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bsd daemon FreeBSD Development

PC-98 architecture
OIntroduction to PC-98
OOverview of PC-98 architecture
OPC-98 in FreeBSD source
OCPU identification and Cyrix/IBM CPU initialization routine.
OPatch for FreeBSD Patches that I request for review.

O Resarch: metamorphic geology

O The Su-Lu ultra high-pressure (UHP) province, eastern China.
  • Petrology.
  • Geochemistry.
  • Geochronology.
Map of the Su-Lu and Dabie Mountains :-).
O The Sambagawa metamorphic belt.
  • Isotope geochemistry of the marble.
O X-ray generation by the interaction between electron and solid.
  • Application to EPMA analyses.



OFreeBSD Project
OFreeBSD Project in Japan (in Japanese)

O Research

OSoftware for Earth Scientists of FreeBSD users
OCHIME dating (in Japanese)
ONagoya University