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Tom McLaughlin
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Picture of me

Who am I?

My name is Tom McLaughlin and I m a ports committer on the FreeBSD project. I currently reside in Newton, MA just outside of Boston. I currently work for Partners Healthcare in their Enterprise Research Infrastructure Services dept. providing IT support to research groups across our health system. Previously I worked for a medical software company, Meditech Inc.,as a systems administrator. I became a FreeBSD ports committer in September of 2005.


BSD# was the project I started to maintain Novell's Mono on FreeBSD. It started late one evening when I felt it was time to learn a language more robust than Bourne script. C# sounded like a good choice considering the Mono port was limping along, still fairly new, and not very popular. Oh, wait... Maybe there were better choices. Well, if nothing else it gave me a lot to work on and I learned a great deal.

Mono is now currently maintained by Romain Tartière (romain@). More information can be found on the BSD# project page.


OpenKSH is simply the name of the FreeBSD port I created for OpenBSD's pdksh. One afternoon while getting annoyed at the standard pdksh and realizing I didn't have the same problems on my OpenBSD machine I dragged the ksh directory from my OpenBSD box onto one of my FreeBSD boxes and compiled it. Today I don't even remeber what annoyance drove me to do this but I like having a shell that is still actively maintained.

OpenKSH currently compiles and runs on FreeBSD, Linux (tested on CentOS and Fedora), and Mac OS X.

This port does not currently reside in the FreeBSD ports tree. The OpenKSH port and distfile can be found below.

OpenKSH 4.7p1 port

OpenKSH 4.7p1 distfile

It's my first day...

I managed to break the ports tree INDEX on my first real FreeBSD ports commit.

I managed to accidently delete the wrong ports on my second commit.