Ant XInclude task


The Ant XInclude task allows Ant build files to apply XInclude processing to XML files. It is based on the XIncluder project.

This Ant task has been developed with XIncluder 1.0d11.

XInclude 1.0 is a W3C Candidate Recommendation at the time of writing. See

Getting started

To get started using the XInclude task as soon as possible, take the following steps:

Downloads and links

Downloads are distributed as .tar.gz files. There are 2 distributions. The first contains only the source files and everything else that is necessary for generating the rest. The second contains generated class files, a JAR file and API documentation as well.

latest release (0.2) most recent (0.2)
source xinclude-task-0.2.tar.gz xinclude-task-0.2.tar.gz
source, binaries and docs xinclude-task-0.2-bin.tar.gz xinclude-task-0.2-bin.tar.gz
JAR file xinclude-task-0.2.jar xinclude-task-0.2.jar
Browse API documentation API docs (0.2) API docs (0.2)


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