The Care and Feeding of ISDN4BSD
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6.1 The isdnd.rc Configuration 6.1 The isdnd.rc Configuration 6.1.2 The Controller Configuration

6.1.1 The System Configuration Section

This section is used to customize the behavior of the isdnd daemon itself. One thing to configure is whether accounting information is produced, how it is produced and where:

Another area of configuration tells the daemon if remote monitoring with the isdnmonitor program is allowed and which remote machine may monitor what:

For accounting and short-hold-mode purposes, isdnd is capable of reading in a database of charging unit lengths per daytime, the location of this database may be specified by the keyword

Another thing possible with isdnd is its capability to scan its logfile output for patterns matching a previously specified expression and in case a match occurs, run a program to do something. A common use for this is for example that every time a connection is made to your provider for whatever reason, all previously batched mail can be delivered to the outside world. For a complete discussion of regular expressions see [14]. Two keywords are used to configure this:

The following keywords enable the alias mechanism to replace telephone numbers with more meaningful texts in the log and full screen outputs of isdnd:

Two keywords support the notification of a system administrator in case of fatal program exits of the isdnd daemon by mail:

The parameters following don't belong to a special group, so they are explained in the order of appearance:

An example of a system section would be:


acctall = on 

acctfile = /var/log/isdnd.acct 

useacctfile = yes 

monitor-allowed = yes 

monitor-port = 451 

monitor = "/var/run/isdn-monitor" 

monitor-access = fullcmd 

monitor-access = channelstate, logevents 

monitor-access = callin, callout

monitor = "" 

monitor-access = restrictedcmd, channelstate, callin

monitor = "rumolt" 

monitor-access = restrictedcmd, channelstate, callin

monitor = "up-vision-net/24" 

monitor-access = restrictedcmd, channelstate, callout

ratesfile = /etc/isdn/isdnd.rates

regexpr = "connected.*KTS"

regprog = connectKTS

rtprio = 25 

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