BSDCon Photos


  1. My room, part 1 (blurry)
  2. My room, part 2 (blurry)
  3. Robert Watson's DNSSEC talk
  4. Terminal Room around 3:45PM featuring Bill Swingle, Michael Wu, Greg Shapiro, Jason Evans, Gianmarco Giovanelli, and other weird folks 8)
  5. Terminal Room a few hours later (blurry) featuring Mike Smith on the right
  6. Some weighty words on the Bulletin Board
  7. Some gear I got at BSDCon on Wednesday
  1. Bruce Mah, Bill Paul, Ceren in terminal room (blurry)
  2. Wes Peters, Steve Gunn, David Moffett in hall outside terminal room and some guy moving ;)
  3. Wes, Trish, Peter Losher in hallway
  4. Terminal room, Bill Swingle in the back
  5. David Moffett, Jun-ichiro Itoh, Seth K, Murray Stokely
  6. Greg Sutter & me dueling cameras
  7. Close-up of some horns, the back of Dan Langille's head, and Michael Lucas
  8. Greg Lehey being silly & Guido van Rooij
  9. Wide shot of the folks getting ready to go to the aquarium at 7:15
  10. David Moffett & Steve Gunn, in proper attire
  11. Trish in her dress ;-)
  12. Nat Lanza, Scott Long, Jacques Vidrine, Eric Melville, Robert Watson, Tom Maher at the aquarium dinner
  13. [deleted by request]
  14. [deleted by request]
  15. dive show at kelp
  16. dive show pic #2
  17. best picture i could get at the dive show
  18. the huge crowd at the kelp dive show
  19. another dive show pic
  20. the huge crowd again (blurry)
  21. crowd yet again (also blurry)
  22. and again (*ALSO* blurry)
  23. John Baldwin and Jason Evans, with Nik Clayton and Mark R V Murray in the background
  24. Kirk McKusick, Greg Shapiro, Anders Andersson, Nik Clayton, Tony Finch
  25. half of Michael Wu, Jonathan Lemon & wife, Poul-Henning Kamp, Jerry Hicks
  26. Len Vinci, Kelleye Bennett-Vinci, Dan Langille, Denise Rivera, Cecilia Santiago
  27. same as above w/ Alan Clegg
  28. Wes Peters & Warner Losh at the aquarium store w/ blowfish :-)
  1. Wes Peters, Bruce Evans, Doug Barton
  2. Will Andrews (me) and Bruce Evans
  3. Core Team before the panel starts
  4. Core Team (panel starts): Greg Lehey, Jordan Hubbard, Warner Losh, David Greenman, Doug Rabson, Robert Watson, Peter Wemm, and Mike Smith
  5. Kris Kennaway speaking at Warner's request
  6. Some former Core Team members stand up: Rich Murphy, Poul-Henning Kamp, Justin Gibbs, Guido van Rooij, Garrett Wollman, and Bruce Evans (John Baldwin sitting)
  7. Poul-Henning Kamp asks a question
  8. Another Core picture, this time including Satoshi Asami at the right end (and half of Jordan at the far left)
  9. Justin Gibbs answering questions as Garrett Wollman looks on
  10. Garrett Wollman talking (whee, red eyes! ;)
  11. John Baldwin asking a question (Jun Kuriyama on the far left, Kirk McKusick second from right)
  12. Robert Watson, Peter Wemm, and Satoshi Asami look on as Mike Smith talks
  13. Wide shot while Jordan answers a question
  14. Michael Wu gets his bag from Bill Swingle (hidden) as Motoyuki Konno, Mark Murray, Jun Kuriyama, and Kirk McKusick look on
  15. Panel's over, some members clapping, we go home now
So that's 50 images for a grand total of 20MB, at 1792x1200.