The FreeBSD Almanac

I've found a site to put my Almanac on and soon it will be there! I'll update this when I get it up. Thanks for your patience.
Things I hope to do with this almanac soon:
  1. Add information about my porting efforts, especially the ports that have been the most difficult for me.
  2. Add more sites relating to FreeBSD, of course. As of right now, there are approximately 160 links here.
  3. Post some neat shell/perl scripts I've come across or written myself that help enhance the FreeBSD experience. These scripts may or may not be specific to FreeBSD, but they sure will help get around a few deficiencies in certain tools.
  4. Write up some neato script to track porting efforts of programs that have not yet been ported to FreeBSD. It'll probably end up being a lot like Freshmeat, and will get most of its information off Freshmeat too. :-)
  5. Write up a "credits" page since some of the links here were ripped from other people's sites, although 80% of them I stumbled onto myself. ;-)
  6. Write up a document about how to get help the most efficient way. This doc will probably be geared towards long-time Linux users. (which means, I will probably need a lot of help.. ;) Of course, such a doc might somewhat obsolete my entire Almanac, but it will only present the HOWs, not the WHEREs of getting help.
Any suggestions, questions, comments, etc., feel free to send me email.

-- Will Andrews

Without further ado..The Almanac!

  1. "Official" FreeBSD pages
    1. The FreeBSD Handbook
    2. The FreeBSD FAQ
    3. Where to get FreeBSD
    4. Search the FreeBSD sites (mlists,website,etc)
    5. send-pr(1) web interface
    6. query-pr(1) web interface
    7. query-pr(1) summary web interface
    8. FreeBSD Documentation Server
    9. FreeBSD Release Information
    10. The FreeBSD Documentation Project
    11. Java on FreeBSD
    12. Changes to the FreeBSD website
    13. FreeBSD Really-Quick(tm) Newsletter
    14. FreeBSD Commercial Vendors
    15. FreeBSD Hardware support
    16. PicoBSD
    17. How to Configure & Recompile the Kernel
    18. FreeBSD Auditing Project
    19. FreeBSD CVS Repository on WWW
    20. Online FreeBSD manpages
  2. Newbie stuff.
    1. A Comprehensive Guide to FreeBSD
    2. FreeBSD Howto's for the Lazy and Hopeless
    3. Undernet #FreeBSD webpage
    4. Randy Pratt's "Installation Preview"
    5. Helping Yourself Get Answers
    6. Submitting a FreeBSD Help Request Linux + FreeBSD mini-HOWTO
    7. RoadRunner cablemodem info
    8. Annelise Anderson's page for people new to BOTH Unix and FreeBSD (*gasp*!)
    9. New "What to Download" page by Greg Lehey (rather out of date now)
    10. FreeBSD Cookbook
    11. Mirror Site Listing
  3. Support sites.
    1. The FreeBSD 'zine (great articles!)
    2. FreeBSD Rocks! (tons of howtos)
    3. The FreeBSD Diary (long-term site articles about how one guy uses FreeBSD)
    4. Daily Daemon News (great news site)
    5. BSD Applications Database
    6. Defcon1 (LOTS of howtos & stuff!)
    7. FreeBSD Howtos
  4. Advocacy-related sites.
    1. FreeBSD Advocacy
    2. (slashdot-ish site)
    3. FreeBSD vs. Linux 1
    4. FreeBSD vs. Linux 2
    5. The FreeBSD Counter (count yourself in if you run a FreeBSD machine!)
    6. FreeBSDCon '99
    7. FreeBSD vs. Linux vs. Windows NT
    8. Unix vs. NT (not directly FreeBSD-related)
    9. FreeBSD 'zine's raw benchmark pitting Linux vs. FreeBSD
    10. The Internet Operating System Counter
    11. Yahoo! and FreeBSD
    12. BSD Boosters
  5. BSD in general.
    1. Daemon News
    2. NetBSD
    3. OpenBSD
    4. BSDI, Inc.
    7. Apple's Public Source site (Get Darwin here)
    8. *BSD Myths
    9. OpenBSD Diary
    10. OpenBSD Explained
    11. MacOS X
    12. BSD Logos
  6. Personal sites.
    1. Nik Clayton's FreeBSD projects
    2. Bill "distfiles" Fenner's Portsurvey
    3. Luigi Rizzo's FreeBSD projects
    4. Pedro Honez's IDE Zip on FreeBSD howto
    5. Hideki Yamamoto's FreeBSD page
    6. Brian Somers' FreeBSD page (ppp info here!)
    7. Structure's FreeBSD domain (includes great tips on how to setup NAT/Samba)
    8. David's FreeBSD Tutorials & Manpages
    9. Marcel Moolenaar's FreeBSD site (info about Oracle on FreeBSD)
    10. Brendan Conoboy's IPFilter howto
    11. Vasily Kondrashov's NATD howto
    12. Asmodai's Realm
    13.'s page
    14. Matt Dillon's FreeBSD documents
    15. ZinZerv
    16. Quake 3 Arena Howto
    17. Lanfear FreeBSD Information Site
    18. Conrad Sabatier's Sound howto (for PnP AWE64/AWE32/SB32 soundcards
    19. Matt Dillon's work on FreeBSD 4.x kernel
    20. Doug Rabson's alpha page
    21. Martin Cracauer's homepage
    22. John-Mark Gurney's FreeBSD Work
    23. Mark Ovens' page (some NTFS stuff)
    25. xanne's site with cool howto's/Q&A's
  7. Hacker stuff. :-)
    1. BSD Driver Database
    2. Attacking FreeBSD with Kernel Modules
    3. 4.4BSD Documentation
    4. CVSWeb
    5. l0pht - cool hacker site
    6. HNN - Hacker News Network (they use OpenBSD :)
    7. NTFS under FreeBSD
    8. Vinum
    9. The FreeBSD Token Ring Project
    10. The unofficial FreeBSD Programmers' Documentation Project
    11. Eric Hernes' Device Driver Writers' Guide
    12. Cross-referenced FreeBSD source code
    13. FreeBSD Hardening Project
    14. jail(2,8) on 3.2-STABLE
    15. FreeBSD VM system overview
    16. The Design and Implementation of the FreeBSD SCSI Subsystem
    17. NTP Performance of a FreeBSD machine
    18. Unified Configuration Interface Project
    19. The Hacker FAQ
    20. The Jargon File Resources
    21. IICBus info
    22. SMBus info
    23. OVCS notes
  8. Miscellaneous.
    1. #FreeBSD on EFnet logs
    2. Origins of the Daemon
    3. Kirk McKusick's History of Daemon Images
    4. More Daemon Pictures :)
    5. Unix Networking Code evolution
    6. Network Address Translation
    7. Compaq's TestDrive program
    8. (Kinda outdated) Quake on FreeBSD
    9. Some CVSup stuff (bin for Alpha)
    10. Nice CVS Tutorial (FreeBSD users see `info cvs`)
    11. FreeOS
  9. FreeBSD User Groups.
    1. Victoria, Australia FreeBSD Users Group
    2. Bay Area FreeBSD Users Group
    3. BSD Users Group of Orlando
    4. Conneticut Free Unix Group
    5. FreeBSD Users of New York
    6. Phoenix BSD Users Group
    7. Tucson FreeBSD Users Group
    8. Seattle FreeBSD Users Group
    9. Greater Toronto (Ontario, Canada) FreeBSD Users Group
    10. D'Artagnan's FreeBSD Users Group
    11. UK FreeBSD Users Group
    12. South Australian FreeBSD Users Group
    13. Danish *BSD users group (BSD/DK)
    14. French FreeBSD Users Group
    15. Rhode Island Free Unix Group
    16. Wichita Area FreeBSD Users Group
    17. New Zealand FreeBSD Users Group
    18. Houston FreeBSD Users Group
    19. FreeBSD Indonesia
  10. FreeBSD in Retail.
    1. The FreeBSD Mall
    2. Cheap Bytes
  11. UNIX in general
    1. Unix Reference Desk
    2. UNIXhelp for users
    3. Unix Guru Universe
  12. Security/Maintenance
    1. BugTraq :-)
    2. Rootshell
    3. Jan Koum's Security How-To
    4. Computer Emergency Response Team
    5. Computer Operations, Audit, and Security Technology
    6. IPv6 for *BSD
    7. Phrack (skipping the fancy front page)
    8. Packet Storm
    9. Black Sun Research Facility
    10. Hackers' Hideout
    12. Matt's Unix Security Page
    13. NIH's Computer Security Information site
    14. Open Security Solutions
  13. Laptop Stuff
    1. Xircom dirvers 'n' such
    2. FreeBSD PAO project

If you don't find what you're looking for, there is a similar site of this kind here.

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