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San Francisco, CA. 94102

e-mail: wpaul@freebsd.org







2001-present            Senior Engineer, Wind River Systems


                        BSDi’s software division acquired by Wind River Systems in May 2001.

                        Duties included: continued developing device drivers for high-speed

                        network adapters from various vendors including Broadcom, National

                        Semiconductor and Level 1/Intel.


2000-2001      System Programmer, BSDi Open Source Division


                        Duties included:

                        Development and maintenance of kernel and application code for

                        the FreeBSD operating system, including network adapter drivers,

                        networking facilities and related utilities.


1994-2000       System Manager, Columbia University Dept. of Electrical Engineering


                        Duties included:

                        Maintenance and administration of departmental and research TCP/IP network

                        of approximately 80 UNIX systems (Sun3, Sun4, SGI-MIPS, HP-PA,

                        IBM RS/6000, Intel x86), 30 PC systems (Intel x86 and Apple Macintosh),

                        printers and associated network hardware (Cisco routers, switches and

                        assorted hubs). Installation and integration of new software and equipment.

                        Regular incremental tape backups. User support and troubleshooting. Also

                        developed UNIX device drivers for wireless networking research group.



1992-1994       System Administrator, New Windsor Associates L.P.


                        Duties included:

                        Maintenance and co-administration of a network of 40 Sun SPARC

                        workstations and approximately 30 PC systems. Monthly tape

                        backups. Maintenance, installation and upgrade of software and

                        peripherals. User support and troubleshooting.



1991-1992       Senior Programmer, University of Hartford Department

                        of Computer Science


                        Duties included:

                        Part time administration of SunOS/Ultrix system consisting of one DEC

                        and two Sun 3 file servers and eleven (mostly dataless) Sun workstations.

                        Software/network support of faculty PC systems.





                        SunOS 4.1.x/5.x, SGI IRIX 5.x/6.x, HPUX 9.x/10.x, AIX 4.1.x/4.2, FreeBSD

                        administration, including installation and configuration of related system,

                        network and applications software (NIS, NFS, X11R5/6, XView, Motif,

                        FrameMaker, Sendmail, GNU software, etc). Sun SPARC, SGI, HP-PA,

                        IBM RS/6000 and Intel X86 hardware installation, upgrade and maintenance.


                        Programming skills: C/C++ and assembly language programming in UNIX

                        environment, TCP/IP application programming with BSD sockets, BSD

                        TCP/IP networking internals and device driver development and debugging,

                        X11 application development and shell script programming. Strong

                        familiarity with most major ethernet controller hardware including

                        10/100 and gigabit devices from Alteon, National Semiconductor,

                        Broadcom, SysKonnect, AMD, SiS, VIA Technologies, Intel, and





1988-1990       Norwalk State Technical College


                        Awarded Associate of Science in Eletronic Engineering Technology.

                        GPA: 3.2/4.0, graduated with honors. Awarded Certificate of

                        Excellence in Electronic Engineering Technology.


1990-1992       University of Hartford S.I. Ward College of Technology


                        Awarded Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering Technology

                        with minor in Computer Science. GPA: 2.62/4.0


Independent work:


                        FreeBSD-based open-source software development, including the

                        following contributions:


                          NIS v2 client side fixes and improvements


                          NIS v2 server side implementation (ypserv, ypxfr, yppush,



                          Incorporation of Secure RPC


                          Development  of various device drivers for network interface cards

                          including fast ethernet, gigabit ethernet, USB ethernet, and wireless

                          networking devices


                          Various system enhancements and debugging


                         References and salary history available on request.