Types Of PRs

  • Update of externally-maintained code. These are relatively easy, so we won't discuss them further.
  • Regression detected when updating. These are sometimes easy to isolate. At least conceptually, we can assign them to whoever did the offending commit.
  • "I can't get XYZ to work". The bugmeisters have started closing these with a reference to the mailing lists (questions@, ports@, x11@ ...) on the theory that a PR database just simply isn't the right forum for these. These are often just cases of trying to educate a user. In any case, if we can't deal with the more substantive PRs that we have, we will never get to these.
  • "I can't get FreeBSD to run on this machine". We don't handle these well.
  • Poor performance. We don't handle these well.
  • Actual bug reports:
    • with patches
    • without patches