Restarting a BSD Article dumping ground

The theme is super rough, but I need to start dumping random FreeBSD content someplace. The blog is written using Hugo because it’s written in Go and because it produces statically compiled HTML pages. The general structure of blog is that posts like this one are random commentary, but articles are instructional. We’ll see how this goes…. I’m not sure it’s worth the effort to make something pretty, but at least some of this content will be purged from my notebooks again.

Create FreeBSD installation memstick on OS-X

This isn’t hard, but I have to look up the arguments to diskutil(8) often enough and it’s never the first hit on (note to self, this content really should end up in the handbook: Obtain a copy of the memstick Download a copy of the installation media: For today I’m using and its checksum file (based on the date and the subversion commit version 11.0-CURRENT-amd64-20150618-r284544): NOTE: Always download the checksum file and verify.
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