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under construction I am trying to use them on FreeBSD, but ....

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O Metamorphic Petrology

Roger Powell and Tim Holland's calculation program of mineral compositions, phase equilibra, and conditions of formation of rocks using a thermodyanamic database.
How to use it on FreeBSD?
O Gibbs
Frank S. Spear's Gibbs method calculation program. Macintosh binaries are provided but they require FPU (i.e. programs access FPU directly). I have not yet tryied to compile source code.
Rob Berman's thermobarometry program. I tried it on pcemu but twq requires FPU :-(.
Calculation for the volume and fugacity of CO2 at specified P-T conditions with Mäder and Berman (1991) equation. Fortran source is available.
C. de Capitani's caluclation program for equilibrium assembleges and equilibrium phase diagrams. Fortran source is provided.

O Igneous Petrology

Mark Ghiorbo's package for modelling crystallization of magmatic systems. Linux ELF version is available.
How to use it on FreeBSD?

O Mineralogy

O UnitCell
A non-linear least squares cell refinement program with regression diagnostics. It refines cell parameters from powder diffraction data. The method and implementation are described in T J B Holland and S A T Redfern (1977) `Unit cell refinement from powder diffraction data: the use of regression diagnostics.' Mineralogical Magazine, 61, 65-77.
How to use it on FreeBSD?
OCyrstal Maker
A Macintosh program to generate, display and manipulate all kinds of crystal and molecular structures.
How to use it on FreeBSD?
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How to use it on FreeBSD?

Machintosh version of THERMOCALC works on executor/linux by ARDI. Only no-copro version can be used.
O UnitCell
Machintosh version of UnitCell works on executor/linux by ARDI. Only no-copro version can be used.
Running MELTS on FreeBSD, version 2.2 or higher is required. The files you need are:
  • Readme.LINUX (readme file)
  • Melts-LINUX-RH-ELF.2.0.4.Z (ELF binary)
You can obtain these files from MELTS WWW page. First step is uncompress binary as:
uncompress Melts-LINUX-RH-ELF.2.0.4.Z
Because the binary is statically linked, we need write `brand' information in the binary. Try
brandelf -t Linux Melts-LINUX-RH-ELF.2.0.4
Then, copy this file into suitable place (I like /usr/local/bin/melts). The melts program requires so many color pallets that you need simple window manager like twm or more than 8 bpp X server.
OCrystal Maker
Demo version for non-FPU system works on executor/linux.
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