A couple of weird FreeBSD patchsets - ports


Patchset: ports

Patch name Collection(s) Description
Mk-bsd.port.mk.patch ports Add a USE_SUBDIR_OVERRIDE knob to automate fetching distfiles from the appropriate subdirectories when using MASTER_SITE_OVERRIDE.
databases-dbf2mysql.patch ports Fix a signedness error and make stripping the executable conditional.
databases-gnats.patch ports Add the WITHOUT_RESENT, WITH_GNATS_ADDR, WITH_GNATS_SITE, and WITH_GNATS_SUBMITTER knobs to customize GNATS behavior.
devel-cdk.patch ports Fix a couple of compiler warnings. I'm not sure if this even compiles any more.
editors-vim.patch ports Always use DocBook mode for SGML files.
emulators-mtools.patch ports Fix a couple of quoting problems in the configure script.
mail-autorespond.patch ports A rough version of a patch by Nikolay Petrov <nik@hq.panda.bg> to specify a MIME character in autorespond's automatic responses.
mail-qmail.patch ports Add the qmail-smtpd-auth patch.
sysutils-ucspi-tcp.patch ports Add Felix von Leitner's IPv6 support patch.

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