Hello Children,

		Welcome to my little site on FreeBSD.Org's People server.  FreeBSD,
	if you did not already know, is a Unix-like operating system based on 4.4BSD-lite for the
	x86 and Alpha processors.

		By my own standards i'm not much of a developer.  I'm more of a visionary.  I am a 
	bit of an idealist, although slightly more rational from time to time.  It all depends on if
	i've drank a lot of alcohol or not.

		Sadly you won't find much on this web-page.  I'm not interested in using up the 
	resources of the Project at this time.  And why duplicate efforts when you can find my real
	web-site over here?

		I must leave you now.  I hope you will continue onto my true page and learn about
	yourself through me.  After all, how can you know everything without first confusing your
	own desires?


	Phillip Salzman