A couple of weird FreeBSD patchsets - src4


Patchset: src4

Patch name Collection(s) Description
alt_is_meta.patch src4 src5 Make the Alt keys serve as Meta keys, actually doing something useful (and expected) on the console.
bin-date.patch src4 src5 Add the -R option to date(1) to display the date in RFC 822 format.
bin-dd.patch src4 Add the 'noread' and 'nowrite' conversion options, mainly useful for performance measurements.
etc-login.conf.patch src4 src5 Add the 'bulgarian' login.conf class with the appropriate CP1251 charset and bg_BG.CP1251 LANG setting.
gnu-usr.bin-rcs-ident-ident.c.patch src4 src5 Add the -q (quiet) and -f (display filename) options to ident(1).
sys-syncdelay.patch src4 src5 Make the maximum fs sync delay configurable via both a kernel option and a kern.syncdelay sysctl.
usr.bin-cut.patch src4 Add the -S option to "squeeze" empty fields between two separators.
usr.bin-head.patch src4 src5 Add the -s option to skip a certain number of lines at the start.
usr.bin-make.patch src4 src5 Teach make(1) about environment processors; in other words, make it use penv(1) as it ought to :)
usr.bin-script.patch src4 src5 Simplify the script(1)'s -t option handling by using non-buffered stdio output in the -t 0 case.
usr.sbin-mailwrapper.patch src4 src5 Do not fall back to /usr/libexec/sendmail/sendmail when mailer.conf cannot be read.
atapi-cd.c.nodisc.patch src4 On a 'eject' command with an empty tray, return ENXIO so that callers can distinguish between a success and an impossible proposition.
bin-ps.patch src4 Add the -R option to ps(1), displaying only processes that contribute to the load average. FIXME: port this to -CURRENT.
cdcontrol.c.nodisc.patch src4 Parse the ENXIO returned by the atapi-cd.c.patch on an attempt to eject an empty tray and give an informative message.
etc-make.conf.patch src4 Some defaults for building RoamBSD ;)
etc-rc.patch src4 Add rc(8) handling of the CONS_QUIET option: the quiet_startup rc.conf knob. FIXME: either port this to -CURRENT, or remove it altogether.
games-hangman.patch src4 Add the -d dictfile option to hangman(6). FIXME: port this to -CURRENT.
global-gid_t.patch src4 An oldish attempt to make the struct group gr_gid member actually a gid_t.
gnu-usr.bin-man.patch src4 Make man(1) honor the MANPAGER variable before resorting to PAGER. FIXME: port this to -CURRENT.
iha-sys-conf.patch src4 Files needed to support the InitIO PCI SCSI driver.
iha-sys-dev.patch src4 A third-party driver to support the InitIO PCI SCSI controller.
iha-sys-i386-conf.patch src4 Include the 'iha' InitIO SCSI driver in the GENERIC kernel.
iha-sys-modules.patch src4 Glue for building the 'iha' InitIO SCSI driver as a module.
lib-libc-stdio.patch src4 Recognize the %lld scanf format for long long values. Not applicable to -CURRENT.
lib-libmd.patch src4 Add the MDXFileChunk() routine to only calculate the hash of a part of a file. FIXME: port this to -CURRENT.
lib-libncurses.patch src4 Actually use 'const' in the ncurses source. FIXME: port this to -CURRENT.
sbin-ping-ping.c.patch src4 Display the IP ID field of the returned packets. FIXME: port this to -CURRENT.
sbin-sysctl.patch src4 Add the -m option to sysctl(8) to display the numerical MIB of a sysctl along with (or instead of) its name. FIXME: port this to -CURRENT.
share-syscons-keymaps.patch src4 Recognize a couple more Shift-, Ctrl-, and Alt- key sequences as high-numbered function keys. FIXME: either port this to -CURRENT, or remove it altogether.
share-termcap-termcap.src.patch src4 Fix the 'screen' terminal handling of the 'end' character. FIXME: port this to -CURRENT.
sys-consquiet.patch src4 Add the CONS_QUIET, CONS_QUIET_DEFAULT, and CONS_QUIET_PROGRESS kernel config options to silence the FreeBSD boot process. FIXME: either port this to -CURRENT, or remove it altogether.
syscons-hidecursor.patch src4 Add a syscons flag for hiding and showing the cursor. FIXME: port this to -CURRENT.
usr.bin-ee.patch src4 Fix a couple of warnings and add a Bulgarian translation. FIXME: port this to -CURRENT or even better, send it to the ee(1) author.
usr.bin-su-BDECFLAGS.patch src4 Make the su(1) source BDECFLAGS-compatible. FIXME: does this need porting to -CURRENT?
usr.sbin-adduser-adduser.perl.patch src4 Teach adduser(8) about setting permissions on the newly created user's home directory. FIXME: port this to -CURRENT.
warp_saver.c.patch src4 Add a couple of tweakable knobs to the warp syscons screensaver.

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