New FSC version 20120507

Today I merged the changes made by Julian Fagir whom created a NetBSD port available here:

The version here is for FreeBSD and does not contain the pkgsrc files to build, please use Julian's port. I have also submitted back some minor follow up changes to his code. Then I integrated his changes to my changes. And, well, that's how FreeBSD and NetBSD are keeping a pretty synced up code base here.

If you'd like, the FreeBSD version may be downloaded as a tarball: fsc.tar or you could browse the current files at fsc/.

Of course, you could just install sysutils/fsc and have a ball. Even though it's a port, the configuration file is still in /etc/fscd.conf - mostly because I would still like to put this utility in the base system some day. But, only after we finish the other utilities.

For those wanting a ports version for a non-current csup/cvsup, I do have a ports version: fsc-port.tar

Tom Rhodes

What is fsc?

FSC was originally intended to be a service monitoring and management daemon. An administrator may add services to fscd and they will be monitored for shutdown and, when that happens, fsc will attempt to restart them for you. Actions are logged to they system log file for easy review (consider 80053 AU control requirements here).

To start, download and run a ``make install clean,'' add fscd_enable=``YES'' to /etc/rc.conf, and run ``service fscd start'' and go.

Services may be added one of several ways:
o Create an /etc/fscd.conf that only lists a service (for example: sshd);
o Use ``fscadm enable $SERVICE'' to add it.

Once enabled, the status can be checked with:
o fscadm status

To remove a service either:
o kill -9 $SERVICE;
o fscadm disable $SERVICE.

Finally, to shutdown fscd issue:
o fscadm shutdown;
o service fscd stop;
o kill -9 it.

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