A couple of weird FreeBSD patchsets - src5


Patchset: src5

Patch name Collection(s) Description
alt_is_meta.patch src4 src5 Make the Alt keys serve as Meta keys, actually doing something useful (and expected) on the console.
bin-date.patch src4 src5 Add the -R option to date(1) to display the date in RFC 822 format.
etc-login.conf.patch src4 src5 Add the 'bulgarian' login.conf class with the appropriate CP1251 charset and bg_BG.CP1251 LANG setting.
gnu-usr.bin-rcs-ident-ident.c.patch src4 src5 Add the -q (quiet) and -f (display filename) options to ident(1).
sys-syncdelay.patch src4 src5 Make the maximum fs sync delay configurable via both a kernel option and a kern.syncdelay sysctl.
usr.bin-head.patch src4 src5 Add the -s option to skip a certain number of lines at the start.
usr.bin-make.patch src4 src5 Teach make(1) about environment processors; in other words, make it use penv(1) as it ought to :)
usr.bin-script.patch src4 src5 Simplify the script(1)'s -t option handling by using non-buffered stdio output in the -t 0 case.
usr.sbin-mailwrapper.patch src4 src5 Do not fall back to /usr/libexec/sendmail/sendmail when mailer.conf cannot be read.
etc-iface-rename.patch src5 Let the network.subr and netif startup scripts honor the new 'network_interface_rename' rc.conf variable, containing a list of interfaces to rename on boot.
libexec-telnetd-telnetd.c.patch src5 A slightly broken attempt to make telnetd(8) set the TELNET_CLIENT environment variable just as the OpenSSH server sets SSH_CLIENT.
sbin-ifconfig-hwmatch.patch src5 Specify interfaces by link-level address to ifconfig(8).
usr.bin-id.patch src5 Add the -a option to most of id(1)'s invocations, making it display information about all defined system users, not just the caller.
usr.bin-whois.patch src5 Fix a possible unterminated string overflow condition.

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