apsfilter. Better support for HP DeskJet 970C using the hpdj driver.


New apsfilter developers:
Joerg Wunsch <> and Cesar Mendoza <>
joined the apsfilter developement team.


Patch for apsfilter 5.4.2 available


Concerning Anonymous CVS: Apsfilter got 2 developement branches. One developement branch (the so called "HEAD" branch) and the -STABLE branch which has been called RELENG_5. I you want to checkout the latest stable apsfilter release please use RELENG_5 as release tag, i.e.: cvs checkout -r RELENG_5 apsfilter. Matej Vela will commit changes in the next time on the -current (developement / HEAD) branch, which have currently experimental character. Be warned.


New Apsfilter mailinglist apsfilter-printing, covering Tips & Tricks, general discussion about printing in Unix Environment.


New Apsfilter Release 5.4.2 (includes last security patch for 5.4.1)


Get Security Patch for Apsfilter release 5.4.1, it's recommended for a multi-user system.


New Apsfilter release 5.4.1


Cosmo Project and DPN support apsfilter with an apsfilter developement platform
based on a DEC Alpha FreeBSD Server
Apsfilter Mailing Lists:
- (open moderated list)
- (open list, cvs committ messages)
- (closed list, apsfilter developer list)
- (open list, technical discussions, patch submissions)
- (open list, apsfilter user help channel)
To subscribe to a mailinglist simply write an e-mail to
with the following line in the "body" of the Mail
subscribe apsfilter-help
Anonymous CVS server:
setenv CVSROOT
cvs login
cvs checkout -r RELEASE_TAG apsfilter
CVS Repository Browser (cvsweb):
Apsfilter Developer Accounts
you can become apsfilter developer, if you made some valuable apsfilter submissions on
the mailing list apsfilter-hackers (so that we know you), if you are used to work with
CVS and ssh and if you are able to work in a team ;-)


Release apsfilter 5.3.1, mainly bugfix release
SETUP in apsfilter 5.3.0 entered a printer selection loop when selecting uniprint driver.


New apsfilter 5.3.0 released with improved and more user friendly SETUP script concerning printer selection.
Is now aware of all gs 5.50 and 6.01 driver incl. contributed and 3rd party drivers.
FreeBSD users will have complete driver support, since the gs 6.01 port can be build and installed with all available drivers.
Other people will have to install the contributed uniprint driver profiles that come with the apsfilter port and
check the latest FreeBSD ghostscript port, from where to get additional 3rd party driver support.
You can use the following link to browse through the port:


New apsfilter 5.2.0 patch released
New apsfilter URL


Released a Patch for apsfilter 5.2.0 to support an additional contributed uniprint profile.
Patched make-release, to create diffs for the last release.


New apsfilter 5.2.0 version released with many new features and bugfixes.
Full Unix and Windows remote printer support.
More Security be reading config files with awk.
And more....


New Apsfilter Version 5.1.5 released with bugfixes and new features.
See my apsfilter homepage and browse through the various info files on the apsfilter software center page.


Update Security Links (Cisco and other)


Updated Cisco Links


German USENET article from de.comp.os.bsd, 16.12.1999
Martin Cracauer talks about the differences between FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD
and talks about application problems with RedHat, that shows the strenghts of the "Cathedral" and the weaks of the "basaar" model.


Released new apsfilter version 5.1.4


Passed written Exam CCIE Routing & Switching, hurray !!!


apsfilter pages: added tabular of supported filetypes and URLs to homepages or ftp sites of the filter programs


Added hardware page, lists parts of my home equipement.


The first two Postcards for apsfilter arrived from:
1. Carolyn Beckman <> and
Many thanks !!!
About 80 get-snailmail requests, compared to ~1100 downloads, looks like 5-10% ;-)


Expect new songs from our band. Updated web page. Expect upload of new mpegs tomorrow...
Please have a look, which three new mpeg's are on it's way ...


Introduced Apsfilter Software Center
SETI Institute, Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
Please visit the seti@home project
I joined the
Team DPN today, here are my personal stats, and my wifes computer stats
(I think it will last some time, until you'll see something, since the computations are very CPU intensive ;-)
Operating Systems


Released apsfilter 5.1.3
Please note, that COPYRIGHT changed a little bit.
GNU Public License as before, but I'd like to get a Postcard,
because I'm very instersted in knowing who is using apsfilter and where.
That's the only whish I have. Thanks !
Get my postal address by sending mail (empty mail preferred) to this account.


Passed Cisco "CIT Exam" today.
So I became CCNP today !!! If you like to see my other certifications, then
look here.
Had time to upload new page design...


New Webpage Design. Not uploaded to freefall yet, due to some lack of time ;-)


Passed Cisco "Routing & Switching Foundation Test" Exam today.


Released my own errata list for Laura Chappels ICRC book. Still not approved by Laura or Cisco Press, download from here. You might also want to have a look at the correct AppleTalk OSI Layer model, which was completely wrong in the book: osi-appletalk.gif and osi-appletalk.fig. Otherwise it was a real nice book for CCNA preparation.


Linuxberg gave apsfilter the best note in the discipline printing tools !!!


Released new apsfilter 5.1.2


Passed Cisco "CCNA Exam" today.
If you like to see my other certifications, then
look here.

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