Directory locations for Java library ports

$Revision: 1.2 $ $Date: 2002/05/15 18:59:17 $ -- By Ernst de Haan (

1. Introduction

This document is a proposal for standardising directory locations for FreeBSD ports that install Java libraries.

This proposal is intended to be used as the guideline for changing (CVS). Before that, it will need to be reviewed by at least the and mailing lists.

This proposal should not conflict with hier(7).

2. Directory locations

A Java library is in this proposal defined as a Java archive that is primarily intended to be used by other Java programs. A Java library may include executable programs, but these are always secondary, like examples. Java Development Kits are excluded in this definition.

The following rules are suggested:

  1. JAVAPREFIX is defined as ${PREFIX}/share/java
  3. All documentation except Javadoc-generated API documentation is installed in ${DOCSDIR}/${JAVALIBNAME}.
  4. All Javadoc-generated API documentation is installed in ${JAVAPREFIX}/javadoc/${JAVALIBNAME}/.
  5. A symbolic link named javadoc is installed in the documentation directory, that points to the Javadoc-generated API documentation.
  6. All JAR files are installed in ${JAVAPREFIX}/classes/${JAVALIBNAME}/.
  7. All examples are installed in ${JAVAPREFIX}/examples/${JAVALIBNAME}/.

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