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FreeBSD/Public Work

People ask me what I'm most proud of, that would be my work on FreeBSD.

A log of all of my contributions is here:

You can verify these things by running the following command: svn log -r 184172 That should show you the same logs.

A few things I'm proud of:

  1. Revsion 184610 - The most recent revisions are me sheparding in the new USB stack. This was challenging because I brought in a new developer into the fold and salvaged work that we thought would never happen due to code drift and disagreements within the project.
  2. Revision 184172 - fixes for some complicated races I found in the pthreads library.
  3. Revision 172047 - A significant backport of scheduler code to a production release that went very well.
  4. Revision 165497 - Me doing some significant overhaul of a USB driver for "fun".
  5. Revision 131691,131593,131562 - Some work I did at Apple to notify userland when NFS dies. This is actually the basic framework that gives you "server disconnected" messages in OS X.
  6. SMP work:
  7. Revision 103571 Bring in my implementation of kernel support for posix realtime semaphores that are shareable between processes. This has been significantly changed in the last few years.
  8. Revision 53812 Port of "pthread_cancel" from OpenBSD to FreeBSD.
  9. Revision 101774: Made the System V IPC system SMP safe.
  10. Revision 99854: Introduced a system for maintaining/disabling compat between major FreeBSD releases.

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