NetBSD-current/evbppc for OpenBlockS266

About OpenBlockS

OpenBlockS series are Plat'Home Co., LTD. products.

OpenBlockS lineup:

OpenBlockS266(white color only) Photos:

OpenBlockS266 Hardware Specification:

*: Sorry, Plat'Home web japanese only.

How to build Kernel

  1. Check out NetBSD-current src tree.
        # cd /usr
        # cvs -d longin
        (use password "anoncvs")
        # cvs checkout -P -d src
  2. Preparing directories.
        # mkdir /var/tmp/build
        # mkdir /var/tmp/build/objs.powerpc
        # mkdir /var/tmp/build/tools.powerpc
  3. Build kernel: Kernel config file = OPENBLOCKS266
        # /usr/src
        # ./ -u -m evbppc -O /var/tmp/build/objs.powerpc \
                     -T /var/tmp/build/tools.powerpc tools
        # ./ -u -m evbppc -O /var/tmp/build/objs.powerpc \
                     -T /var/tmp/build/tools.powerpc kernel=OPENBLOCKS266

Update Flash Image

  • Turn ON DIP-SW(SW2)-2

Release Distributions

Distribution archives:
  • (now building...)
  • Already merged for NetBSD-2.1 (not yet released).
  • Already merged for NetBSD-3.0 (not yet released).


  • RTC driver / todclock DONE@2003/07/01
  • Getting Borad Information from IBM OpenBIOS DONE@2003/07/04
  • Testing for PCI-IDE Triones HPT371 driver
  • Testing for Tulip PCI Ethernet driver (ETHER-1)
  • Developing On-chip GPIO driver
  • Developing front LED driver on GPIO
  • Merging with evbppc-WALNUT?
  • Others...

Special Thanks

  • Yoshihiro Masuda [URL (link dead...)]