Alfred Perlstein

9 Caire Terrace
San Francisco, CA 94107

Phone: 415.312.3931
Email: alfred at freebsd dot org

Professional Objective

Seeking challenging technical position as an architect in software development dealing with operating system programming, scalable internet applications or systems operation, preferably on FreeBSD based UNIX systems.

Highly adaptive and experienced kernel programmer and UNIX system administrator with management experience. Experienced in distributed computation, low level programming, assembly language, optimization and device driver programming.

Expertise programming with C, C++, shell, perl, ruby and python in the UNIX environment.


C (Unix and PC environment 9 years) (expert), UNIX shell programming (sh/zsh) (9 years) (expert), php (6 years) (expert), C++ (OOP/STL) (5 years) (expert), Perl (highly skilled), SQL (highly skilled), 80x86 Assembly (MS-DOS) (highly skilled), Python, Ruby, Java, LISP/Scheme, HTML, Basic, tcl/tk.

Development tools:

make (Berkeley and GNU) (expert), lex/flex (expert), yacc/bison (expert), CVS (highly skilled), grof (highly skilled), GDB (highly skilled), Subversion, Valgrind, Purify, Perforce, ddd.

Development environments:

FreeBSD (expert), OS X (highly skilled), NetBSD, OpenBSD, Redhat Linux, SGI IRIX 6.x, Sun Solaris (sparc/x86: 2.6), Sun-OS 4.1.1.

System administration

FreeBSD (expert), NetBSD, OpenBSD, SGI IRIX 6.x, Sun Solaris (sparc/x86: 2.6), Sun-OS 4.1.1, Redhat Linux.

Protocol and driver knowledge

TCP/IP (expert), UDP (expert), NFS (expert), RPC (expert), HTTP, FTP, SMTP, Disk IO subsystems (SCSI/FC), Ethernet Drivers.

Employment History

Senior Systems Engineer
August 2011-

Responsible for scaling Pontiflex infrastructure and applications.


BSD Kernel Programmer
Juniper Networks
January 2007-August 2010

Responsible for scaling JUNOS (FreeBSD based OS) to a 32 processor router blade.


Humor Rainbow Inc,
July 2005-August 2006

Chief technical officer. Responsible for all technical aspects of Okcupid's direction. Duties included managing the software team (3 developers), recruiting, data center management and deployment, office deployment, release engineering, source control, UNIX administration and developing code. Responsible for software development and web site uptime.



FreeBSD committer
August 1999-

Authorized to add/change code in the FreeBSD operating system.


Technical Yahoo
Yahoo Inc.
April 2004-April 2005

Senior technical Yahoo. Responsible for search operations and optimization.


Kernel developer, contractor
Apple Computer Inc.
November 2002-March 2004

Tasked with enhancing and fixing Apple Computer's OS X operating system implementation of NFS.

Tasked with creating the AutoFS filesystem for Apple Computer.


Kernel developer
Clickarray (now known as Array Networks)
June 2001-October 2001

Unix kernel developer (FreeBSD).


Principal Technologist
March 1999-March 2001

Senior Architect, Programmer, Systems administrator, on call 24/7.


Hot Jobs Inc.
May 1998-March 1999

Unix C programmer projects included; spell checking engine to improve data entry, NNTP (news) posting module, text search engine. Reslex(tm) engine to extract information from unformatted resumes. HTML upload module. All work used for back end to CGI systems. Various database conversion projects. Platforms worked on; SGI Irix 6.2, Sun Solaris 2.6, FreeBSD 3.0

Systems administrator (part time contracting)
December 1998-March 1999

Administration of large web servers running the FreeBSD 3.0 system for SMP configurations. Management of virtual mail and web service redirection. Current Project involves reorganizing topology for more efficient throughput and ease of management. Scripting for statistics retrieval at regular intervals.

Systems administrator.
SUNY Tech Telecommunications Department
March 1998-July 1998

Installation and maintenance of SUNY tech tele-com dept. legacy UNIX server (Sun-OS 4.1.1), installation, securing and maintenance. Enabled telecommunications department to run legacy software for training.

September 1997-July 1998

Contacted by VESID (New York State Educational Dept. Office of Vocational and Educational Services for Individuals with Disabilities) to tutor student.

Provided tutoring for individuals facing challenges in academia. Tutored programming in the UNIX environment. C, C++, CGI, familiarizing students with the school BSD/HP-UX heterogenous environment.

SUNY Tech Learning Center
March 1997-July 1997

Tutoring students to assist in programming, and UNIX system administration at the SUNY Tech Learning Center. Comparable to my experience with VESID (above). Brought many "C", "D", and "F" students to "B" and "C" grades.




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