Net depreviation after plane and train rides...

RTFM-ing the Portmaster ISDN router's doc...

Time to relax (Portmaster works now)

In the front: the Alpha machine freshly installed with FreeBSD/axp. Lives peacefully with Philippe's Libretto (even more in front)..

Whacking WfW3.11 from the PCs downstairs. Guess what got installed instead...

Philippe talks about Dummynet, the poor mans network traffic shaper

Dummynet was interesting..

A happy Jordan. Happy for multiple reasons (...) but in this case mainly because of the cheque for the new Freefall he received from Willem-Jan Withagen of IAE (Dutch full-FreeBSD based ISP)

Can't have a hackersparty without pizza, can we?

Nearly drove the waitress beserk, but she survived in the end. And got a generous tip for her patience.